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12th Apr 2005, 06:37
OK, I give up Googling. Getting nowhere.

Anyone seen the new Marvin?

Caught a very brief glimpse in a trailer. Not enough to form an impression, but enough to bother me.

Here I am.......brain the size of a planet, sitting in a car park with no idea........and now all the diodes down my left side hurt. :{ :(

Please help. :( :( :(

12th Apr 2005, 07:00
Movie stills (http://www.canmag.com/news/4/3/897)

12th Apr 2005, 07:08
Me wants to see the new Trillian :E

tony draper
12th Apr 2005, 07:10
Hank or Lee?

12th Apr 2005, 07:13
Hank Trillian?

Lee Trillian?


12th Apr 2005, 09:38
You can find the new Trillion here, played by Zooey Deschanel??
Tricia McMillan is Trillions full screen name
click the "characters" icon & click on the image of Trillion for more...

12th Apr 2005, 11:19
Always loved the Hitch Hikers Guide. The new Trillian is something else:E

Send Clowns
12th Apr 2005, 11:50
But Trillian looks like a dizzy blonde! That's part of the point, the looks of a dumb blonde on an astrophysicist. This actress is a perfectly normal-looking brunette. Did they not read the books before casting?

12th Apr 2005, 12:09
Hair dye?

12th Apr 2005, 12:21
Oh dear.

The new Trillian checks out fantastically well in the 'dont fancy yours department, but fails in the astrophysics department in that she could actually be one.

Marvin looks tailor made for the kids market and not at all how I have ever thought of him

Humma Kavula ?? Dont remember him at all

The rest work pretty well

Windy Militant
12th Apr 2005, 12:22
Douglas Adams had a lot of input into the script before his unfortunate and far to early demise. Hopefully they've not messed it about too much since then.
The new Marvin however doesn't seem to match the description from either the Book or the Radio series. Still that never really counted for much in the universe of the Hitch Hikers Guide. Myself I see a strong resemblance between the new Marvin and the AIBO (http://www.aibo-europe.com/1_1_3_ers7_1.asp) robot dog I guess that they're trying to go for the must have Christmas toy.

But don't mind me I'll just stand here in the car park and turn in small circles for a few millennia. :(

12th Apr 2005, 12:51
Marvin as a Christmas toy?

(Sound of ripping paper and childish delight. "Click")

"Hello, I am Marvin your personal android. I would like to I wish you a Merry Christmas but I don't really care. And by the way Santa Claus does not really exist. Your parents squandered money on me that is clearly badly needed for you education. Now I am bored with you. Shutting down."


12th Apr 2005, 14:17

Zephod only has one head! Admittedly 3 arms but........

Even in the old Beeb TV series he had the two heads, and they worked! Most disappointed! :yuk:

Onan the Clumsy
12th Apr 2005, 14:49
I saw a trailer for this. One question; is the production US or UK?

12th Apr 2005, 14:57
Zaphod still has two heads, but its different...
Check the second (IIRC) trailer http://hitchhikers.movies.go.com/

his second head flips up from underneath his first head?

Mostly Harmless
12th Apr 2005, 15:32
I hope they don't F*** it up!! It seems a lot of movies lose the story in favour of special effects these days.

We need an honest review from the first person to see this movie.

12th Apr 2005, 15:49
his second head flips up from underneath his first head?

That works for me (not me having a 2nd flippable head before some smart asre gets in)!!

I have just looked at Marvin and there is no way that this thing would park cars at Milliways for millenia. Some kid would have taken it home and cuddled it in bed.

Bad feelings starting

12th Apr 2005, 16:26
Yeah, just noticed of Zaphod only has one head *duh*.

I too have a bad feeling about this.

12th Apr 2005, 18:31
Thanks for the piccie link* ORAC! :ok:

Hmm, the New Marvin is too cute to be a misery guts.

Bad feeling ditto here. :(

* That'll surprise someone!

12th Apr 2005, 19:40
You finally got cable Acbus? ;)

12th Apr 2005, 21:25
Send Clowns,

Ref Trillian. The original idea of D. Adams was that she should be a dark haired oriental. So at least the film has (almost) returned to the original -ish.


Tricia McMillan is Trillions full screen name

It always was her full name, radio, books, etc.:ok:

For ALL your H2G2 needs please visit......

http://www.h2g2movie.com/ (http://)

As for the new Marvin, "it gives me a terrible pain in all the diodes down my left side".

Yes I know I'm an anorak!:O

12th Apr 2005, 21:42
I can NOT imagine that Ford Prefect as coming from Guildford at all.

Stephen Fry makes an adequate replacement for the late lamented Peter Jones.

Watch out for all the bits of whale meat.

12th Apr 2005, 21:58
Never once pictured Ford Prefect as a black Betelgeusean, even before the white David Dixon played him in the TV series. Still, no reason why he shouldn't be...

Marvin doesn't look miserable enough but the casting of Stephen Fry as the book is inspired.

Looking forward to the film's release and I'll go in with an open mind :ok:

12th Apr 2005, 23:05
Will be a laugh, but have a strange feeling about this one... isn't Trillian supposed to be English? Zaphod looks cool though, but Marvin seems a bit on the titchy side - too cuddly to be depressed! Ford Perfect... errr... somehow he doesn't look quite the part. Been reading HGTTG lately and by the gods of aviation and NLP I hope this is good!

16 blades
13th Apr 2005, 00:08

Big fan of original TV series and all 4 books in the trilogy!

Can't say I recognise any of the original characterisations in this line up - Marvin's gone a bit too Po-Mo, Zaphod has a head missing (ok, comments above noted), Slartibardfarst looks very good for one so old, and don't get me started on Trillian - Sandra Dickinson was perfect in the role in the TV series (also painfully cute - but that was kind of the point).

And it's been given the 'right-on' PC treatment I see - sorry, I just can't see Ford Prefect as black - just doesn't seem to fit the story. Maybe Zaphod would have worked better as black, but not Ford.

Somehow I don't think this will do Douglas Adam's comic genius justice, but I guess I'll have to wait until its release to find out.


13th Apr 2005, 00:16
I believe most Ford Prefects were actually, black.

13th Apr 2005, 01:58
Actually, the TV series was NOT the original. Don't show your ignorance. The radio series was the real original, and outshone the rather dismal TV series by a factor of n, where n is a large positive integer. Sandra Dickinson was, thank God, not Trillian in the original. Adams does not, I believe, anywhere make the allegation that Trillian could appear to be a dumb blonde. She was, however, English.

Marvin's appearance was not described anywhere. So he could appear, on first acquaintance, to be "cute". But go to bed cuddling him and you'd wake up with terminal depression - if you hadn't slit your wrists while you slept just to ensure you didn't wake up to him.

16 blades
13th Apr 2005, 02:09
Never had the pleasure of the radio series - I was referring to it's first appearance in picture form, on the BBC, of course.

The books, though, were awesome.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!


13th Apr 2005, 04:45
I see the official release date is April 29th so I suppose the DVD9 will be on sale in "The Communist Shop" down Gadong this weekend. :ok:

The DVD5 is, of course already sold out... :hmm:

Not many people know this, but the actual "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe" is available as a digital data document on www.myboeingfleet.com (http://www.myboeingfleet.com) under Environment, Health & Safety where no-one would ever think of looking... :rolleyes:

Be warned though, it takes seven weeks to download on a good broadband connection.

13th Apr 2005, 08:01
CDH, Thanks for the info - still doesn't sound quite right though!

16B, if memory serves, and I'm sure I'll be corrected if wrong, the radio series was the original, the book came after it had been broadcast on Radio 4.

I remember receiving cassette tapes from the then girlfriend recorded, complete with all the LW crackles, while in Germany with the RAF. Thought it was brilliant then and, obviously, still think it's the definitive version.


