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8th Apr 2005, 15:10
... or should I say The Wild East? I find this pretty much unfeckingbelievable:

MIAMI (AFP) - Florida's legislature has approved a bill that would give residents the right to open fire against anyone they perceive as a threat in public, instead of having to try to avoid a conflict as under prevailing law.

Outraged opponents say the law will encourage Floridians to open fire first and ask questions later, fostering a sort of statewide Wild West shootout mentality. Supporters argue that criminals will think twice if they believe they are likely to be promptly shot when they assault someone.

Republican Governor Jeb Bush, who has said he plans to sign the bill, says it is "a good, commonsense, anti-crime issue."

Current state law allows residents to "shoot to kill if their property, such as their home or car, is invaded by an unknown assailant."

But it also states that if a resident is confronted or threatened in a public place, he or she must first try to avoid the confrontation or flee before taking any violent step in self defense against an assailant.

The bill, supported by the influential National Rifle Association, was approved by both houses of the Republican-run legislature on Tuesday.

LINK (http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&cid=1506&e=19&u=/afp/uscrimeguns)

8th Apr 2005, 15:11
So if somebody put a bullet between old Jeb's eyes because they felt threatend by him it would be alright then?

tony draper
8th Apr 2005, 15:15
Hmmm, well it makes a kind of Darwinian sense, we have to presume that honest folks outnumber the crims, so by simple attrition both sides being equally armed and skilled in the use of said arms, the honest folks should prevail and become the dominant species.


8th Apr 2005, 15:19
But as nature tends towards balance, won't there be some "honest folks" that eventually will develop "crim tendencies"........thus the whole of Florida will become a ghost town. Hey, nice bit of forsight there Capt.

8th Apr 2005, 15:42
So if somebody put a bullet between old Jeb's eyes because they felt threatend by him it would be alright then? But only if they fired whilst on their property. All anyone has to do now is to sign a lease for an upper-level floor of an abandoned book warehouse la JFK... and wait for the limo?! :}

PS. Do they still have those special number plates for self-drive cars in FL? In which case, it could be open season on tourists...I thought them were Al-Qaeda terrorists judge!

8th Apr 2005, 15:45
Taking the Darwinian theme a bit further, if all the stoopid f:mad:wits arm themselves and shoot at anything that moves, only the clever will survive.....

......gonna be a quiet place in a few years' time!

8th Apr 2005, 16:04
There should be positively visible results in just a few weeks I reckon, let alone years... :p