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7th Apr 2005, 08:30
In those hallowed halls of history we have Bush Jr and Prince Charlie as former FJ pilots... you know.. it makes me think... if those two buffoons could do it... theres hope for all of us.

Didn't Charlie also once "land" a 146?

7th Apr 2005, 08:57
Prince Charles is not a former FJ pilot. He did flying training with the RAF and got his wings, but never went to an OCU. He joined the Navy in 74 and qualified as a helicopter pilot with 845 Sqn on HMS Hermes.

Big Tudor
7th Apr 2005, 08:58
Didn't he train on Jet Provosts? They have jets and are kinda fast!

7th Apr 2005, 09:17
he must have flown the JP to get his wings, but more to the point I strongly recall seeing a pic of good 'ol charlie in a Naval (?) F-4

Web Site Quote:

"Charles is a complex man with many sides. He is a man of action, having served in the Royal Navy in a number of junior and senior command positions. He is a helicopter pilot and has over 900 hours flying a wide variety of jet planes, including the Nimrod, Phantom, Jet Provost, and Harrier T4, to name a few. "

7th Apr 2005, 09:22
IIRC he expressed an interest in attending the F4 OCU, but it never happened for various reasons. He has flown the Hawk and several two-stick aircraft. But that is not the same as qualifying as a FJ pilot.

7th Apr 2005, 09:22
He rides horses now, doesn't he?

7th Apr 2005, 09:24
It makes one shudder to think....

7th Apr 2005, 09:35
Ah, yeah...horseface :yuk: :yuk:


7th Apr 2005, 09:36
He doesn't just ride them Maxflyer, I understand that he's planning to marry one this weekend. :hmm:

7th Apr 2005, 09:36
I believe the 146 landing was more of an 'arrival'. Somewhere up north I think. Rumours of 'downwind' if memory serves. Still, they walked away from the 'plane, so it was not too bad...

Lon More
7th Apr 2005, 09:52
Re Big Ears upcoming nuptials, go here (http://www.crosby.plus.com/dijokes.htm) for a very sick view of his last attempt :uhoh:
Not for the easily offended

7th Apr 2005, 12:16
Ah, yeah...horseface
Re Big Ears
I really can't get over how unkind & cruel alot of you are then again judging by my experience of some people on this board why should I be surprised. :rolleyes:

These people have feelings too. One is born with the looks they have, unless they succumb to the knife under a cosmetic surgeon like in 'The Swan' or something they can't change them that much and shouldn't be blamed for or judged on it. How anybody would want to be in the public eye given the horrendous slagging they appear to get is beyond me, perhaps deep down it's envy that is driving it. Besides I don't think Camilla is that bad looking anyway.

I think the people here who are constantly deriding these poor people should take a good look at themselves, anyone would think the way you lot go on you were gods gift to woman/men. Beauty is only skin deep, it is obvious from the way the pair of them love each other & the length they've loved each other that they both have alot of positive traits under the superficilousness of surface beauty. Do you? I've seen far less cruelty on the playgrounds of primary schools that I've witnessed on this board & I just don't think it's funny anymore not that I ever did? :rolleyes:

Limit State
7th Apr 2005, 12:26
I think we've just landed a big-eared ug fellas...

Someone grab the net.......


7th Apr 2005, 12:33

I really can't get over how unkind & cruel alot of you are then again judging by my experience of some people on this board why should I be surprised.

Aren't we horrible? Being unkind to that poor defenceless couple who carried on affair whilst still married. Now I can't say anything about her and what she does in private, but he is meant to be the future monarch and defender of the faith. A faith that I am led to believe denounces both infidelity and divorce.

For what's it's worth I think they are both open to ridicule and am glad that the sycophants aren't allowed to govern the content of these pages.

Send Clowns
7th Apr 2005, 12:59
Is that the faith that has forgiveness as it's most important tenet? Turning the other cheek etc.? And whose orignator said words to the effect "let he who is without sin cast the first stone", although in Aramaic? The one that has its god as the final arbiter of the sins it condemns, rather than man?

Why is it that those who proclaim religion as an excuse always seem to know least what their religion advocates? Always ask an atheist for religious advice!

Leaders should be open to ridicule, and anyone involved in our government, Parliament and constitutional monarchy. However, would you ridicule Paul Boateng because he is of mixed race? Kieth Vaz because he is of Asian extraction? Michael Howard becasue he is of Jewish race (religion - fine. That is a choice)? No? Well why advocate ridicule of Charles because of the features he developed by chance over which he has no control?

7th Apr 2005, 13:05
I really can't get over how unkind & cruel alot of you are
and a quote from the JB forum header:
Stay out if you are faint hearted and always blame the American president/French president /British royalty(delete as applicable)

7th Apr 2005, 16:56
Max Flyer try SickInfants instead. Easy to be unpleasant and poke fun particularly at those unable to respond but take heart you are in plentiful company, lots and lots of sick infants around

Leo LasCases
8th Apr 2005, 01:40

I've seen far less cruelty on the playgrounds of primary schools that I've witnessed on this board

I thought the Judge told you to stay away from school playgrounds.

8th Apr 2005, 02:00
Jet Provosts
a constant thrust, variable noise machine....

8th Apr 2005, 04:22
I'm not cruel in the conventional sense Omaha I'm simply a republican. That's as in 'anti-royalist', not the american political party.

Charles Battenburg is a Royal Personage and claims to have some form of innate superiority over we common people. That gives us a licence to take the p*ss out of him. Or chop off his head if the fancy takes us and we can find a good prosecutor...

His former mistress, now his fiancee, will be mystically transformed from being a common person into a Royal Personage by the wedding ceremony, so we also have a licence to take the p*ss out of her too.

8th Apr 2005, 15:44
Actualy Baa Baa I had the feeling that it was the Royalist supporters of the Monarchy that actually perpetuate the scheme, I really don't think the Royals on their own could pull it off no matter what they thought. So along with your lot is another lot who think that we should actualy take the p**s out of you poor chip on the shoulder crowd who feel the need to constantly be having a go.