View Full Version : Laniny is a scum bag who should be shot!!!!

8th Apr 2005, 15:38
Get the hell out of here you trolling scum.

8th Apr 2005, 15:40
I still have a few left:
Free selfdestruct buttons for laniny :ok:

Oeps, sorry Jerricho :uhoh:

8th Apr 2005, 15:48
Looks like the Mods are asleep on the job...?! :E

Anyone care to join me on a Caribbean holiday? ;)

8th Apr 2005, 15:50
No, the buttons worked! :ok: :mad:

8th Apr 2005, 15:51
Rub it in!

We had snow up in Scotland earlier. What's that all about?:*

Sunny now though. I'm sure Neil Finn was thinking of Scotland when he sang Four Seasons in One Day. Roll on "summer"

Buster Hyman
8th Apr 2005, 15:52
Rumour has it that Laniny is one of the next witnesses giving testimony at Michael Jacksons trial.

"How many times did you drop the soap?":ooh:

8th Apr 2005, 15:53
Fair go Airship.

even the Mods gotta sleep (or eat, or shower or.............)

8th Apr 2005, 16:14
It even snowed here in Luton. Admittedly, it wasn't much of a snow fall... :confused:

9th Apr 2005, 14:03
In response to a few PMs I have got, "Laniny" is the latest incarnation of the scumbag who posts those ever so helpful and real "Win an Free iPod/colour TV/Toshiba vibrating ladies thingy/Urine soaked mattress" links.

Seems to always happen on a Friday morning as well. Maybe we should set a bear trap or something.