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5th Apr 2005, 16:07
That's Winston, not the nodding dog that sells car insurance.

BBC Story here (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/education/4410051.stm)

Churchill Speech Site (http://www.churchill-speeches.com/)

Churchill's speech has been turned into an online resource, with the recording available both in its entirety and also divided into sections. It is accompanied by photographs and notes providing background information about the historical context.

Unlike the nugget-sized phrases of modern political speeches, this speech by Churchill is a piece of classical oratory, heavy with literary language and imagery.


The Churchill Speech Interactive projected is a partnership involving the Churchill family, Cisco systems, MWR researchers and the Imperial War Museum.


5th Apr 2005, 19:34
Interesting in many ways, and I have one more you havn't:

Learn English.