View Full Version : NEW PPRuNe BADGES are NOW on Sale

11th Jun 2001, 23:46
The super new badges are now on sale at £10 each. They are royal blue with gold or silver coming through. Very popular at the bash. Don't forget to state your preference when ordering.

Danny has produced these much asked for badges as another way of getting income into PPRuNe - to pay for the very high running costs that get ever higher as it gets more popular. In spite of that he has generously decided to give £1 from each sale to the Fund - good of him that!

So if you want one of these very nice badges just send a cheque for £10 with a self-addressed stamped envelope and I will get one to you.

The cheque should be made out to the PPRuNe Fund and sent to 5 Station Approach, Belmont, Surrey SM2 6BW.

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12th Jun 2001, 00:31
Any chance of posting a picture of one beside a coin or something so we can see what they look like?

12th Jun 2001, 00:37
Do I remember someone saying "if you bought one of the old one's you would get a new one gratis!"

If so e-mail me and I will supply my snail mail address....

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The Resistance
12th Jun 2001, 02:14
....badges....!......we don't need no stinkin badges....!!!! (just kidding! :), the money is on the way... )

Scottie Dog
12th Jun 2001, 02:47
Makes me think that Christmas has come early...must treat myself!

Another cheque on its way - lets get the fund moving.

Scottie Dog

12th Jun 2001, 02:51
i,m with pengineer..
all this scary high tech stuff, the least i,d expect is a picture,with a form to click YES if one agreed...
is that not the way this stuff is supposed to help...
REALLY, a stamp addressed envelope..

Big Red ' L '
12th Jun 2001, 03:18
Here you go. Its not a good picture, it was taken with my web-cam as my digi-cam is broken. Here is a gold badge next the the Esc key on my keyboard.
http://communities.msn.com/_Secure/0NgAAAJ8Rn!PNl4OMqJw1BEi01KrO4iPtAHczRe5Deb13oO2eDMFbFZWs*jX 01pfgsDfKJNznmifgDRCtG!c42g/PPrune-badge.jpg
http://communities.msn.com/_Secure/0NwAAANERlfDNl4OMqJw1BEi01KrO4iPtTD8FzktJeYAbbwHLQ3kz39EtWQf F6r*2kYJhuzw*oLlOqyIJLhNTKg/PPrune-badge2.jpg

Its not the fall that kills you...Its the sudden stop.....

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Big Red ' L '
12th Jun 2001, 03:23
Well, the picture above is not the best, but at least its something. The badge is shiny gold and a nice blue background. Well worth a tenner.Get them cheque books out...... :)

Its not the fall that kills you...Its the sudden stop.....

12th Jun 2001, 04:06
E-commerce in its most basic form!

I would send a cheque but I am afraid that my cheques are rather like my landings!

Any chance of a finance deal? 36 months interest free credit, and pay nothing until July 2006?

12th Jun 2001, 04:15
Very nice and very nice of you to handle this.

Now for all the thousands of us not in the UK, do you have an alternate for that stamped envelope procedure?

12th Jun 2001, 11:21
Agreed, my local post office just won't sell me any portraits of the Queen. Some trivia about it being a foreign country, picky picky. They will sell me a Sterling cheque though. Let's say we tack on a quid for postage.

12th Jun 2001, 12:41
Any chance of accepting 11 pound through the PPrune fund by bank transfer IFR? I meant to get one from you at the bash!

Guess I was too busy talking!!

12th Jun 2001, 14:00
Wot is them pound sterling things? Do you take Euros? Seriously though, as mentioned above, those of us living overseas can't send you a stamped addressed envelope. Can we not just send an addessed envelope and a cheque for GBP 10.50 to cover mailing costs?
Please advise.

12th Jun 2001, 14:05
think my outfit should make those the official company uniform wings check's on the way...

12th Jun 2001, 14:15

OK. Send me enough cash to cover it and I will send you one. ONLY to those overseas though. I don't want to start writing envelopes as well. The charge is the add-on of a small donation to the fund!


Same applies, sorry. Just send me a chq with your stamped addressed envelope - much better than going to the bank anyway.

12th Jun 2001, 18:21
Finally it's here, looks cool http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/cool.gif too. Another cheque on the way. Well done IFR...
CRL ;)

13th Jun 2001, 14:58
No problem IFR - cheque is on it's way. Trying to be too fancy with the bank transfers. Probably will end up shooting myself in the foot!

Cheers IFR

You can't have everything........Where would you put it?

13th Jun 2001, 17:42
Is it just me or do they look well..........
A bit like a PPL wing
logo on a flight bag much better.

dv8 http://www.stopstart.fsnet.co.uk/smilie/cool6.gif

13th Jun 2001, 18:03
Nah... it's just you dv8 :rolleyes: What a t@sser! No taste whatsoever.

I'm gonna have me one!

13th Jun 2001, 18:22
Any chance you'll take dollars (I would send cash, not a check)?

13th Jun 2001, 18:38
I have received, and sent, 10 requests for the badge today. i.e. cheque and stamped self addressed envelope. No problem at all.

However, converting USD into cash has been done, but the conversion rate is something no-one can guess, let alone get right, so the answer is no, sorry.

14th Jun 2001, 13:12
I am in much the same predicament as AVman

would 15 GBP cash be and an addressed envelope back to Oz be acceptable?

14th Jun 2001, 13:48
Bumfish. Yep, no problem. :)

14th Jun 2001, 18:25

it's in the mail

14th Jun 2001, 20:29
Must say thanks for the quick turnaround on getting the badge out - good job.

Question is, how do I make sure it's seen when I'm getting on the 'plane, short of pointing to my chest and grinning like a loon? Is there a secret handshake factsheet I should have got with the badge? ;-)

14th Jun 2001, 20:53
I'll have to money as soon as I get my USD exchanged, But I was wondering, a sticker for the side of the flight bag would look great too, any chance of getting any of those made?




14th Jun 2001, 21:02
Damn! I just sold my flight bag! Wouldn't make any difference though. Danny is working on a number of ideas - maybe that is one of them - but don't hold your breath - yet! :)

Dark Skies
14th Jun 2001, 21:30
Hey IFR, Received my badge today! Thanks very much indeed, It will be nice to see how many badges we can see at the airports soon?
Discreet and to the point! Cheers all,
Dark Skies

Remember' Freight is the Hunter'

14th Jun 2001, 22:07
Thanks for the badge - very discrete and tasteful. Shall be wearing it on UK2294 tomorrow on my way to see my lady love!!

15th Jun 2001, 02:18
Well, since GBP15 seems to be the going rate for overseas (well Europe in my case), cheque will be in the post Monsday latest. Any difference to the Fund. BTW, I do like the sticker idea.

rgds Rat

Code Blue
15th Jun 2001, 02:28

Oh wise one, would you mind if I transfered some dosh by bank transfer to cover the cost of said badge & postage?

If so would you be kind enuf to post the bank details for the account on this thread?

Sorry for the hassles


-.-- --.- -..-
[email protected]

15th Jun 2001, 11:00
Wise one? Definitely! That's why I don't want anymore transfers to the bank. It's a pain.

Sorry no. I've turned down others already.

15th Jun 2001, 19:42
Put it on the uniform above company wing ón monday and already 5 colleagues and 3 pax have asked me most enthusiastically: "so you're a ppruner as weel huh, what's your username then?"
Bit tricky that one ;)
Have considered impersonating Slasher but it would look a bit odd for a woman. :)

Great fun these badges people, so don't hesitate and get your money in the mail!

One thing though, be very careful when putting on your jacket, the little bit on the back of the badge does not tolerate rough handling! http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

The Guvnor
15th Jun 2001, 19:52
I had breakfast with Freddie Laker at sparrowsf@rt this morning in FLL prior to the inauguaral service FLL-NAS ... he wanted to know what PPRuNe was after seeing my badge!

16th Jun 2001, 00:37
Damn it Guvnor, you've totally confused me now. I've been convinced for months that you WERE Freddy Laker...!

- P.

Scottie Dog
16th Jun 2001, 03:32
Cheque sent Wednesday, badge arrived Friday - what service!

Thanks IFR for all the hard work.

Scottie Dog

training wheels
16th Jun 2001, 03:48
<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" size="2">Danny is working on a number of ideas - </font>

How about PPRuNe baseball caps?

16th Jun 2001, 05:15
Badge, Sticker, Baseball-cap ok, but please no PPrune on underwear, I've got enough on it already!

16th Jun 2001, 09:08
Hmmm Stickers, flight bags, baseball hats, flight jackets? Why hasnt anyone come up with the bright idea of leasing an old 732 and 'sticking' pprune on the side????????

Now THAT would attract attention! Think of the hits the site would get then!!!


Max Angle
16th Jun 2001, 14:48
Many threads seem to be have been closed or moved recently because they are not "on-topic" for this forum. Could someone in Pprune towers please explain how this thread fits into "Rumours and News"?.

PPRuNe Towers
16th Jun 2001, 17:55
Simple answer Max?

Self Interest, Enlightened or blatant depending on your point of view.

We've run the site for 6 years without asking a penny. Swore we never would unless you got something in your hands for your hard earned cash.

Our traffic figures show we're already staring the next server upgrade in the face. This will put our costs firmly in the 5,000USD per month category plus hardware and commissioning fees. Therefore we need some extra revenue, we're giving something other than the site in return and this is the busiest forum.

Make of that what you will - the thread title says all so no-one's being conned into viewing. Apart from covering the cost of the badges the money goes to support running the site once a one pound contribution to the PPRuNe Fund has been made. IFR is doing all the admin, packing and despatch entirely unpaid because he loves the site, the people he's met through it and the incredible feedback he's getting from those who received their badges.

We'd all like to publicly thank him for his tremendous enthusiasm, hard work and an incredibly fast service to readers.

Regards from the Towers
[email protected]

17th Jun 2001, 03:12
Recieved the badge Today...nice!!

Thanks a lot..

17th Jun 2001, 11:33
Good aren't they! They are well worth the money, and not only does the fund get a nice contribution. When you buy one you help PPRuNE with it's ever mounting costs.

A really super badge, a £1 to our wannabe fund and you help to keep PPRuNe running - three things to make your day ;)

17th Jun 2001, 11:53
Max Angle (and Danny!)

I would have thought a simple answer to the "mis-posted and locked" issue is that the new PPRuNe Badge is news http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/tongue.gif


Can I get an upgrade from my old-style one? Never mind - I'll probably keep it, along with my PanAm Frequent Flyer bag-tags as "Aviation History" :)

I'll be sending in a kite nearer the time of my next UK trip. If anyone in RUH, JED, BAH or DAM is interested, I'll be in UK mid-August and I could collect badges and distribute them during my travels out this way :rolleyes:

(email address as posted)

What goes around . . .
. . often lands better!

17th Jun 2001, 14:16
Good Sunday Morning IFR,
Sent the cheque, Wednesday, got the pin on Friday, nice and able to wear on anything, Consignia (PO) completly crushed it, but to the rescue came my trusty old Swiss army knife and all now as good as new, Suggestion , Float the company, sell us all some shares and bingo you can have whatever server you want!!!
My Regards :) :)

17th Jun 2001, 15:02
Sorry about that VFR, still you managed. An unusual occurrence I am sure.

PPT said it all I think, for which I am extremely grateful.

It certainly is news, and the rumour that I can get them on a 3 day turnround is definitely true!

Don't forget - if you will ever be allowed to! That a £1 goes to the Fund, and with every badge you buy you are helping to contribute to the ever increasing costs of PPRuNe.

Anyway, there is another reason for buying a one. They look good and you can feel proud to wear one - anywhere! They even look good on the ladies. No! Not on the door, on a dress. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/eek.gif

Ooops! Sorry, just realised I was repeating stuff in an earlier post! Oh...........who cares! :)

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17th Jun 2001, 15:24
Great badge; however, if you make a second batch, ask for the mounting pin to be mounted slightly higher? The current lack of pendulous stability causes undemanded roll on thinner shirts etc. and they end up swivelling about rather!

17th Jun 2001, 19:38
The first design did that to - I thought it was intentional so it could represent a pair of wings or a prop :)

17th Jun 2001, 20:24
If you wear the wings upside down it is an internationally recognised sign that you are in distress and may be in urgent need of assistance.

Either that or or you're just a scruff bag.

I see they are available in either gold or silver to match the braid on your uniform.

Big Red ' L '
20th Jun 2001, 06:24
Mine got lost at a wedding in Alderley Edge at the weekend.. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif (Some drunken idiot thought it would be 'funny' to throw the badge accross the marquee to see if it could really fly.....) When i buy my new one, can i pay the 'bash price' or will i have to cough up a tenner...?

Here's hoping.... :)

20th Jun 2001, 14:07
Sorry about this: No other way. But
fortunately it doesn't compromise any ID.

So, would M JENVEY kindly send me another cheque, you forgot to sign the one you sent for your badge.

BR 'L'. Ouch! Don't know what to suggest - except maybe your hoping might produce a result.


20th Jun 2001, 18:56
As I am in the USA, could I make payment via paypal (www.paypal.com) as long as you have an email address I can send money to any number of countries. This may help many people out. Thanks.

21st Jun 2001, 00:36

I have no idea what that is. What I can accept is USD20 and a self addressed envelope and I will stamp from the excess you send.

21st Jun 2001, 02:52

Sorry if this has already been asked, but because i'm just a young'un I dont have access to a cheque book. Is it possible for me just to send some hard cash?

Sorry to be a pain,


21st Jun 2001, 23:52
Posted my letter to you today, now the whole family are asking if the Postie has been yet!!!! I know you're quick but........!!

22nd Jun 2001, 00:51

If you want to risk it getting to me, then I don't mind. Just send with the £10 note a self addressed stamped envelope, and I will return the day I receive it.


If I got it to day you will have to-morrow. Enjoy.

22nd Jun 2001, 02:02

Sent letter last post Tues fm LTN
got badge this morning Thurs 1stpost 0700

Very nice it is too..

Behind the Curtain
22nd Jun 2001, 02:30
Oh, go on then!
Cheque's in the post...

23rd Jun 2001, 14:23
You are doing very well! Thank you very much.

Here is another picture to titilate your senses.


See the top of page one for "how to get them details".

23rd Jun 2001, 18:34
A very surprised postie was mugged this morning at 0800hrs, and there it was.... the badge!! Wonderful service, excellent badge. Best of luck for further sales.

25th Jun 2001, 14:15
Cheers for the badge IFR...once again a two day turnaround.

Bit of advice to people though - send in some protection for it as mine got a bit bent by Her majesty's finest service.

You can't have everything........Where would you put it?

25th Jun 2001, 18:07
That is twice out of over 40 badges sent that the Royal Mail has bent a pin. 2 too many!

One or two people have been sending a small jiffy bag - lined with a bubble thin lining - might just a good idea that.

I have started cellotaping the badge to inside of the envelope, hope that helps but no way of telling, unless you tell me.


25th Jun 2001, 19:50
You wouldn't happen to have patches for flightsuites with the logo???

Nothing to see here, just making use of the internet!

25th Jun 2001, 22:09
No! But you never know, Danny might be thinking about it!

27th Jun 2001, 00:00
Computer's been out of action for a bit but I'm finally back to stay at PPRuNe.
Seem to have missed quite a lot.
I'll start by posting a cheque first thing in the morning for a badge!


P.S. Can anyone summarise the events of the past 2 months?

Descend to What Height?!?
27th Jun 2001, 20:52
Got mine today!
Brilliant :) :)

Thanks IFR !

Back to the top!

:) :) :)

;-) It looked like a good idea at the time :-)

28th Jun 2001, 02:55

Make that 3 out of 40+ !

Thanks for the badge, superquick service....

The stapled internal bag survived intact, but the badge was somewhat flattened by some mechanism that managed to bend the pin.

I'd say that the bubblewrap should be mandatory with the SAE :)

2nd Jul 2001, 15:55
It seems that a very few, but a few is a few too many, badges are getting bent pins within the machinery of the Mail system. To avoid this I suggest you put a small amount of bubblewrap inside your SAE and that should cure it.

Now something I am going to share - 'cos I like it! :)

"Pancake", one of purchasers of the badge, sent me a request addressed to The PPRuNe Fund at the normal address. The Royal Mail, in their infinite wisdom, decided, quite rightly I suppose, that the PPRuNe Fund does NOT reside at the normal address - and promptly returned his letters. He contacted me by e-mail and we sorted it out.

Got his request to-day, and I have sent him his badge.

A comment in his letter goes thus:

"Maybe the Royal Mail can only navigate VFR and anything involving IFR totally defeats them....!" :) :) :)



3rd Jul 2001, 00:11
Received mine this morning, thanks IFR.

I will wear it with pride.


Final 3 Greens
3rd Jul 2001, 00:54
Got my silver PPrune badge - it looks great, very smart and discrete - anyone who hasn't got one should send a tenner to IFR now.

Dv8 - you need your eyes testing! ;) it looks nothing like "PPL Wings", not that I'd be seen dead wearing those (nearly as bad as epaulettes!) and anyway Boeing test pilots wore jeans and lumberjack shirts on the 777 series on Discovery - so that's good enough for me!!!!!!

I shall be wearing mine with pride around the Compass Centre as a tie pin over the next few weeks when I do my day job.

{PPL and Proud of it]

3rd Jul 2001, 02:51
Hey thanks IFR -

Blush... http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/redface.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/redface.gif http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/redface.gif !!

- P.

4th Jul 2001, 01:59


Gold ? or Silver ?


Behind the Curtain
4th Jul 2001, 02:07
Am I the first person to lose one?
Cheque's in the post... again.

4th Jul 2001, 18:11
Finals 3 G


And the defence rests your Honour


Le Pen
4th Jul 2001, 20:49

Just popped an order in the post and forgot to say what colour!

Silver if you have one please.

Glad I'm not fixing your airplane today?? :rolleyes:


Le Pen

Nil Fault Found.....Another great work of fiction in progress

5th Jul 2001, 03:58
I would love to get a PPRuNe badge, but rather than send the money ( NZD = 0.28 STG!!) 20 000km via the post I was wondering if it could be charged to VISA? Money Transfers cost too much ( $20 charge with Western Union ) and a foreign currency cheque costs more. It would make it a bit easier for us antipodeans. ;-)

ph : +64211215685 (sms)
email: [email protected]

5th Jul 2001, 10:19

Sorry, we can't handle VISA. Not sure how to make a useful suggestion either. http://www.pprune.org/ubb/NonCGI/frown.gif

henry crun
5th Jul 2001, 10:51
DANZ. if IFR is willing to accept it, go to your bank or Thos Cook and buy the cash,(don't forget the postage). I have sent cash in similar circumstances on a number of accasions before without any problem when I was sure that the receipient was trustworthy, and I think in this circumstance you may be absolutely sure.

5th Jul 2001, 13:48

Many thanks for the pin - cheque sent on Sat, badge arrived safely on Tuesday. :)


6th Jul 2001, 22:37
My cheque is winging it's way to you now !

7th Jul 2001, 02:52
My check will be in the mail.

8th Jul 2001, 03:20
Thanks for the Pin most excellent very impressed with the turn-around time two days from posting cheque, As a LAME most suprised that allyou well paid pilot's cant afford just a single tenner from your pay to buy one, seen more Engineer's wearing them than Aircrew !!!. When do we get to see the cloth patchs for the Overalls ?.

8th Jul 2001, 19:53
My request was sent back to me as "addressee unknown"? Any ideas why, have checked the address and it is correct.

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11th Jul 2001, 05:09
Great service! Now, one of "them" has a pin. Look for me on Holland America Line's "Amsterdam" Sept 7-17, or the return flight from Montreal to JFK. I'll be looking for you.

11th Jul 2001, 17:51
Thanks InFin, arrived safely today.

