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5th Apr 2005, 14:18
Hi folks!

Could the first flight of the Wright brothers have taken place in an airliner of today?

I guess so!

I go for a MD11 apart from B747, A340, A380?

What do you think?

5th Apr 2005, 14:19

I am unclear as to what you mean.



Onan the Clumsy
5th Apr 2005, 14:28
He means the first flight was 200' long; less than the length of a modern airliner fuselage.

You'd have to take the seats out first though.

5th Apr 2005, 14:32
BHR, one believes Mr. Pilot is referring to the distance of the Wright Brothers first flight.

The first controlled flight was said to be about 120 feet. As a 747 is more or less 370 feet long, presumably the flight could indeed occur inside a modern commercial widebody, provided it was sans seats, bulkheads and other obstructions... :ooh:

Don't try this at home, folks.

5th Apr 2005, 14:37

Would they have managed to get enough air over the wings in such a confined space? What about height?


BHR :p :p :p

Onan the Clumsy
5th Apr 2005, 15:04
Would they have managed to get enough air over the wings They'd have plenty of air - especially if the hull was pressurised :8

5th Apr 2005, 15:58
p007, if you want to dazzle someone with a little bit of trivia along the lines I think you were alluding to in your initial query....

If, on their first flight, the Wright brothers had taken off from the rear galley of a 777-300, they would have landed (I think) somewhere in Business Class, certainly before they reached the First Class cabin.

5th Apr 2005, 16:04
In other words yeah, they could have done a couple of touch and go's. ;)

tony draper
5th Apr 2005, 16:07
Tiz academic anyway, twas that Kiwi chap thingy, who made the first powered flight.

5th Apr 2005, 16:12
Who was that then Mr Drapes??
I am intrigued.

tony draper
5th Apr 2005, 16:43
Here yer go micky.



5th Apr 2005, 16:51
Thanks for that Mr D,...I bet the American colonial types will never admit it!
Someone flew before the Wrights...... Hoooeee.

tony draper
5th Apr 2005, 16:56
Thats true, frinstance did you know that the electric light bulb was invented in my town by a chap called Swan and not by that dammed plagerising Edison person.
Try tellin the cousins that and they gets themselves into a right hissy fit.


5th Apr 2005, 16:56
They may well of had the length but would of lacked the width.

One's no use without the other dontcha know? :hmm:

Astra driver
5th Apr 2005, 17:35
Quote: "As a 747 is more or less 370 feet long"

Last time I checked a 747 is 231 ft, 10 inches long.

5th Apr 2005, 17:56
Right you are, Astra. One stands humbly corrected.

One saw that a 747 was 70.6 metres in length, but one then flummoxed the conversion... :O

5th Apr 2005, 18:11
One wonders if the Wrights blamed ATC for any delay they had

5th Apr 2005, 19:10
If the Wrights were to take off and fly inside the 747, would the load of the 747 be diminished? Or does that only work with bees?:confused:

There was a guy in Connecticut by the name of Gustav Whitehead that may have flown several years before the Wrights. He had a monoplane that resembled a bird that he flew standing up like Dumont in 14bis. Cliff Robertson did a show years ago were the flew a replica. Neat Stuff! Brave folks all that tried.

The Invisible Cat
5th Apr 2005, 19:40

turn right heading 365
5th Apr 2005, 20:40
So if they did make their flight in a B747 or whatever, what was the purpose of said 747? Had it already flown? This is like one of those time travelling what if I killed my Grandad questions!!

5th Apr 2005, 20:51
Wasn't it a Scotsman named Percy Pilcher who had the basis for the first powered flight?

Unfortunately he died showing off in a glider, before his plans could be realised.

5th Apr 2005, 21:23
bit of an anorak question:
was the registration of the Wright Brothers plane N-1WB?

if the wright brothers flew today, it wouldn't be in a 747, oh no. it would be in chapter 11.

6th Apr 2005, 06:22
2 cool links:

Hear you on the frequency ;)