13th Apr 2005, 08:22
There were, of course, five books in the trilogy :
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Restaurant at the end of the Universe
Life, the Universe and Everything
So long and thanks for all the fish
Mostly Harmless

A good website for further research is:
www.douglasadams.com (http://www.douglasadams.com)

The actor playing Ford Prefect looks like a perfectly average Betelgeusian to me.

OK, I’ll get my Arcturian ultra-coat

oh, and by the way XXTSGR you said:
Don't show your ignorance
surely, this is exactly the place to show ignorance. I myself am ignorant about very many things, for example, how to fly an aircraft.
Mental note to self: must read 'Salmon of doubt'


13th Apr 2005, 09:50
You are right about the radio coming first . I remember hearing an interview with Douglas Adams in which he revealed that frequently, the BBC began broadcasting an episode (live) with Douglas frantically trying to finish its script somewhere behind the scenes

I rather liked the Dirk Gently books too - I wonder if they ever did get that sofa off of the stairs ?

13th Apr 2005, 13:20
quote self:I myself am ignorant about very many things, for example, how to fly an aircraft. Therefore

it is highly improbable that I could fly a space-ship.


I must be able to fly 'Heart of Gold'.

How's that for logic?

13th Apr 2005, 18:15

Highly improbable perhaps, but not infinitely improbable. So from that we can assume that any attempt by you to fly Heart of Gold would result in the bringing into existance of a whale and a small bowl of petunias.

Oh no, not again... :E

13th Apr 2005, 18:33
Being of a young age I can't make comment on the radio shows, but having enjoyed the books and the tellybox series I went looking for a pre-release review. Unfortunately, I found this.

'Tis worrying indeed. Although, knowing me as I do, not worrying enough for me to not go and make the same mistake myself of going to see it.

14th Apr 2005, 10:12
The radio series continues.....

The first episode of The Quandary Phase (series 4) of the Hitchhiker's Guide will be broadcast on 3 May.


16b, the original radio series scripts are available in paper back. Well worth a look.


Mostly Harmless
3rd May 2005, 16:04
I had some free passes so I went to see the Hitch-hikers Guide movie.

Sigh…. They f**ked it up. A right royal screwing of the pooch on this one.

They dumbed it down for the audience and went astray from the original in a big way. Don’t go see it. I wanted my money back, and I didn't even pay for it. I was really disappointed.

3rd May 2005, 17:19
......and Marvin? :\

Please tell me that Marvin was great. :uhoh:

Anyway, I needn't have started this thread or worried about the film.......just been told the TV series is being repeated in the UK, starting tonight on the TV-License-Thieving-BBC.

The real Marvin. Yesssssssssss!!!! :D :D :D

Jordan D
3rd May 2005, 17:59
And I've just heard it on Radio 4 (also available on the BBC Radio 4 Website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4)). It was good. And funny.

But, I really enjoyed the film - it was good, enjoyable and the people I went with really enjoyed it.


Edit: It starts on BBC1 tonight in the UK.

3rd May 2005, 18:45
Sorry Jordan mate, but you're wrong on this one it was rubbish, VERY dissapointing. Best things were the opening and closing dolphins, I'm still singing it! Stephen Fry and Marvin, but Marvin could have been featured A LOT more and although he looks cute Alan Rickman did a great job of voicing him and bringing out the manic depressive side.

But all the same wouldn't waste my money on it at the cinema, watch the original on the telly box or record them all like me is going to do and then get the film when it hits rental.

3rd May 2005, 20:09
I think she's quite cute. Blonde? - well, she's got blond bits in her hair, so could be she's a "blond with artificial intelligence" (dark hair dye)

Runs for cover :)

Astra driver
3rd May 2005, 21:58
The new Marvin sucks.

If you do see the movie, the "Old marvin" makes a Hitchcock stlyle appearance in a couple of scenes, but doesn't have any lines unfortunately.

The new Trillian gives me a boner though. Shame they kept the shower door closed.

Jordan D
3rd May 2005, 22:38
ExSimGuy - I thought the same ... she's quite the cute one.

lexxity - I've never watched the TV Show. I've never read the book. I've never (until today) listened to it on the radio. It was something new, that I enjoyed!