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5th Apr 2005, 20:59
A military feel to this one, but an impressive piccy (http://www.snopes.com/photos/graphics/landing.jpg)

US Arm-ex: delivery straight to your roof.

Alright, we're down, shut the....NO WAIT!!!!!

Afghan: So this is an airbus........

5th Apr 2005, 22:04
Door step delivery!

Noah Zark.
5th Apr 2005, 23:30
Driver 1 to driver 2 "I hope they get the other half of it built before the fuel runs out, fer crissake!"
P.S. Have you seen the remains of the camp fire burning quite brightly 'cos of the downdraught?

6th Apr 2005, 07:28
The US Marines Tug-o-War team surprised even themselves with their progress.

Windy Militant
6th Apr 2005, 08:19
Bah I thought that this was going to be a thread about Fozzie Bear from the muppets. :*

6th Apr 2005, 08:38
Bugga. My work firewall won't let me view the pic.

Is it obscene?:confused:

6th Apr 2005, 08:45
Things had never been the same since Santa had outsourced jobs away from the reindeer.

6th Apr 2005, 08:54
150 Meat Feasts, 1000 Garlic breads and 2 Chicken Dippers - that'll be 2 grand please....

6th Apr 2005, 10:19
I'm glad the skipper didn't wear his medals...

6th Apr 2005, 10:43
I click on the link above and I get this strange image (