View Full Version : Compensation Culture. This takes the biscuit

14th Apr 2005, 19:56

Our local carnival cannot run this year due to a woman sueing the organisers for being hit by..

a water bomb!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Onan the Clumsy
14th Apr 2005, 20:21
Why doesn't the village just hold their own carnival and burn her in effigy?

14th Apr 2005, 20:23
Good idea Onan, but bother with an effigy:E

14th Apr 2005, 21:06
A couple of weeks ago a young lad received 10,500 Euro (approx) from the High Court in Dublin.
Why? you ask did he get such a substantial sum.....
One day when the lad was in a shopping mall a security guard suspected him of stealing socks (which he didnt). So the security guard, doing his job, approached the youth and askked him if he had taken a pair of socks. The youth said no and opened up his jacket to prove this.
The youth then sued the company the guard worked becaused he felt 'embarrased and degraded' that the security guard had asked him a question!
This would have been a good scetch for Monthy Python's Flying Circus!:confused:

14th Apr 2005, 21:25
Kinda like this place, eh Scrubed ;)

Big Tudor
15th Apr 2005, 00:04
There was a case recently in Oz where a teenage boy received A$500,000 for injuries sustained when diving off a bridge. The reason was the sign at the bridge stated that diving was FORBIDDEN, it did not mention that it was dangerous. :hmm: