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12th Apr 2005, 15:33
"Coming Full Circle"
Held: June 21-24 2005
Location: Purdue University Airport (LAF) in West Lafayette, Indiana.

The Air Race Classic is the only all-women, transcontinental air race. There are events for racers and the public including a cookout, take-off breakfast, and an awards banquet. We will have WASP pilots, guest speakers, silent auctions and much more!

Come be a part of this amazing event. Deadline for racers is April 15th. Visit the website at airraceclassic2005.org for the registration form and more information!

Contact Kim at [email protected] if you have any questions.

12th Apr 2005, 15:40
I'm intrigued how in this day and age, it is permissable to practice sexual discrimination and allow entrants to participate in this race on the basis of their sex? If there is one area of endeavour where gender is immaterial, it is piloting, and air racing in particular. If there was a 'men only' race, I would expect women to be forcing their way through those doors, so is it moralistic to restrict entrants to an air race on the basis of sex alone? I don't see how having male entrants will advantage them in any way, so why are you doing it?

Limit State
12th Apr 2005, 15:41
That's a bit sexist isn't it?


Beat me to it Rainboe - ^^^ What he said :E

12th Apr 2005, 16:39
>>I'm intrigued how in this day and age, it is permissable to practice sexual discrimination and allow entrants to participate in this race on the basis of their sex?<<

Well, in the politically correct U.S. some forms of discrimination are condoned and even encouraged as long as the "victim" is the white male.

A white pilots' organization would be denouced as racist but a black pilots' association receives funding from all major air carriers (see: www.obap.org ).

Your daughter will get hired as an airline pilot at a much lower experience level than your son in most cases due to a concept that goes by the code word of "diversity". Basically, able-bodied non-hispanic white males are not diverse, everyone else is, and should be given preference in employment, promotion and commerce.





12th Apr 2005, 16:56
I thought somehow I'd get roasted, but it seems to have sparked a bit of sympathy. Obviously such 'positive discrimination' doesn't sit as well with European mentalities as with the modern day outlook of the US with its separate groupings all vying for preferential treatment. It's a path I hope we don't follow, but somehow I fear we will be there 10 years down the road.
I'm pleased to say European women (I think!) would also shy away from positive preferential treatment. It's one thing to have ladies events in sports, and I don't think anybody would deny physical equality isn't there yet (thank heavens!), yet something like this doesn't sit well.
Now there's a 'ladies only gym' in London somewhere isn't there? My gym certainly doesn't have flowers in the changing room! It's got 18 stone sweaty men with tattoes. How about a group of MCPs to muscle our way in? Sign up here!