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3rd Apr 2005, 14:47
I know the movies thing has been done here quite a bit from time to time, the last thread was about this time last year (search function works you know :ok: )

Thing is, I managed to see for the first time the BBC production "Ghostwatch" with Michael Parkinson et al. I had heard bits about in the past, and I thought it was bloody great, and did have a good scare factor to it.

Other then the usual suspects of "Exorcist", "The Shining", "Omen" and "Blair Witch", does anybody have any suggestions for really scary/horror movies that perhaps aren't so mainstream, aren't your normal slasher, "you have sex and you're gonna die" teen crap?

(And Forrest Gump doesn't count)

CarltonBrowne the FO
3rd Apr 2005, 15:43
Pushing Tin gets my vote.

3rd Apr 2005, 15:50
Has this got something to do with the Amityville Horror??

3rd Apr 2005, 15:56
Maybe.................... :=

3rd Apr 2005, 16:01
Hmmmm. going away to think, don't panic if there is a burning smell, it's the cyclic brain going in to work mode.

3rd Apr 2005, 16:35
Good man Micky!! :ok:

3rd Apr 2005, 18:32
Skyhooks once had a song about Horror Movies.
I think they were 100% spot on with their observation that the worst horror on tv was the 6.30 News. :D

3rd Apr 2005, 19:04
Hey, now there's a song I haven't heard for ages. Nice one Reds :ok:

3rd Apr 2005, 21:24
Thought What Lies Beneath was quite good.

Little Blue
3rd Apr 2005, 23:55
The original, black and white, from the early 60's, not
the appalling Zeta-Jones, Liam Neeson sh1te-fest.
Just the implied terror..fear of the unknown...made me
walk to the bedroom a little faster, that night, I can tell you.
For recent shocks, " The Grudge"...a bit far-fetched, but when watching it at 37000 feet, in a dark cabin and a snoring missis next to me...

4th Apr 2005, 00:16
I'm with Little Blue re The Haunting.
I watched that movie on the late show one night. The next morning my wife was up before me and wanted to know why all the lights were on in the house. No way was I going to bed in the dark. :uhoh:

4th Apr 2005, 00:17
I remember Orac mentioning a movie "The something Stone" or along those lines. Orac, you there?

tony draper
4th Apr 2005, 00:17
The implied lurking horror is always more menacing/freightening than the in your face rubber or computer graphic monster of todays horror movies, thats why the first Alien movie was the best IMHO, the critter was hardly seen except as a blip on a screen ect.
Supprised given todays technology nobody has tried to bring some of
H P Lovecrafts work to the screen, he was the best writer of horror by a long way,I know someone did make a naff version of one of his stories called the Necromicon but I don't think it managed very well to convey the sense of ancient lurking horror of a Lovecraft tale

4th Apr 2005, 03:58
Jerricho it wasn't The Stone Tape, was it.
Go here (70s.fast-rewind.com/), scroll down to the updates menu and click The Stone Tape, updated May 28 2003. Sounds like a bed-wetter.

4th Apr 2005, 03:59
Yeah, that's the one Piggy.

Cheers mate. That look like the sort of thing I'm looking for.

Mickey, you burnt you brain out or something?

Onan the Clumsy
4th Apr 2005, 04:38
Scary movie...anything with Jim Carey in it. Not for nothing that they call gum disease Caries.

He makes my flesh crawl - and not just becfause he's an annoying [email protected] He's much worse than that.

4th Apr 2005, 04:41
becfause he's an annoying [email protected]

Annoying RICH [email protected]

4th Apr 2005, 13:33
Two films that I would recommend as slow-build scary movies are:

And Soon the Darkness & Blind Terror

4th Apr 2005, 17:09
Took me a while to make up my mind, it's a bit hot as well.
Not really horror but still scary in a weird sort of way. I don't think it was a really mainstream film but saw it anyway.
The special effects were quite good at the time as well.
Phantasm remember the little shiny ball with the prongs that stuck out as it chased the guy around.
Other than that I suppose Hellraiser, because it has innuendo's that play on your psyche with the sado-masochism type's in there.
What really made me think and is truly scary was the Chernobyl documentary on TV not so long ago, that's real.....not a film.
Off to Spa to cool ones grey matter with a Broon ale and some of Helga's petit fours etc.

4th Apr 2005, 18:20
Thanks Mickey :ok:

Erwin Schroedinger
4th Apr 2005, 18:56

Did mine in. :ugh:

.....head that is.

4th Apr 2005, 19:16
Well, to understand anything David Lynch has made, you have to understand how his mind works................or be really pissed.

Erwin Schroedinger
4th Apr 2005, 20:19

4th Apr 2005, 21:46
From left field,

"Apocalypse Now" certainly gave me the heebeegeebees.

But I always hated those film where there was only one person left trying to evade the body/mind snatching taking over everyone else type movies.

Eg. "The Body Snatchers" with Donald Sutherland.

"The Blob" with a young Steve McQueen certainly scared this pre-pubsecent black duck.

then along came "Alien" and "Aliens" to scare the bejesus off me.

