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10th Apr 2005, 17:39
According to the website, Pprune operates in GMT yet the online clock is now in BST !

I recall a discussion last year about the fact that the Pprune website clock never moved to BST.

Change in policy?

Sultan Ismail
10th Apr 2005, 18:02
Reported here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=168789) but hasn't helped. Seem to remember it happened last year as well.

If I use Pprune time I get to bed an hour earlier, which is probably a good thing :zzz:

DX Wombat
10th Apr 2005, 20:12
It's a plot to see if we are awake. :E

10th Apr 2005, 21:29

10th Apr 2005, 21:58
GMT, UTC, when will the rest of the world learn that Britain IS the centre of the universe? hence BST :)

10th Apr 2005, 22:22
Sorry, but I thought that it moved to "gay Paris", to become "UTC" :yuk:
So, GMT [sadly] no longer exists.....[neither does ZULU :{ ]

11th Apr 2005, 08:39
Yes Chiglet, it is now UTC but that is still based on the old GMT which to this day hacks off Gallic types something rotten. Ever since we nicked the prime meridian from the one they wanted to run through Paris in fact.

In the good old days of fam flights, I did find it odd flying in the US and the pilots using the time that it was in good old Blighty :ok:

Rupert S
11th Apr 2005, 08:44
...I thought Zulu was UTC??? :confused:

11th Apr 2005, 10:08
Look what you lot did :O

11th Apr 2005, 12:43
Hey guess what, the clock is working properley again, some must have changed the batteries