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2nd Apr 2005, 13:01

Saturday 2 April 2005 8.20pm-10.20pm (LIVE);
Wednesday 6 April 9pm-11pm

As part of TV On Trial, BBC Four is recreating a cult classic, first transmitted live in 1953 and since lost in the archives. In the BBC Four version, to be performed live, Jason Flemyng stars as Professor Bernard Quatermass, whose attempts to push back the frontiers of space lead to terrifying consequences. When a rocket returns from its mission with only one of the crew still alive it soon becomes clear that something is terribly wrong...

BBC Four: How close to the original 1953 series are you aiming to get?

Alison: When it went out it was six half-hour episodes. What we've done is abridge those into one two-hour drama, stripped out a couple of extraneous sub plots and removed allusions to the Cold War. We've used the original scripts and dialogue as much as possible, but in places brought the science up to date. For example, in 1953 the idea of a manned rocket ship going into space was quite inconceivable so we've made it a privately-financed rocket ship, which is far more contemporary......

BBC Four: Have developments in audio-visual technology given you any advantages over the original when it comes to pulling off a live event?

Alison: Well, we're using more sophisticated lighting and camera techniques and we're going to have a couple of pre-recorded inserts but because the vast majority is live, you can't rely on special effects. There will be no delay, no nothing!...

Onan the Clumsy
2nd Apr 2005, 13:15
What we've done is abridge those into one two-hour drama, stripped out a couple of extraneous sub plots and removed allusions to the Cold War. So it's totally different then?

tony draper
2nd Apr 2005, 13:27
I don't think it was as highly regarded or indeed as freightening as Quatermass and the Pit, I recal watching it but I remember very little about it, I do recal demanding me light be left on in me bedroom and sleeping my head firmly under the blankets( pre duvet days) after watching QATP.
Television on trial has been a good series,twas interesting to watch thingy with the red hair and buck teeth trying to defend the reality TV of this decade last night ,tother chap was right it's unadultarated shite from top to bottom and side to side.

2nd Apr 2005, 23:14
Wonder if the Americans will still pronounce it QuaRtermass, like they invariably do?

3rd Apr 2005, 03:36
Hmmm......Drapes you would prolly require counselling after viewing this stuff nowdays

Carroon had been acting very strangely towards a cactus before the kidnap, and Judith claims his arm had changed. Carroon escapes the kidnappers and goes into hiding in London as Lomax mounts a search for him. A young boy helps him hide in a cinema, and then Carroon makes for a chemists.

3rd Apr 2005, 08:24
I was so young when I saw it at my first English teaching stay in an English family.

I remember looking under the bed before going to sleep to make sure the monster was not there!

3rd Apr 2005, 08:52
We didn't have TV at the time so I used to go to watch it at a neighbour's house. Walking home in the dark, listening to the wind rustling in the trees was a bit frightening.

Loose rivets
3rd Apr 2005, 09:03
QATP was really good stuff. This must have been about 1957-8 ? Can't help reminiscing about the last episode. Excuse the BOF factor.

I was a T/V tekki in those days, and right about the most exciting part, the picture (12" b & W) went blank. A young pal plugged my iron in while I raced for my bits. Soldered in a new EHT rectifier and had the picture on again in under four mins. This has to be some kind of world record from failure to going again with a repair requiring soldering.

I feel sure that I have seen a run of that in colour within the last 10 years???

tony draper
3rd Apr 2005, 09:28
There was a movie made of Quatermass and the Pit,late sixties I think, prolly thats what you recal, Mr Rivets, not bad, not as good as the Telly drama though.

3rd Apr 2005, 13:22
....to watch "Quatermass Experiment", and it was around mid fifties.