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Onan the Clumsy
14th Apr 2005, 23:45
Now there's a show that's jumped the shark :yuk:

Apart from having David Carusso, who can't act for toffee, as it's leading man, it has plots so weak they make me dispair and science that makes medieval alchemy seem well thought out and believable, and why the producers think someone would do an autopsy with her billies hanging out makes me :confused:

In fact the only worthwhile thing is that little blonde hottie who even with all her bending over, I still can't tell whether or not she's sporting a thong.

Anyway, it contains the usual nonsense about them interviewing suspects with no lawyer present, only to have the suspect blurt out "Yes I did it, but I hated him. You've no idea what a misery he made my life. I'm glad he's dead". Doesn't matter anyway 'cos they never get Miranda'd.

Oh then there's always two or three children getting the good old once over with no parents or CPS workers present :yuk:

But last night's was special. Last night's had some weird story where an accounting error set the IRS after some bloke who owned a nursery, then his kids poisenned the guy and shot him...but then Carruso starts looking after them and protecting them.

"Don't bother about a bit of a shooting and a nasty little cover up. I'll take care of it all for you" :yuk:

15th Apr 2005, 00:17
I actually did like him as an actor when he first starred on NYPD blue, then his premature leaving, the belly flop of a movie he did right after ( I forget the name) and it's all down hill from there. But I mean some people must like him, I would have to guess, otherwise the ratings would get flushed, and the show would be scrubbed.

The Other CSI Las Vegas is worth watching though. I guess it's the original with that hot red head from China Beach fame, very sexy.

15th Apr 2005, 00:58
that hot red head from China Beach fame,

China Beach!!!

Mmmmmm, Dana Delany.

Buster Hyman
15th Apr 2005, 02:19
Well, even though I might be late for my therapy appointment by typing this, I thought he did allright in Proof of Life. It certainly wasn't Oscar calibre, but enjoyable enough, once you took out all the other "stuff"!:rolleyes:

As for CSI in general...I like the themes....

Darth Nigel
15th Apr 2005, 02:22
I've always loved a comment made at the time that David Caruso left NYPD Blue... I can't remember whether it was "Saturday Night Live/Weekend Update" or some other show.

David Caruso has left the show "NYPD Blue" to pursue a career in movies. He is being replaced by Jimmy Smits, who left the show "LA Law" to pursue a career in the movies a few years ago.

15th Apr 2005, 07:45
Onan We're still waiting for the new series.Stuck with original CSI(why did they split the team up???) and that inferior CSI New York where the only decent thing is Vanessa Ferlito.Gary Sinise hasn't done much since his bit on Forest Gump.
Please don't give the game away,but as for Emily Procter,wow,one she's gorgeous and that Louisiana accent and gruff voice are such a turn on.:E

15th Apr 2005, 10:22

The red head in CSI (the original one in Vegas) is Marg Helgenberger not Dana Delaney however both of them were in China Beach.

I am not usually one for the older woman but Marg is a fox!!


I agree with you on the loveliness of Emily Proctor.

I much preferred her in West Wing and feel she could have made a good regular character.



15th Apr 2005, 10:40
I am not usually one for the older woman but Marg is a fox!!

Oh yes! BHR. Glad there's someone else in the Marg fan club.

15th Apr 2005, 10:43
One missed the show last night but one would normally watch! Have to say that the CSI group of programmes as a whole is pretty entertaining - notwithstanding Onan's insightful and accurate remarks :ok: I have noticed though in recent shows the 'Miami series seems to be spending more time focussing on Caruso adopting a deep and meaningful pose, head cocked to one side, rather than on good story lines! Last night's show sounds as if it would have been ideal for this :ok:

As an aside, the most disconcerting aspect for me of CSI is when I am on a stint in FRA (usually 3 weeks at a time) with the TV in the company apt only receiving German television (CNN and 8-8 BBC World doesn't count) and CSI (like all imported shows) is DUBBED hehehehe no regional US voices at all! In fact with CSI Miami, sultry Louisiana girl has a sharp and mean tone, Caruso has a deep voice and don't get me started on the others hehehe :E :ok:

Atlas Shrugged
15th Apr 2005, 11:36
Oh yes! BHR. Glad there's someone else in the Marg fan club.

Me too!!! :ok:

15th Apr 2005, 14:20
he red head in CSI (the original one in Vegas) is Marg Helgenberger

No sh*t sherlock. Ms Delany is certainly as brunette as you can get.

You really don't read people's posts very well, do you BillHicksRules.

I'll explain it to you if you really like :rolleyes:

15th Apr 2005, 14:36

I have several pics of her as a redhead!!!!

You know that collar does not have to match cuffs????


BHR:) :)

15th Apr 2005, 14:52
I have several pics of her as a redhead!!!!

I was referring to her in China Beach. Sheesh, it's like talking to a four year old :rolleyes:

15th Apr 2005, 15:00

"Sheesh, it's like talking to a four year old "

Well you smell like an old lady:eek: :eek:



15th Apr 2005, 15:06
Well you smell like an old lady

Yeah, you sure showed me :rolleyes:

15th Apr 2005, 15:08

I sure did now get back to polishing your MILs tackity boots, theres a good lad.



Biggles Flies Undone
15th Apr 2005, 15:11
Come on Jerricho - you can do better than that :E

15th Apr 2005, 15:13
Well Biggles, I was thinking about the stupid reference Mr BHR made about pilots in the "cockpit access thread", but I will honour Flappy's request not to.

Anyway, I'm bored with this now.

15th Apr 2005, 16:46
David Caruso's first major role was in An Officer and a Gentleman, Richard Gere saved him from drowning in the dunk Tank.

As for Emily Procter, she has her own website:


Well worth a visit to drool

15th Apr 2005, 16:49
"Check out Emily house"

Doesn't that border on stalking?

Onan the Clumsy
15th Apr 2005, 17:48
"Check out Emily house" do they have check out Emily underwear drawer as well? :E