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13th Apr 2005, 21:49
Curious intruder given Asbo

"Abdoul Yessoufou is banned from parts of Portsmouth Naval base
An intruder who sparked a security review at Portsmouth Naval Base after he was found onboard a US ship has been given an anti-social behaviour order.
Abdoul Yessoufou, 37, of Newport, Isle of Wight, was found on USS Harry S Truman moored off Stokes Bay, Gosport, Hampshire, on Saturday.

Magistrates heard on Wednesday how he had previously breached security three times at Heathrow Airport.

The Asbo bans him from the naval base, the ferry port and Southampton airport.

Portsmouth Magistrates Court heard how Mr Yessoufou had mingled with sailors returning by boat to the warship from a jetty in a restricted area next to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

He was challenged by a US Navy yeoman, but still allowed to board with them.

It was not until two hours later that he was challenged again, escorted off the ship and held by police, initially under the Terrorism Act 2000.

The Asbo, which prevents Mr Yessoufou from entering non-public areas of Portsmouth Naval Base, the city's ferry port and Southampton International Airport, was imposed for two years.

The defendant was also warned he could face five years in prison if the order was breached.

'Satisfy his curiosity'

Colin Shackel, prosecuting, said the only apparent explanation for Yessoufou's behaviour was "to satisfy his curiosity".

The court also heard that Mr Yessoufou appeared before Uxbridge magistrates after breaching security at Heathrow Airport, reaching airside on three occasions in February.

He has also appeared before Southampton magistrates after reaching airside at Southampton International Airport in January."

BBC online

One wonders what the intent of his curiousity was and whether an ASBO was appropriate. Of course one obviouslydoes not know the whole story, but very strange behaviour indeed. Three intrusions at LHR, one at Southampton airport and one on a US Navy warship.

tony draper
13th Apr 2005, 21:58
Indeed curious, better to be safe than sorry, shoot the fecker.


13th Apr 2005, 22:11
Heathrow is a magnet for the disturbed the dispossessed and the plain loonies. Hundreds of oddballs go there each week. Most are quietly shooed away but a few get arrested. The first ASBO ever made at Uxbridge Magistrates Court was on one such person.

It isn't hard to see the attraction of a busy airport, but with up to 200,000 people passing through each day it will never be possible to deal with all of the drifters.

13th Apr 2005, 22:23
His behaviour is no more strange than that of Karl Power the so called "super imposter" who lined up with the Manchester United squad and went in to bat for England in an Ashes test.
Power is feted as something of a hero, he also knocked up with a mate against Tim Henman and Scott Draper for a doubles match at Wimbledon before being discovered.
Or Aaron Buschak who gate crashed Prince William's 21st birthday party. Okay, they are rather eccentric but we Brits normally admire a bit of eccentricity.
Our tabloid press even employ people to breach security like the footman at the palace and the recent incident at Windsor castle where it was possible to drive in with a van and a hoax bomb before Charles's wedding. Maybe they should give him a job!
Surely the strangest behaviour is from the so called security people who let these men walk straight past them. Any punishment meted out for such "offences" seems to me to be more of a face saving exercise by the "authorities" than anything else.
Not so much anti-social behaviour as a bit of a wake up call for our security services.

Onan the Clumsy
13th Apr 2005, 22:24
Heathrow is a magnet for the disturbed the dispossessed and the plain loonies Didn't Jerricho work there for a while?

Solid Rust Twotter
13th Apr 2005, 22:27
I reckon a fair percentage of Ppruners may work there, Onan.

Be afraid. Be very afraid!:E

13th Apr 2005, 22:34
Since that was a navy ship maybe they shoulda keelhauled him, Tony. ;)

Solid Rust Twotter
13th Apr 2005, 22:37
Waste of good shark bait, Pigboat.:E

tony draper
13th Apr 2005, 22:43
I remember something from a few years back, big Shiny American Warwaggon tied up at the quayside in Newcastle, two large impressively armed marine guards at the bottom of the gangplank guarding, said vessel and preventing scallywags getting aboard, the local police had to send a couple of unarmed Constables to protect em from the abuse and taunts of the quayside urchins,
"they cant very well shoot the little bastards" said a spokes man.
"Why not"
shouted a multitude of voices on Tyneside.

Send Clowns
13th Apr 2005, 23:07
It may surprise some here when I say I don't often see good things in policy of the current government. However I can see great advantages in this case of an ASBO. This chap seems to be a completely harmless, if unusual character. I can see no benefit to giving him an actual punishment. However his behaviour does constitute a safety threat (to himself as well as others - warships are not safe!) and he must be discouraged. The judgement appears to be wise.

