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6th Apr 2005, 01:33
Flew back MCR-LGW-DFW today, on the MCR-LGW leg was seated without asking or knowing in one of the two wing emergency exit rows on a BA 737. Stewardess made a point of making sure we read the instuctions on what we should do if the worst happened. Across the aisle from me was a very very large person (whom I suspect must have asked for the egress row for a bit of extra room). I'm not kidding here but this person could not have fitted throught the exit if it had become required. I once asked for the egress row when I had a gammy leg but was told they required fit and able boddied persons to be seated is such important positions. This person today was huge, might well have been fit and able boddied, but would have impeded the emergency egress of many folks if it had come to it.... what say you??

Not wishing this to become a "fattist" thread but......


Buster Hyman
6th Apr 2005, 02:46
For the "larger" passenger, the trick is to get them to open the exit whilst at altitude...no problems getting them out the window then!:ok:

Onan the Clumsy
6th Apr 2005, 03:15
I can see it now. The FAA has increased the standard pax weight from 170 lb to whatever it is now.

Boeing, with admirable forethought put double exit doors on the 737-900. I'll bet they also have a conversion kit to make them into one big opening.

6th Apr 2005, 03:46
Easyjet we were on from LHR to Rome we got the row behind the exit row. The couple in it apparently did not understand English, they certainly did not understand the safety briefing. The crew were closing up and going back to their seats so we asked one of them to check with the couple. It was rather like talking to Manuel in Fawlty Towers only worse and two of them at once. They did not understand 'Emergency, exit, door, handle," etc.

We kindly swapped places with them but how come they were put there in the first place? (Our seats were allocated at check in.)

Paraffin Budgie
6th Apr 2005, 05:57
It always bugs the [email protected] out of me that despite checking in early, and despite holding a gold card, and despite asking very nicely, and despite the flight originating in wherever I am, that I as a 6'4" fit looking male can be denied an exit seat in favour of someone who fairly obviously doesn't speak English, and who could quite easily fiit in an "ordinary" seat.

I won't name airlines, but they are local to where I live!

6th Apr 2005, 07:52
Good thing this is in JB, Paraffin Budgie, you would get no sympathy at all from many "professional" members elsewhere. Trust me I have seen it!

Tarnished, if this occurred in the UK, I'd contact the CAA and give appropriate feedback.

6th Apr 2005, 07:55
I heard Air France is giving obese persons discount for a second seat now.

Maude Charlee
6th Apr 2005, 09:38
Chris VJ

easyjet don't allocate seating. They have a free seating policy, although the first 90 pax are boarded in approximate order of checking in.

6th Apr 2005, 09:52
Why dont airlines start charging PAX per kg. of body mass, just like other freight?

Sorry, not quite on topic.

6th Apr 2005, 11:18
Yep, I have been in the situation on a lo cost carrier in which I and phnufflet have had to move from the emergency exit row in because a 6 year old was deemed (rightly), as being unable to open the door.

Why dont airlines start charging PAX per kg. of body mass, just like other freight?

Good idea, but just imagine the checkin chaos in which each pax needs to be weighed. Still, its an idea - although some celtic Lo cost carriers may start charging per limb soon !!

6th Apr 2005, 11:20
I believe some other carriers already have a policy of charging an arm and a leg..... :rolleyes:

Shaggy Sheep Driver
6th Apr 2005, 13:31
Why dont airlines start charging PAX per kg. of body mass, just like other freight?

Reminds me of the bus in the Yorkshire dales many years ago. A skinny little guy is squashed up against the window by an amply-proportioned farmer's wife sitting in the adjacent seat.

"Bout time they started chargin't fares by weight o'passenger", complaints the wimp.

The farmer's wife glanced down at him and replied "be a rum day for thee if ever they do. It'd not be worth theer bother to stop to pick thee up!".


6th Apr 2005, 15:50
Why dont airlines start charging PAX per kg. of body mass, just like other freight

This has come up before. Let's take our friend Parafin. At 6 foor 4 and describes himself as a fit guy (there ya go ladies :ok: ), I'm guessing he's not the lightest person in the world. Brother Plazbot is 6 foot 5 and does tri-athlons. Straight away there is going to be a bias against charging people purely on weight. In this age of everybody suing everybody, can you imagine the implications of insinuating somebody is "overweight" simply because they are tall.

6th Apr 2005, 16:33
But on the subject of overweight passengers.

I believe that airlines "estimate" the weight of passengers on a flight - based on gender (something like 80Kgs for males and 70 Kgs for females).

Being a goodly 25+Kg over that male figure - I wondered on my last trip to the USA - do they increase these weight factors for transatlantic flights - as there were examples of both men and women who made me look slim (I wish!)

Does anybody know?

Sorry for any thread creep - or if this subject has been covered before.

6th Apr 2005, 16:52

Could be. We did a lot of travelling ( 8 cities in five weeks.) and age is not conducive to memory.

6th Apr 2005, 17:07
Went island hopping around the philippines a couple of years ago, the airline weighed each passenger and their baggage, they expected you to pay per kilo above 80kgs!

Strangely enough they only told me this after i paid for the ticket. :(:(


7th Apr 2005, 13:38
Just flew EZE-IAD-SFO on monday/tuesday on United. Got to EZE early and requested the emergency exit seats (2), was able to get them all the way.
Prior to takeoff the crew made absolutely certain that we understood the requirements and accepted them with a positive "yes" answer. The seats were great, we really appreciated the extra room.
Off topic, but Argentina was fantastic, we were very pleasantly surprised and will be going back, great people, food, wine, countryside.