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11th Apr 2005, 12:31
Do you pilots ever go on an all week bender and then turn up and fly the plane. What is the drunkest you have ever flown and have you ever drank on a flight?

11th Apr 2005, 12:43

11th Apr 2005, 12:44
My instructor recommends that you should carry a water bottle on a longer flight - good tip that, although I have to say that I 've never had a drink in flight.

11th Apr 2005, 12:57
I can see this one getting plenty of traction.

11th Apr 2005, 13:00
I'm usually so drunk I try to fly the blunt end. Infact, I'm drunk now. F*****g hic:p

11th Apr 2005, 13:02
You don't actually expect anyone to admit it do you? :confused:

Pinky the pilot
11th Apr 2005, 13:07
No; I don't think that even some of the wilder blokes I flew and drank with back at the Club Dero in Port Moresby will touch this one!!

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Solid Rust Twotter
11th Apr 2005, 13:14

Your tone seems to indicate you think this is a regular occurence. Do you know anything at all about aviation?:confused:

The journalist doing the fishing here is also somewhat lacking in ethics. I have a question for him/her: "When did you stop beating your wife/husband?".

11th Apr 2005, 13:16
alphapat, you get the award for The Most Spectacularly Stupid First Post Ever. :rolleyes:

phoenix son
11th Apr 2005, 13:21

your profile seems to have omitted which "news"paper you work for...:mad: aren't there any little old ladies whose cats are stuck up trees that you could report on instead...?