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Bally Heck
5th Apr 2005, 11:29
Saw a short piece in no less an organ than the magazine of the Royal Aeronautical Society which suggested that a Boeing 747-400 suffered an engine failure shortly after take off from a US west coast airfield. I then apparently continued it's flight to the UK diverting in to MAN due to shortage of fuel. (Presume it was bound for LHR)

It almost beggars belief that this could happen. Does anyone know anything about this or have I perhaps been suckered by an April Fool article? (Not sure what the date of the article was)

5th Apr 2005, 11:33
This could be the event you are referring to:


5th Apr 2005, 12:16
Er... Not keeping you up are we Bally Heck! More incoming on this than missing Mrs E's birthday. Gosh who'd have thought it! I mean did this make the news? And Golly should we put even more engines on the wing? I'm worried enough about having four, maybe we should have more, eh?

All joking aside and I hope I'm not keeping everyone up the funniest thing I saw after rainboe had given an excellent summary was the man who wrote into flight international and claimed to have invented the pejorative discipline of technical correctness.

Technical Correctness? That is to say despite all the CRM, certification and satcoms enabling contact with key crisis managers including our best friends the engineers a thing is not TC unless a) everybody is delayed and b) the maximum cost is involved and c) the most inconvenient solution is found for the maximum number of participants.

Yup let's all be technically correct. In short the offending 744 should have been immediately cut up with a torch, the captain shot and all the passengers flown to their destinations by LIAT. Boeing should be dismantled for daring to put so unsafe a thing as four engines on their flagship too. Sir Richard Branson should immediately return his four-holers to Airbus demanding twins. Yes my friends let us immediately embrace the twin concepts of political and technical correctness and cry out "More unhappiness for all!".

HAND and be careful youall especially 4-holers everywhere. The TC police are watching your every move.

Bally Heck
5th Apr 2005, 12:18

Sorry didn't pick it up.:8

5th Apr 2005, 12:32
Oh Dear, my head hurts!

Bally Heck
5th Apr 2005, 12:33
However....having read bits of it reminds me of why I seldom PPRuNe anymore.


5th Apr 2005, 20:27

Well I'll buy you guys a beer. I wonder what brain surgeons talk about on their website?

5th Apr 2005, 20:41
Well goodbye Bally! See you in 6 months?

6th Apr 2005, 13:39
bally and rainboe, g'day....

far be it for me to tell birdseed what's afoot, you're better placed than the "e". but in the interests of the rest of the whole wide world of sports [i nearly wrote whingers but i watch too much tv] a little birdseed tells me this and as he's my oppo in podea i'm inclined to believe. the only reason they went into MAN was that they couldn't prove that all the fuel had been transferring that should have been transferring so they assumed it hadn't and was therefore unuseable. Of course when the tanks were dipped the fuel was in the correct places all along, merely an example of simon auty's law of unintended consequences. bum. they could have proceeded to LHR but due diligence led them to MAN instead. any similarity with an unexpected shopping trip by another 4-holer into eham for clogs and smokes is pure blind coincidence and could've happened to anybody [stop smirking at the back and no more jokes about dying by the sword] no cause for throwing nasturtiums either. instead time for a toohey's or two at the gm. cheezo rainboe, you call this summer?

6th Apr 2005, 14:18
G'day! Ace Mate-too right! These guys needed someone to barrack 'em! The bitzer dipsticks here have certainly been givin 'em a gobful. Some of them have really gone troppo- really made me spit the dummy. Glad they got some support to make MAN a billabong anyway. As you said, why try and go for broke when you haven't got any spare strides?
I heard on the same lines as what you said (I think).
Yeah- this is what us Pommie bastards call summer! Too cold for the white pointers mate! Sad, isn't it? You won't get yer old fellah sunburnt here! I was over the never-never month ago- it was beaut. Enjoy yer aerial ping pong! In this weather, all you can do is look at yer mappa Tassie at home!

