View Full Version : Helicopter Pilots and Older Women

10th Apr 2005, 19:17
I have noticed helicopter pilots seem to date and marry older women. I have seen this with American and European pilots. I just heard on the news the Camilla is 16 months older than Prince Charles, a fellow helicoper pilot.

Anyone have an explanation?

10th Apr 2005, 19:32
s'all we can get:eek:

10th Apr 2005, 20:16
Did the "we" include big ears? It seems it was all he could get!!!! Pity really.

10th Apr 2005, 20:33
Anyone have an explanation?

As helicopters are so ugly the earth repels them (hence how they are able to fly), that may be a good place to start :E

Training Risky
10th Apr 2005, 20:43
Years of high-frequency vibrations shake our retinas out of position and destroy the 'standards' section of our frontal lobes.:}

the wizard of auz
10th Apr 2005, 21:03
Us helicopter pilots are a very cautiouse lot and dont like unpredictability in any thing in our lives. ;)

Capn Notarious
10th Apr 2005, 21:31
Older could be a more stable platform

tall and tasty
10th Apr 2005, 21:50
Maybe the older woman prefers the fun loving younger heli pilot, the heli pilots I know have a wicked sense of humour and are much more daring and risk takers!

TnT :p ;)

CarltonBrowne the FO
10th Apr 2005, 21:57
This behaviour is by no means restricted to helicopter pilots. Enthusiastic older women are a pleasure to be savoured carefully, and slowly. Like fine wines and classic cars, they are a treat for the connoisseur.
With apologies for the overt boasting in the "slowly" comment...

10th Apr 2005, 22:03
and are much more daring and risk takers That's all well and good TnT but can you match their risky daring? :p ;)

tall and tasty
10th Apr 2005, 22:05

but can you match their risky daring?

Absolutely, you know me well enough to know I can handle anything that is thrown at me!

TnT ;) :p

Atlas Shrugged
10th Apr 2005, 23:22
http://www.angelfire.com/fl2/americanswo/images/finch.jpg http://www.angelfire.com/fl2/americanswo/images/jennifer.jpg

Oooooh....Stifflers Mom!!!

11th Apr 2005, 00:22

Could it also be that you need a grown up to teach you how to spell Wiz??? :E :E

Pappa Smurf
11th Apr 2005, 00:59
Maybe the older women are more interested when they over hear you saying you had it up six times today

11th Apr 2005, 06:51
All the young women have rushed off to claim fixed wing pilots. :p

tall and tasty
11th Apr 2005, 10:52
young women have rushed off to claim fixed wing pilots

Did that when I was younger and not impressed looking back on it, well with my ex that is But that does not apply across the board I am sure!


(hard hat on now and running for the door! :p :p )

Pinky the pilot
11th Apr 2005, 12:15
Fixed wing Pilot it is that I am and have always preferred the 'older' woman. And it was an 'older' woman who finally caught me!!
That situation will soon be disrupted however.
S**t happens!

You only live twice. Once when
you're born. Once when
you've looked death in the face.

12th Apr 2005, 09:26
Maybe these helicopter pilots have not met me

:p :oh: :p

12th Apr 2005, 11:14
Since my initiation into the wonders of Venus I have personally always preferred the confident, mature woman. They know what they want and how to get it, much more fun than a doubting youngster.:ok:

12th Apr 2005, 23:46
Maybe we are just not so fussy about our landing sites!

13th Apr 2005, 04:56
I thought it had something to do with the way chopper pilots know how to hang on tight and stay in control, when all around them is trembling, vibrating and shaking to bits. :ooh: :ooh: :eek: YES! :\ :\ aar... :ok:

13th Apr 2005, 16:27
Helicopter - older woman, fixed wing - younger woman? As I have a licence for both, can I have one of each please? :E

Helicopter pilots are very used to using their highly developed manual skills to gently encourage older things to perform their best. Some of the aircraft I've flown were older than me....... ;)

At the same time, they know if they get it wrong, all hell is likely to break loose.... just like a woman :\

tall and tasty
13th Apr 2005, 17:37
they know if they get it wrong, all hell is likely to break loose.... just like a woman

ShyTorque - I presume that depends on what type of woman you hang out with!

There are some can keep their cool when all around them are loosing it!! ( classic eg one of the children fell off the play frame yesterday and broke his arm! Loads of mums lost it in panic! The mother of the child kept her cool for the child's sake):p :p

TnT :ok:

ace4bar's girlfriend
30th Apr 2005, 05:37
You know what women and dog $hit have in common - the older they are, the easier they are to pick up..................

sitting back and waiting

30th Apr 2005, 09:45
All ladies are lovely,,old, young .......it don't matter to me.
We wouldn't be much without them.
Yes, I fly Helicopters and they aint as ugly as some fixed wing jobs that I have seen...................just off to get hat, coat, etc :ok: :ok:

30th Apr 2005, 10:10
Helicopter pilots just like to go straight up. :hmm:

30th Apr 2005, 10:16
yup!!!!!!!!!!........because we can!"$$%^&*()

30th Apr 2005, 11:27
Helicopter pilots just like to go straight up.


We can get to places fixed wing type can only dream of and stay there in the same place pretty much indefinately!

Also there is the required ability to multi task so makes things more fun too!


30th Apr 2005, 14:06
Helicopter pilots just like to go straight up

Yup. And they can go straight down again :E



30th Apr 2005, 14:43
Yup. And they can go straight down again

And the customer always walks away Satisfied!

30th Apr 2005, 17:11
Older women? How come there aren't so many about these days?

The ones I meet now have their own transport - A BUS PASS! :\