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6th Apr 2005, 07:27
The Times: Shortage fears drive diesel above £4 a gallon

THE price of diesel surged past £4 a gallon for the first time yesterday and petrol is set to follow before next month’s election, the Petrol Retailers’ Association said.

The average price of diesel has risen by 13 per cent in the past year to 88.66p a litre. Petrol has also risen steeply and yesterday stood at 84.3p a litre. Ray Holloway, the director of the Petrol Retailers’ Association, said that the high oil price meant that petrol was on course to pass £4 a gallon (88p a litre) by early next month......

Oil is trading at almost double its price a year ago because of the surge in demand from developing countries and worldwide concerns about a shortage of supplies....

Mr Holloway said that the full impact of the high oil price had yet to filter through to the pumps. “I expect diesel will have gone through the 90p a litre mark by the time of the election next month and petrol will be around 88p. “......

The price of Brent crude fell slightly yesterday to $55.80 a barrel from Monday’s record of $57.65. But Goldman Sachs bank gave warning last week that the cost of crude could surge as high as $105 a barrel in the coming months.

6th Apr 2005, 07:38
Well, if we keep pi55ing away our fossil energy like we are doing at the moment it's going to get a lot worse. The proliferation of absurdly gas-guzzling vehicles. the spread of air-conditioning even in the UK's climate, and fleets of lo-co 737s just popping people over to Europe for a couple of days break suggests that fuel is much too cheap. It needs to be priced so as to give a real incentive to save the stuff. In a free market price is the only way of rationing supply.

Then there's the future explosion of demand from the East. Many of us have planned our lives around cheap energy - make the most of it because it won't be there much longer.

6th Apr 2005, 07:55
That's € 1,08 a liter at the moment. :*

6th Apr 2005, 07:59
Petrol has also risen steeply and yesterday stood at 84.3p

Cept it was 86.7p a litre yesterday at a local garage.:mad:

tony draper
6th Apr 2005, 08:02
We are wandering about on top of vast quantities of coal, follow Freds Dibnas example and go back to steam powered vehicles.

6th Apr 2005, 08:05
$1.12 a litre here 50 cents or so is tax.
Supposedly for road improvements ..bullshit.... it goes into consolidated revenue.
Will the government reduce the tax as prices soar?......Pigs arse.
Stiil crude was USD$80 a barrel in the 80's we made it thru that.

6th Apr 2005, 08:43
gone through the 90p a litre mark
Yes, but what is the actual price of the petrol per litre? 5p? 10p? The rest is duty etc.

6th Apr 2005, 12:47
With non-OPEC production maxed out, OPEC at a 25 year production high and demand from China rising rapidly the crunch may be sooner than you think.

6th Apr 2005, 12:52
We are currently trying out these hydrogen fuel cell (http://www.dpi.wa.gov.au/fuelcells/) buses here in Perth. They are attracting a huge amount of interest.

6th Apr 2005, 13:22
One wonders how the Hydrogen is to be produced?

From the steem bus (Perth) site;

"Although it is the most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen is not found in pure form on earth and must be produced or reformed from a source. Steam reforming of natural gas is currently the most widely used and economical method of producing hydrogen. Close to 98% of hydrogen is presently generated from fossil fuels such as natural gas"

6th Apr 2005, 14:46
Well from two weeks time my cars going and i'm cycling to work... with tax and tax on fuel and more tax its finally scoring its casualties!:uhoh:

6th Apr 2005, 17:12

It's better for health.

6th Apr 2005, 17:59
Tank of gas presently costs me the equivalent of UK13, not bad for a 110 litre tank!


7th Apr 2005, 18:07
Or of course you can just buy cooking oil from Asda ( or by the drum is cheaper) and mix it with your regular diesel in copious quantities and cut costs that way. Ran a Transit on this for years with no side effects, if anything performance IMPROVED. Lots of web sites will tell you how to make your own bio fuel and now you can buy it at some filling stations as well.

7th Apr 2005, 22:11
He asks for oil rejected by restaurants after it was used for cooking, filters and pours it in his diesel tank.

His injectors are set for higher pressure than usual.

His only problem is people can smell if he got oil in a fish restaurant or in fast food serving French Fried..... (Hu..... Sorry....Freedom.....)

7th Apr 2005, 23:21
One wonders how the Hydrogen is to be produced?Good point, joe.phoenix, often overlooked seems to be the fact that producing hydrogen consumes a great deal of energy on its own -- as would producing enough power for electric vehicles, as well.

Both are a tradeoff that could possibly result in cleaner vehicles and therefore cleaner air, but not something that would likely have a meaningful impact on the demand for energy, or its cost. :ooh: