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6th Apr 2005, 06:24
They are probably doctored but a couple of good shots regardless.

Dodgy approaches (http://www.aviationpics.de/appr/app.htm)

6th Apr 2005, 06:37
Er, I don't think they are doctored.

There's a video on this forum somewhere, sorry can't be arsed to search for it, showing a group of tourists being blown into the water as they watch a jumbo cranking up for take off.....

6th Apr 2005, 10:08
Not doctered. Plenty of similar photos on airliners.net. Search in Most popular of all time, or in the airport category search for Philipsburg / St. Maarten - Princess Juliana (SXM / TNCM)

6th Apr 2005, 10:36
IIRC, the SXM airport has recently been held liable for the "blowing into water". Some sort of corrective action is being contemplated - spoilsports. All this from the Sint Maarten Daily Herald (http://www.thedailyherald.com) a couple of weeks ago.

6th Apr 2005, 10:59
Ive been wondering about this question for a while now. Should the wake caused by the 747s not blow people away who are on the beach?

6th Apr 2005, 15:24

Should be a sticky for this, I'm getting tired of posting it every few months :D :8

6th Apr 2005, 17:21
Thank God the title of this thread was not : "Blown by a jumbo on the beach"......

6th Apr 2005, 17:37
Even elephants need to show love.

Spuds McKenzie
6th Apr 2005, 17:46
Paper Tiger,

Nice sound, but no pictures on either of the players (Quick Time, Media Player, Real Player)...

6th Apr 2005, 17:54
I gather that the problem is not the wake upon landing. It is from the fact that the 'planes start their takeoff run just the other side of the road / fence from the beach. Four big engines at near max power just a few hundred feet away are involved. This is a short airport (not even 7000 ft) and I understand 747s fly to Europe from it. There is water at both ends of the runway, but only one end has a beach which is at the far end in this photo. http://www.airliners.net/open.file/644158/M/. This photo was taken from the 1000-ft (300 m) tall hill one-runway-length off the departure end of the runway. Note the car on the main road at the near end of the runway.

Edited to say: Sorry, The length is just over 7000 ft, not under 7000. And yes, that telephoto lens foreshortened the apparent runway length.

Erwin Schroedinger
6th Apr 2005, 18:23
Even elephants need to show love
And the lubricant of choice this time is........?

6th Apr 2005, 21:45
And the lubricant of choice this time is

Tarzan grip?

6th Apr 2005, 22:27
That runway is charted at 7054 ft. long by 148 ft. wide, though that photolink posted by seacue makes it look like it's hardly anywhere near that long. Telephoto effect, maybe?

Kaptin M
6th Apr 2005, 22:34
Peanut paste :=

6th Apr 2005, 23:11
I notice there is a pronounced dip at the touch down point. It can't make for a smooth landing. Float a bit and you hit it coming up.