Mrs SLF asks which ear I'm going to have pierced for it...

(spelin editt)

[ 11 July 2001: Message edited by: SLF ]

16th Jul 2001, 23:58
notac. Sorry, missed your post. The Royal Mail in their wisdom believe these days that if the name they know is NOT on the envelope they send back with reference. Strange that.

E-mail me and I will tell you how to get over the problem.

17th Jul 2001, 03:29
Sent cheque 16.30 Friday, pins arrived 06.30 this morning(Monday). Best (postal) turn round I've seen in ages.

Many thanks.

Vortex what...ouch!
17th Jul 2001, 18:09
They're the mutts nuts. I've got to have one. Cheques in the post.

18th Jul 2001, 06:43
Inf, For those wishing to pay from OS, perhaps the fund could look at opening an account with someone like PayPal...



25th Jul 2001, 03:21
Come on guys/gals, buy a badge (or two) from IFR - if I was rich & famous (nah, let's face it, s*d the 'famous' bit - if I was 'rich'...) I'd buy at least a hundred to boost the Fund...

- P. ;)

25th Jul 2001, 16:33
Thanks IFR,

Cash Sunday, badge on Tuesday, and very nice too!

25th Jul 2001, 18:22
Cheque sent today.

Keep up the good work.

Best regards

25th Jul 2001, 19:28

Save me the potential trouble of getting my letter returned, please! Please E-mail me the name I should use with the Station Approach address, and I'll bung you a big cheque and the requisite padded envelope. Ta.

[email protected]

30th Jul 2001, 01:37
Awesome....Cheque is on the way

4th Aug 2001, 17:50
IFR: How come you only managed to sell twelve badges to OzExpat.
Don't ever believe him when he says he's broke. If I doubled my wage I'd still only be getting half what his salary is worth.


5th Aug 2001, 00:43
Great stuff IFR, how many are left? :confused:

AV8 consultants
6th Aug 2001, 04:13
mmm lets see ten pounds = $28 AUS
a little pricey.
Now if you send us the artwork we will get them made up for half the price, sell them from Oz to Oz members and we will send you the profits. Sound fair? :D

7th Aug 2001, 00:06
Nope! Next question? :p :D

16th Aug 2001, 01:37
BTTT for the 100th reply... Buy, buy, buy...!

- P. ;)

18th Aug 2001, 12:04
Back to the top, but I thought you would like to know that Danny's contribution of a £1 from each badge to the fund, is now over a £100 because we have sold that many.

But, of course, the sale of the badges is NOT for the fund. It is for the VERY expensive upkeep of PPRuNe.

Therefore your purchase of these very wearable and prideful little badges is YOUR contribution to help to keep PPRuNe running. There cannot be a better reason to buy one.

But hey!.............you will like it too.

Marko Ramius
18th Aug 2001, 16:46

You might be interested in this site:

Pay Pal (http://www.paypal.com/)

Provides an easy way for people to pay by credit card.

18th Aug 2001, 16:55
I think the little badge is excellent and I willbe ordering one. PPrune is the only way I find out what is going on within my company!!! :)

A Very Civil Pilot
18th Aug 2001, 19:07
Had mine for some time, but I'm still waiting to see someone else with one. Per haps this whole pprune thing is a figment of my imagination! :confused:

21st Aug 2001, 21:37

Celtic Emerald
21st Aug 2001, 21:47
Could I have mine at a reduced price, like a 50% reduction please ;)


22nd Aug 2001, 16:44
Woooooow......... 23 hours there and back.
That was quick, thanx for the badge :D

23rd Aug 2001, 22:40
Hey cando, that might just be the quickest!

But no favorites, I get your request one day and I turn them around same day.

DON'T forget that when you buy a badge you are adding funds to help PPRuNe with it's very high running costs. Then Danny generously gives £1 to the PPRuNe Fund for our wannabes. ;)

24th Aug 2001, 01:25
WOW !! I think I will buy one and perhaps I won't......... :eek:

Lets do it INVERTED
24th Aug 2001, 23:54
Top job IFR...cheque is in the post!!!