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7th Apr 2005, 21:02

I have the funds to become certified/trained for an ATPL however, there is no point if the following will hinder my chances.

I have type 2 dabetes which is controlled via 1 tablet a day, type 2 also recognises the fact that I do not run the risk of hypo's or low sugar levels that create a black out. I am also NONE Insulin dependant.

I have minor blood pressure issues, slightly higher than normal but, again controlled with the magic of Lisinopril, 5mg's a day.

This has also been put down to my current employment and the stress of running your own company, therefore possibly a white elephant?

Thanks for any advice/help.


7th Apr 2005, 21:16
Before you do anything else contact the Aeromedical section of the CAA.

Book a Class 1 at LGW and you'll be advised on the whether certification's possible or, the best course of action to take...

Good luck.:ok:

7th Apr 2005, 22:15
The Aeromedical Section at Gatwick will be as helpful as they can if you give them all the facts. That being said, a mild exercise regime for the few weeks before you have the biggest medical hurdle of your first Class1 may help you feel more confident/fit.
The cost is around 400 for the first and more complicated medical.
Good luck.

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