View Full Version : Do Ants Sleep At Night?

6th Apr 2005, 17:18
Well do they?!

6th Apr 2005, 17:23
Never. They are too scared, having nightmares about Anteaters...

6th Apr 2005, 17:26
Ah, that's a good question.
With the coming of spring, the little buggers have invaded my bathroom and superbly ignore the attractive little traps I've laid for them.
But I never see any of them at night.
Also, what do they do in winter? Hibernate?

6th Apr 2005, 17:27
When in doubt ask............ANT CAM (http://www.antcam.com/info/faq/5.3.html)

6th Apr 2005, 17:56
...ignore the attractive little traps I've laid for them. How about a little more incentive instead of oppression?! :} Airship's ants do appear to hibernate. Airship leaves a separate bowl for the ants with little bridges to facilitate access. The other bowl is for stray cats. What doesn't get eaten by the cats is transferred into the other bowl for ants. They don't mind. They leave the cat bowl alone. And never wander into the kitchen let alone the bathroom (which is reserved for 8 legged creatures). You goddamned psychotic murderers... :O

tony draper
6th Apr 2005, 18:04
Well the Insomniants dont.

6th Apr 2005, 18:08
Surely Ant fron Ant and Dec would know...ask him....

6th Apr 2005, 18:08
I have it on good authority that whilst ants do sleep they don't have eyelids. So it's impossible to tell whether they're sleeping or just resting, unless of course they happen to be snoring. :rolleyes:

6th Apr 2005, 18:17
Sounds like some people I work with.

6th Apr 2005, 20:54
I asked Ant next door but one and he says he sleeps very well, but thanks for asking!:E

Loose rivets
6th Apr 2005, 23:17
From that link

"When the colony needs them
again, they start acting normal with a side effect -- they need
time to get to normal functioning (resulting in a sluggish
movement). --Jinei"

Mmm...reminds me of some aircrew i know.