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B Fraser
3rd Apr 2005, 12:53
My insurer will not give me any no-claims discount on a second car. I am picking up a cheapo run-about so I can have something I can leave at stations, airports etc. without worrying about it being hit by baggage trollies or having other car doors opened against the paintwork.

Is there any company out there that will honour a 65% discount for a second vehicle ????

Thanks in advance :ok:

3rd Apr 2005, 16:09
Standard practise when trying to insure a second car, in my experience.

3rd Apr 2005, 19:05
NCD declared rates etc, all Bull, the insurance industry sucks, they have their own legal code - which IMHO is set in the 17th century, shop around for the best price, forget about diversions such as "discounts" for xyz. Focus on the bottom line.

Where I came from, we traditionally paid horrendous insurance premiums, one day the Gov decided to have a look at the practices, profit statements etc, following new legislation - simple things like automatically providing you with a NCB cert three weeks before your renew date - walah, my premium has reduced by 60% over two years.

16 blades
3rd Apr 2005, 19:56

Register the car in your wife's name, then drive it as a vehicle 'not owned by you or hired to you under a hire purchase agreement', assuming your main policy covers this. You may need to obtain temporary cover and get a cover note in order to tax it, though.

A dodge, certainly, but a perfectly legal one. Considering that an insurance company will use any vaguely legal dodge to avoid paying out a claim, I think most people could sleep easily doing this!


3rd Apr 2005, 20:33
Interesting. So they won't give you a no-claims discount on a second vehicle ?

I've had that too, and been told that your claims history on the first vehicle isn't relevant to the second one.

Strange, then, that when I wanted to insure my bike, they told me that I'd have to pay extra because of claims I'd made on my car insurance. Wait a minute - I thought the two were not related ? Oh, they are when I get to pay more :mad:

Even worse because the things I'd claimed for were having the window smashed and the radio nicked. Hardly likely to happen to my bike now . . . :mad: :mad: :mad:

3rd Apr 2005, 20:51
How about something you can insure as a classic, it doesn't have to be anything special, just old.
the last time I insured one, they were quite happy to leave my no claims discount on the main car.
Got fully comp cover on a 68 Dodge charger for 180, so you have no excuse not to look cool too:ok: :ok:

4th Apr 2005, 08:50
Don't try the in-the-wife's name angle. Most policies specifically exclude that. Mow down a bus queue on the way to work and you won't see the insurers for dust.

Bankruptcy, misery. Look for an introductory discount or bonus on the Web or through a good broker. 20-30% should be achievable.

B Fraser
4th Apr 2005, 13:30
Thanks all !

The conclusion here is that insurance companies are a bunch of sharks............. hardly news. :yuk:

Looks like I'll have to stump up the readies. :{

Evening Star
4th Apr 2005, 20:15
Funny thing is a while ago one of the graduates popped into to say hello and, over a pint (as one does), he admitted selling his soul to Satan by now working for an insurance loss adjuster. I made most of the points made here, to which his reply was a sort of 'so what, insurance companies are rich and powerful'. Quite.:hmm:

Nick Riviera
4th Apr 2005, 21:00
Give 'More Than' a try. Got a car for my wife to drive, but she had not owned a car for a couple of years and had thus lost her NCB. Found that More Than would insure the second car in my wife's name using my full NCB, thus allowing her to build up her NCB again at a heavily discounted rate. Could be worth a try for you.

5th Apr 2005, 13:46
For women only, Diamond is well worth a try. One of the Other Sort is permitted as a named driver.

5th Apr 2005, 15:30
I heard the same about 'More Than" to.

I am with Diamond, but then you'd need to become a girl Mr Fraser to take advantage of some of their offers! ;)

B Fraser
5th Apr 2005, 19:36
but then you'd need to become a girl Mr Fraser to take advantage of some of their offers!
what I do at the weekends is my business :}
One of the Other Sort is permitted as a named driver.
just in case the car needs to be reversed into a space ?

I know the drill..... hat.....coat......door......

5th Apr 2005, 20:14
Two companies that will allow you to insure a vehicle not in your name that doesn't have to be insured elsewhere -

CIS (coop) insurance - they will do this under 3rd party F&F cover.
Privilege insurance - only available on fully comp.

Risks -

When you are not in the car technically the car is not insured, which is an offence under the traffic act if it is parked on a public road. However not many cars get producers on their own, so this is a technicallity you can ignore.

Secondly getting tax is harder work, as mentioned you can get cover, tax it and cancel the cover within the cooling down period.

As a uni student I know numerous who are using this scam! If you have an accident, as long as the MOT is current, the tax is upto date, the car is roadworthy, its not in your name and you have a document saying you can drive a vehicle thats not legally yours (such as this one) theres nothing an insurance company can do, it will have to pay out.

5th Apr 2005, 20:22
Surprised to hear Diamond get recommendation on price.
About a year ago I was trawling the net for the now ex and was more than a little surprised when having found a competitive quote for her from Tesco of around 900 it occured to me to give them a try and they quoted over 2500. :eek:

Even more strangely Diamond decreased the price slightly when I added myself as a named driver whilst Tesco increased it by a few 's. :confused:

16 blades
5th Apr 2005, 22:40
Diamond are no cheaper than the rest of the rabble, even for chicks. The 'Cheaper car insurance for women' thing is a marketing scam. They use the same online quote system as Elephant, adn many more of these 'novelty' insurers who promise cheap car insurance, but deliver nothing of the sort.

When you are not in the car technically the car is not insured, which is an offence under the traffic act if it is parked on a public road
You are partially correct, in that the car is not insured if you are not driving it. But neither is ANY car that is covered by third party only insurance. Also, there is NO legal requirement for a car to be insured. The requirement is for the DRIVER to be insured to drive, or use, the vehicle. The 'dodge' of having the car registered in someone else's name is perfectly legal, and I have not come across an insurance policy that excludes such cover, since it is not your responsibility to insure a vehicle that you do not own, is it? If the certificate says you are insured to drive such vehicles, then you are - the certificate is a legal document, after all.