View Full Version : 737 or A320

16th Apr 2005, 10:46
I know this has been covered but just a quick poll ...

737 rating ??


A320 ???


16th Apr 2005, 11:47
mmmmm......tricky, I think B777 ;).

16th Apr 2005, 11:55
Neither to be honest,I'd go for Q400 rating.

Just my thoughts:ok:

Mister Geezer
16th Apr 2005, 12:00
If I had to choose between the two then I would opt for the Bus. However if I was buying a type rating than I would not consider a Bus or a 737 since every man and his dog has one.

Something like an ATR will make you far more employable since most people that buy ratings go straight for a jet so there will be less competition and the smaller turboprop operation. With the movement in the job market any turboprop rating will make your path into an airline so much easier since it is the prop airlines that are starting to hurt with a shortage of pilots.

Just my 2ps worth

Maude Charlee
16th Apr 2005, 13:09
What about a J41? Or a 146? That's not really a jet is it? :}

How's it going buddy? Back in ABZ yet?

16th Apr 2005, 14:51
Where would i do one of those ratings and who would i look to be employed with ?


Mister Geezer
16th Apr 2005, 18:02
Forget about the J41 or the 146 - that comment was a wind up.

I suppose you could ask, who is going to employ me with a B737 or an A320 rating. In the UK you will probably manage to whittle it down to maybe a couple of likely airlines. Not every company that has a 737 or a 320 will take a newly type rated person since they will have their own training system or a tie up with CTC for example!

Plenty of ATR operators for example just a few - Aer Arran, Air Contractors, Air Wales, Aurigny. I am not saying go for an ATR but it is just a possible example since Sky Blue does ATR ratings.

The main point is that you would be more of a catch doing a rating that not many other people do. Lots of people do a self-funded 320 or a 737 rating but that is all you hear. Probably because those doing type ratings on other types are busy flying!

17th Apr 2005, 10:16
I will look into that Mr Geezer .... Thanks ...

17th Apr 2005, 15:15

The market is moving actually. I'm shure you can find a job on a turboprop company. As Mr Geezer said they are plenty of medium/small company who are looking for people with or without type rating.

But please pay for your type rating ONLY if it's your last chance! too many TRTO and airlines are playing this :mad: game. And only if you have a contract!!!

Too many pilots invest a lot of money for a 737 or a320 rating and they still looking for the providence. They receive every week a nice phone call from the "banks" asking them "You have to pay your loan...":{

The choice is yours...

Fly high!


Mister Geezer
17th Apr 2005, 20:35

I see your location is Glasgow - have you pushed for Loganair? You need to cough up 12,000 (could be 15,000) up front but you get the money back and it is a very good starting point. They are doing lots of recruitment at the moment and with the recent bmi regional advert in Flight, I think Loganair are bracing themselves for more leaving.

If I were you I would save your money and try and catch a job on the current upturn in the job market. The gaps are out there and being in Scotland can work to your advantage!

Don't take my earlier post as gospel but one of my colleagues paid for a rating on a small turboprop. He obviously did his homework and he was offered a job before he had finished the type-rating course. Not many self-funded guys have done that rating so he was very marketable! Some food for thought and most prop ratings will cost less than a Boeing or an Airbus.

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