4th Apr 2005, 22:10
No problem, it just took a while to get it right......in my head at least!!
I think I probably scared myself more with a vivid imagination as a child/youth.
Do you not find that you can scare yourself more easily with imagination, than anything you can see or hear?? .......the imagination is a powerful thing.
If you could tap into personal fears and possibly fetishes, what a bloody scary production you could make!!.
As a sideline I was watching an excavator at work today, my thoughts wandered to the virtual reality thing fron Lawnmower Man. Imagine this......sit in the rear of the digger... for the USA "backhoe"....put on a glove, connected to a computer interfaced with the hydraulics on the digger..........now move your hand in the same motions as digging with your fingers as in a childs sandpit................Imagination!!........I don't suppose it will be long before it's reality.
Ho Hum!!

:uhoh: :uhoh: :O

5th Apr 2005, 02:04
"Don't Look Now", a Nick Roeg film with Donald Sutherland & Julie Christie. An intelligent & very scarey film. Deffinately not one to be watched alone!

5th Apr 2005, 02:46
"Play Misty For Me" with Clint Eastwood; sort of an early "Fatal Attraction" without the infidelity issues. First saw it on very dark night when I was about 16 and it scared the S*&t out of me!!

Loose rivets
5th Apr 2005, 05:43
Who was the femme fatale in Play Misty? Actress that is.

An was 'Haunted' (in B&W) the one with the bulging door creaking under the strain of the evil on the other side?

henry crun
5th Apr 2005, 06:24
It was Jessica Walters.

5th Apr 2005, 17:01
LR, yeah that's the one.

"My hand, who was holding my hand??":uhoh:

Reds Blues Greens
5th Apr 2005, 17:32
The new Texas Chainsaw Massacre is easily the most twisted/gory horror movie I have seen. I wouldn't watch that again if you paid me! :yuk:

The best scary movie which has now become one of my favourites is Signs. I think it's brilliantly filmed.



5th Apr 2005, 17:57
is easily the most twisted/gory horror movie I have seen

Ah, you raise an interesting point. With new special effect technology, films from recent years will graphicall look the part. However, as a few here have said, I find the "implied", no totally in your face shock terror far more "scary". Desensitised perhaps?

Reds Blues Greens
5th Apr 2005, 18:14
I find the "implied", no totally in your face shock terror far more "scary"

I agree, those kind of films can be great. Signs is a good example of that. You never actually get to see anything scary, but it had me gripped the whole way through.

The Chainsaw Massacre was so gruesome that I didn't actually enjoy it, it went just a bit too far for my liking. I think that fact that movie is loosely based on real events is more frightening that the actual bloody/gory scenes you are seeing in front of you.


5th Apr 2005, 19:19
Try "August Underground Moredom" - www.toetagpictures.com

Other outrageous horror movies to note -

Peter Jackson's "Braindead"
Andreas Schnaas's "Violent Shit" Trilogy
Herschell Gordon Lewis's "Gore Gore Girls", "Blood Feast 1 & 2"

Vipco have relaunched some classic previously banned Italian stuff, the highlights -

"Zombies at the Manchester Morgue"
"The Zombie Dead"
"Cannibal Ferox"
"City of the Living Dead"
"Zombie Nosh"
"Zombie Creeping Flesh"

The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is better then the new'un, but the best of the bunch is definately an uncut copy of Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (only available on import from US)

For jap stuff try "The Eye"

Oh try Wes Cravens Last house on the left. I got lots more suggestions if your stuck!! :ok:

Loose rivets
6th Apr 2005, 09:06
The bulging door.?

LR, yeah that's the one.

When I was about 20, which was before this film was made, I was in Walton Hall, Walton on Naze, where we use to take girls or just climb up onto the roof 3 stories plus roof height, and just look at the stunning views

one day 13 of us congregated in the main room, and were just going through the opposite door when it slammed. We were all sh1t scared of the game keeper who had the knack of turning up --wherever you were--in the hundreds of acres of farm. He'd give you a clout round the ear if he could.

Anyway, the door just sat there creaking then bulging towards us. Bits of old green paint spat across the room onto my jumper. We all ran like hell for the garden window. The last one trying to climb up my jacksi in an attempt to get out. We ran like hell.

I did go back, and the door was split. The walls are some 15 bricks thick at the cellar level and the arch with the door in it more than two feet thick.. There was no distortion of the paneling.

Three big men could have perpetrated such a joke. But the chances of us not hearing something were slim.

To this day I cannot figure out what happened.

the hall has just been restored. All the floors collapsed into the cellar and the restoration has been incredible. Two summers, I took photos of the intermediated stages. But I haven't seen if finished.

When I saw that film, I brought back the memory of the Hall, and even writing this 5,000 miles away, still makes me feel...sort of odd.

6th Apr 2005, 22:53
I loved Don't Look Now and Play Misty for Me but didn't find them that scary.

It wasn't a film but there was a tv play in the 70s called the Exorcism which was really really frightening.

It has never been repeated on the box . I wonder why? :ooh:

7th Apr 2005, 02:46
Nah, I came home from a flight one night at about 3 am and was a bit wired so decided to watch a movie on Sky. The house was dark and this movie scared the shit out of me.