Flowman is right that the security guards need to be rebriefed though. MOD plod are not known for their intelligence (why do you think the expression "sharp as a balloon" developed in the military?), so it doesn't surprise me entirely that someone slipped in with the crowd, but that US yeoman should be getting a lot of extra duties!

tony draper
13th Apr 2005, 23:13
Was a Asbo issued recently to a chap who had a habit of walking onto garage forcourts unhooking the pump and drinking the petrol, how can anybody drink petrol, anybody ever had to siphon some of same and got a taste of it?

13th Apr 2005, 23:16
Tastes a bit like Newcastle Brown Ale I'm told.

tony draper
13th Apr 2005, 23:35
Thats true, one blames the EU.


14th Apr 2005, 02:17
sounds like a journalist trying to get one of those " I got through security...." stories to me.

14th Apr 2005, 02:23
Long ago, Blacksheep was serving in Singapore defending Her Majesty and Her heirs and successors from the Evil Empire and such. Up to our necks in mud and Tiger cans we were, fighting off the native females who were desperate for what we had in our trousers (our wallets of course - but that's another story...). The USS Forrestal was in harbour and US sailors were all over town, drinking our beer and sh*gging our women, as is their wont - "Overpaid, oversexed and over here" as they say.

One of our number was captured in the Champagne Bar, along with several dozen US matelots, by an American shore patrol. (The US Navy cap and jacket he was wearing might have had something to do with it). Despite loudly protesting that he was a British airman, the American press gang carried him off and forced him aboard the US vessel where he was obliged to join the crew in the naval tradition of scrubbing the decks. (The Forrestal, of course, has a much larger deck than most ships).

The moral of the story is that visitors are made very welcome aboard US naval vessels, as long as they join in the deck activities organized by the Officer of the Watch. Refusal to participate can have dire consequences - such as an ASBO for example... :rolleyes:

14th Apr 2005, 03:53
In April 2003 the USS Constellation was in Fremantle on its way back to San Diego having done its stint in GW2. We offered to host some officers on shore leave. A Lt Cdr and 2 Lts from the Int side of things were duly collected and we showed them some of the hidden bits of Western Australia. We also got through a fair amount of good WA wine and the odd bottle of port and brandy. They had such a good time that they invited us on board for a look see when we returned them to the ship.

Because she was still on a war footing the general public were not allowed on board but selected guests were. We were checked in by the Yeoman and Master at Arms at the boarding point and were introduced as the President of the Shire of Toodyay and his wife, and were then carted off into the bowels of the ship for a guided tour of all the interesting bits.

The guys at the check in point were obviously not quite sure just who they had on board because very shortly after we got into the hangar deck all hell broke loose as the Admiral pitched up looking stressed and all set for giving the "President" a personal tour.

We had a very convivial chat and assured him that it was all low key and that we were perfectly happy to be escorted by a mere Lt Cdr and two Lts. I explained that the Shire President was merely a Mayor of a very small country Shire. However, the Admiral was really keen to make sure that we were treated right and all sorts of doors were opened (literally) on that visit

14th Apr 2005, 08:24
You'd think they would slap an ASBO on that Mrs A that keeps getting into hospitals...

14th Apr 2005, 08:51

That has already happened to at least one person. One Norman Hutchins has been banned from all hospitals and clinics in England and Wales (story here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/north_yorkshire/3770081.stm)).

(I assume the ASBO law does not apply there, hence the absence of Scotland from the list).

(Edited to add, well baited sir. Must now go and write out "Don't be in such a rush in future" 100 times).

Onan the Clumsy
14th Apr 2005, 16:26
Edited to add, well baited sir Masterfully perhaps?

14th Apr 2005, 17:45
Local Portsmouth radio reporting this character has been arrested again trying to get into Portsmouth Dockyard. Nothing if not determined. I think he must be over that line of being a bit mental (or determined to emigrate to the US!). Why don't we let him go? Tell him not to get on that banana boat going back to West Africa under any circumstances! He'll be off like a shot!

simon brown
14th Apr 2005, 18:08
Colin Shackel, prosecuting, said the only apparent explanation for Yessoufou's behaviour was "to satisfy his curiosity".

Yes, he could have been satisfying his curiosity as to where to place a bomb.

Guys a feckin idiot