View Full Version : Chemtrails - they're doing it again (Caution:- LINK!)

Kaptin M
13th Apr 2005, 22:03
The New Zealand airlines and travel agents are at it AGAIN.
I just came across this photo of the town of HANMER SPRINGS - a delightful little resort town renowned for its thermal pools, outdoor activities, and restaurants on New Zealand's South Island - being given a dose of that special concotion that makes people want to fly!

The [email protected]@RDS!!
Now it's going to be IMPOSSIBLE to get a flight over the week-end!

Check it out yourself.

14th Apr 2005, 06:16
Ha! Now I know what the "Long White Cloud" really is. :E

14th Apr 2005, 19:08
Well Kaptin M

On your good advice I've decided to avoid Oz in December & do NZ this year & guess what, the company I'm likely to travel with do a side trip to Hanmer Springs, looks like I'm in for one heck of a treat. :D

Reckon it'll take me five weeks to cover the country & see & do everything I want to do & see (NZ is not known for its tame outdoor pursuits) & I've just been told I'm likely to get the time off. Thanks again for the tip & you know what to do if you're in that area of the world at that time. :ok:

Kaptin M
15th Apr 2005, 00:16
Seems we're getting to the bottom :uhoh: of this now.
Jerricho has blown his cover :uhoh: and it wasn't covered! :ooh:

The ATC controllers are all part of a worldwide chemtrail conspiracy, bankrolled by travel agents and the airlines to get people flying!

(BTW, Omaha, I'll be in Hanmer Springs, N.Z., with my 3 sons in June for a stay. When will you be there?)

15th Apr 2005, 09:20
3 sons, my your clan is getting bigger all the time, three little pilots in the making eh?. ;)

My flights aren't booked yet Kaptin but I'm likely to be heading out early December to NZ, will be doing a bit of touring on the north island before I head to the south island. Once I book my flights I'll email the company I'm going with & let you know the likely dates around I'll be about to hit Hanmer Springs probably somewhere in the last two weeks of December. :D

See can we coincide a meet up. :ok:

Chief Chook
15th Apr 2005, 21:53
Hanmer Springs. Yes, I have visited there. Such a pretty part of the world, and nowhere near as over commercialised as Queenstown.
Loved it, and well worth spending a couple of days there.

15th Apr 2005, 22:45
Why is it suddenly my fault???

Kaptin M
15th Apr 2005, 23:17
"Suddenly"??!! Hah! I had a phone call from an old lady who claimed you had taken her daughter away from her, and violated her for several years in your home....anyway the old girl was wondering where the money was coming from that allowed you to buy the Porsche Targa, and Ferrari.
She said she accidentally stumbled across a Swiss bank account of your's, Jerricho, when she was tidying up your bedroom when you were at work, which was marked TOP SECRET - STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL - DO NOT LOOK "Chemtrail graft & Corruption account".

Sprung MISTER J.
We pilots have ALWAYS been suspicious about the holding you controllers dish out.
Seems as though ALL is now being revealed!!

(And "Yes", Hanmer Springs is....or maybe that should be WAS...a delightful alpine resort)

Eimar Moron
25th Apr 2005, 23:16
I found this great website Hanmer Springs webcam (http://www.hanmer.co.nz/netcam.htm) that shows the chemtrails there.
Looks like it must be under a major north-south route.