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Fly Better!
11th Apr 2005, 13:34

Limit State
11th Apr 2005, 14:13

Feckin great - slightly cruel, but fecking funny!


11th Apr 2005, 14:23
Back in my shadow traffic days I used to take my Yellow lab (Franklyn) with me all the time as my co pilot. I used to do that to him quite a bit in between reports. Great fun. Used to love watching him try and get his claws into the carpet to hold on.....

Eventually he got to really like it, seamed to anyway, and judging by how he would RUN to the airplane as soon as I opened the door or the window of the car, he couldn't hate it too much.

That dog had almost 900 hours of single engine land time. I got him a log book, started to give him lessons, even signed him off to solo, but when the big day came and I stepped out of the plane on the taxi way, he just sat there looking at me. Oh well. Just as well I suppose, as I wasn't really looking forward to cutting the skin off his back to "Preserve the sweat of his first solo"


phoenix son
11th Apr 2005, 14:31
For those of us at work where the Thought Police have "filtered" content such as this behind their Stalag Luft 3-style firewall, is it worth the effort of having a look at home later?

11th Apr 2005, 14:52
PS, the clips shows a cute little puppy going weightless as the blokes in front put their Cessna or whatever into a zero gravity dive. Pretty cute, especially when the mutt tries to chew on the pilots headphones. :ok:

11th Apr 2005, 15:05
is it worth the effort of having a look at home later?
Yep - bloomin hilarious.

And the link is work safe, so if it's not blocked, go for it! :D

Standard Noise
11th Apr 2005, 15:32
One of those ones where you wonder what's occurring, then the dog 'rises to the occasion'. Brilliant.:D :D

Limit State
11th Apr 2005, 16:03
Seeing as we're advocating funny pet vids - I think you may find this (http://media.ebaumsworld.com/index.php?e=catfan.wmv) slightly amusing...

I need a new keyboard after seeing it!

:D :hmm:

11th Apr 2005, 16:07

Burn them, burn them. They're witches, and that dog is their evil familiar.

11th Apr 2005, 16:16
Not definitely, Jerricho, after all, what do we burn apart from witches?

Standard Noise
11th Apr 2005, 16:31

11th Apr 2005, 16:31

You can make them go "woof"

Onan the Clumsy
11th Apr 2005, 16:35

11th Apr 2005, 16:41
And Onan.

You can make him go "woof" as well.

I was expecting that reaction from Krystal first.

Krystal n chips
11th Apr 2005, 16:53
Repentance, Jerricho-------repentance, my child-----and a few $$m from another thread will heal your soul on Earth--and my Cayman Island account !:p

11th Apr 2005, 17:09
Buying salvation?

Tried that........my cheque bounced.

The Invisible Cat
12th Apr 2005, 11:29

You can make them go "woof"

You can make them go "meow (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?postid=1523467&highlight=dog+AND+meow#post1523467)"

12th Apr 2005, 16:34
Does that mean my post is also in bad taste?

Sorry. :(