6th Apr 2005, 17:13
Rainboe, I'm laughing my a** off (LMAO), reading your post. Can you translate for us, Yanks?

barrack 'em!

bitzer dipsticks

troppo- really made me spit the dummy


spare strides

Pommie bastards

never-never month ago aerial ping pong

mappa Tassie

Feeling illiterate

6th Apr 2005, 21:38
Er, losely translated, it means:

Hello! Well done- I agree! Those chaps (the 3 engine MAN boys) needed some moral support. The xxxx xxxxx here have certainly been disagreeing with their actions. Some of them have really gone crazy- really made me spitting mad. I'm glad the chaps chose to call in at MAN for some refreshments (and fuel). As you said, why try and go for broke and go all the way when you haven't got a change of trousers for when you screw it up?
I heard about the fuel on the same lines that you did.
Yes- British summer is awful. Too cold for the topless bathers to come out. Shame. One certainly can't get one's (male appendage) sunburnt here. I was over Australia a month ago- it was exceedingly pleasant. Enjoy your Aussie Rules football. In this weather we have here, all one can do is make a close examination of one's wife's (nether regions).

It doesn't fool them- they know they've got a Pom talking Ocker straight away.

(I think I have just got banned from Pprune)

7th Apr 2005, 01:50
Rainboe, that was great. Maybe I should post it on my airline's ALPA forum and see if anyone can come close to translating it.

Hopefully Pprune will consider your post to be acceptable in the spirit of int'l peace and understanding. :E

PS Austin Powers has nothing on you, Baby.

7th Apr 2005, 08:20
in the spirit of int'l peace and understanding

There is no peace and understanding between Pomeys and Ockers, especially since we won the Rugby! As we've had a lifetime of them beating us at cricket, we needed something! They even sunk one of our naval ships with a strategically placed rock- we are close to war. Funny, because we all love Oztralia, and they're all over here at Earls Court. In fact, we (Brits) seem to have no peace and understanding with anyone anymore.

7th Apr 2005, 08:33
Australian definition of optimism: An English cricketer putting on sun block.

Australian foreplay: "Brace yerself!"

Tasmanian foreplay: "Brace yerself, Mum!"

Yes, most Brits have a real soft spot for Godzone. And for its people - in particular the delightful Miss K Minogue, the contours of whose rear have attracted much critical acclaim amongst afficionados!

7th Apr 2005, 08:34

Can you translate for us


Q: What's the most cultured thing in Australia ?

A: A pot of Yogurt.


7th Apr 2005, 09:00
they have yogurt in australia?

7th Apr 2005, 10:30
There was once a time when aircraft that only had four very unreliable piston engines regularly took off in the USA and flew fare-paying passengers across the atlantic ocean. There were occasions when such machines arrived in London or Paris with all four engines still running. How daring was that? Would the FAA certify such a contraption today? Would anyone buy a ticket to fly in one?

Then there was the Coastal Command Liberator pilot who returned from patrol with all four engines still running. He had to shut one down because he didn't know how to do a four engine landing.

7th Apr 2005, 10:54
Blacksheep - you remind me of this:

Q: What flies down an ILS on 6 engines?
A: A pair of BAE 146s.

7th Apr 2005, 13:55
Before I had my doubts, but now I'm convinced. Sgt.Major Rainboe is actually a designated responder, no human being can keep this patronizing up all the time or has time to respond to every message about a 3 holer... oops..3 engined fair dinkum 747-400 :rolleyes:

7th Apr 2005, 18:03
Po faced Aus Immigration official to hacked off pax. 'Do you have a criminal record?' Pax brightening up, ' Err no, sorry, didn't realise that was still required for entry!.'

Po faced pax later reflects upon Aus sense of humour ( lack of.)

7th Apr 2005, 21:51
Po faced Turban wearing Sikh British immigration officer to Scots-Irish-English Aussie.

"And how long will you be wanting to stay in my country?"

7th Apr 2005, 22:01