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4th Apr 2005, 16:56
I'm not sure if its been mentioned as I don't often visit the Jet Blast Forum, but has anyone else noticed that underneath;

Advertisers, reach out to your customers with PPRuNe targeted advertising. Text ads like this or banners are the best way to get your message across and direct readers to your business website.
Click here to request a quote. or check out our advertising stats for the last 24 hours and see if we reached customers in your region.

banner, there is in a very faint white line

25% pay rise and less night flights for all pilots!

Is this the start of Disney-like secret messaging?

Just wondered if everyone had noticed this?

4th Apr 2005, 17:02
Oh yes, been noted quite a few times.

Would make my life a little easier. Sitting up 3 nights in a row stopping 727 freighters smacking into each other isn't a facet of my job I would miss all that much.

Betchya can't find the ones that say "Onan the Clumsy is a bonehead" or "Jerricho needs to get a life" :E

tony draper
4th Apr 2005, 17:07
In the olden days when it was invented twas called subliminal advertizing,they would flash a message on the Telly ie FIG ROLLS!! for a couple of milli seconds, long enough apparently to register on the subconcious but not the consious mind, millions of folks would get up from their chairs and frantically search the house for a packet of fig rolls which they had suddenly and unexplainably developed a lus for.
Guvmnts became so worried about this they made subliminal advertizining illegal.

**** THE EU!!

Oh dear that should only have shown for a couple of milli seconds


4th Apr 2005, 17:13
Hmmm, wonder if anyone is having carnal thoughts towards sheep about now.......

(Did I say that out loud?)

Jerricho's Sheep
4th Apr 2005, 19:38
I'm having carnal thoughts about you, Darling Jerricho.

I love it when you massage me with parsley butter.....

4th Apr 2005, 20:29
Onan the Clumsy is a bonehead...Jerricho needs to get a life


4th Apr 2005, 20:48
Ah well, at least the mint sauce is not in evidence!!
:E :E

The Invisible Cat
4th Apr 2005, 20:57

4th Apr 2005, 21:36
That's a truly invisible post if ever I didn't see one TIC!

tony draper
4th Apr 2005, 21:39
Facinating Invisible, how did you do that? a subliminal message that only appears to us heterosexuals, one bets half the chaps here can't see it.

The Invisible Cat
4th Apr 2005, 21:47

Onan the Clumsy
4th Apr 2005, 21:49
one bets half the chaps here can't see it. Speaking as a mathematician...shouldn't that be two thirds? :8

4th Apr 2005, 21:57
Sod it .........time for bed said Z.............BOING
Sorry Florence, got to go now!!
:ok: :ok:

4th Apr 2005, 22:20
What post was that Drapes?

4th Apr 2005, 22:22
Capt. PPRuNe's not-too-subtle attempt at pay and conditions negotiations. :)


5th Apr 2005, 06:34
Have been informed in a sarcastic way that one needs to have a brain first in order for it to be washed.
One is considering evil deeds to ones smart alec chum.

5th Apr 2005, 13:59
PPRUNE Brainwash

According to my girlfriends definition of where my brains are...

I washed mine this morning.... :E

I know, I know - just leaving...

Erwin Schroedinger
5th Apr 2005, 18:19
......parsley butter.....
Big knob?