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Standard Noise
9th Apr 2005, 11:33
Right then, thanks to Charlie and Camilla, we've all got an extra 25 mins to get our bets on for today.
Which nag(s) have you all wasted your cash on then?

I went for - Clan Royal, Amberleigh House, Hedgehunter, Nil Desperandum to win. Iznogoud and Bally bough Rasher e/w.

Mrs Noise plumped for Forest Gunner e/w.

Am I mad, convince me.

9th Apr 2005, 11:56
Clan Royal and Amberleigh House are old hands at the National so you stand a good chance with them.

I've gone for Clan Royal as well so it's either "great minds think alike" or "fools seldom differ".

It's often a good wheeze to go for a rank outsider (at least 50/66/75/100 to 1). Usually an old nag with these odds languishing in last place makes it to fourth place only by virtue that they haven't got caught up in some of the major falls at Becher's.



9th Apr 2005, 12:14
Have gone for amberleigh house e/w and forest gunner on the nose, come on Carrie!!! Bloody love the national:D

Maybe we should organise a pprune JB bash up there next year:)

Sailor Vee
9th Apr 2005, 12:18
Gone e/w on Amberleigh House, Hedgehunter,Forest Gunner, Clan Royal and Take the Stand.

Some peeps say I'm paid too much!:uhoh:

Then again, I only ever have a stake on the big races!:ok:

9th Apr 2005, 13:24
Lord Atterbury, Clan Royal, Bindaree and Jakari to win.

Simply Gifted and Shamawan e/w.

9th Apr 2005, 13:55
Camilla by a nose :E :E

9th Apr 2005, 13:59
Going not suiting Amberleigh House.

Clan Royal to win, Bindaree ew!!

BTW Camilla looked good to great!

Onans Girlfriend
9th Apr 2005, 14:17
Drawn "Lost in Debt" ( very true) and something that sounds like a football team "Astonvilla" in what I think was a fixed sweep at work!

9th Apr 2005, 14:20
Which nag(s) have you all wasted your cash on then?

I'm sure Charles will be thinking along those lines if he doesn't score this evening :E

(Ok, I'll stop now)

9th Apr 2005, 15:11
lexxity - I'm up for it, need an excuse to visit Aintree

Oh pants!!

Well done hedgehunter

Mrs Candoo backed it and the winnings barely cover me losses in typing this!

Nice one for the "lady" jockey BTW

Erwin Schroedinger
9th Apr 2005, 15:53
Which nag(s) have you all wasted your cash on then?

I'm sure Charles will be thinking along those lines if he doesn't score this evening
Or if it turns out soft.


9th Apr 2005, 16:07
Ruddy loose horses :(

I was backing Clan Royal and he was looking good for the win, *sigh*.


Big Tudor
9th Apr 2005, 16:22
Not bad turnover VFE. Expect an invite from the board of BP in Mondays post! ;)

9th Apr 2005, 20:54
Hedgehunter is a magnificent horse - sorry I didnt back him.
Mine came last, but he did finish!

10th Apr 2005, 01:17
My 5 e/w on Simply Gifted came good and left me nicely in profit on the day :cool:

Lord Atterbury fell at the first!

10th Apr 2005, 01:26
Could someone post the first four past the post and their prices please? They only talk about winners down here!


10th Apr 2005, 01:36
1 Hedgehunter
(R Walsh) 7-1f
2 Royal Auclair
(Christian Williams) 40-1
3 Simply Gifted
(B Harding) 66-1
4 It Takes Time
(TJ Murphy) 14-1

10th Apr 2005, 07:02
Thanks for that, an each way bet on the second would have done me nicely!

10th Apr 2005, 08:43
Royal Auclair E/W was certainly a much better bet than HedgeHunter to win.
As someone who backed it in the Gold Cup only to see it get bashed out of 3rd at the last it was very nice to be paid back.