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Rupert S
8th Apr 2005, 16:20
Dear all,
A sad story. Having sold off the house in Malta early last year, I have no plans to return to the home land. Not being a huge fan of Malta, the one thing I miss is their fantastic soft drink, Kinny. I CAN'T GET IT IN ENGLAND!
Anyone know where I can get my fix?

8th Apr 2005, 16:49
What is it ???

tony draper
8th Apr 2005, 17:00
Hmmm, one fancied moving to Malta,one was there briefly in the sixties and liked it. one understands theres still a RAF base there to protect British citizens should the natives cut up rough, whats wrong with the place now,have we given them their freedom yet?
Alus a mistake that is.


Rupert S
8th Apr 2005, 17:13
Malta's not terrible really. It's hot and humid in the summer and mild and humid in the winter. The whole place is built on English tourists and resorts these days and the best you can get is second rate. I just don't particularly like it. If you're after fine dining and luxury hotels on your holiday you won't find it!
Kinny's a bitter sweet soft drink i think based on oranges. It's a bit like campari but less bitter. If I can get hold of some, I'd happily drop you a bottle on my travels, Tony. I feel I'd also be obliged to bring sherry. No idea why.

8th Apr 2005, 17:43
...I'd happily drop you a bottle on my travels, Tony. I feel I'd also be obliged to bring sherry... Does Mr. Tony Blair want to divorce Mrs. Blair then? Is this a scoop? Is that why you'd like to take Mrs. Blair to Malta Rupert? I mean, we all know that divorce doesn't exist in Malta uhmmm, didn't we? :confused: :p

(Sorry about that, I'd just been day-dreaming about being a foreign correspondent for a national newspaper like the Sun or the News of the World...)

Mac the Knife
8th Apr 2005, 17:50
It's Kinnie, not Kinny

Good stuff, esp. with a drop of wodka...

Qualifications: Lived there for 5 years

8th Apr 2005, 17:54
Yup, but journos can get the feel of a place in 10 minutes... :(

Forgive me flippant responses but just lately, I've been seeing double... :{

Hmmm, that's strange, I could have sworn there were 2 or even 3 threads 'bout Kinny. Just a moment ago, honest... :confused:

8th Apr 2005, 18:00
Try Kas Bitters. They are available everywhere in Spain. They taste just like Campari and look just the same too - but with no alcohol. Don't waste your time with the other brands which claim to be the same (like Sch...... you know who!) because they are all horrible. I don't know if they are available in the UK but I wouldn't be surprised because I think Kas is owned by Pepsico now.

8th Apr 2005, 18:28
And cutting a long story short, Cameronian finally found out which button to click :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
9th Apr 2005, 07:57

Garlic Rabbit....... *drool*:ok:

Rupert S
9th Apr 2005, 18:57
No, it's Kinnie I'm after not some Spanish substitute. But none of you can help me. I shall go weep in a small space :sad:

9th Apr 2005, 19:15

Scroll to the bottom for the UK.

Could have helped you sooner if you'd spelling it correctly.

Rupert S
9th Apr 2005, 19:20
I phoned them a little while ago but never got a reply. Perhaps I'm doomed to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous soft drinks?

9th Apr 2005, 19:23
Try the German supplier. They will ship to the UK for GBP 11.00