View Full Version : Yoo Hoo!

Hamish The Cow
1st Apr 2005, 20:41
Hi all,
anyone been april fooled?:p

Solid Rust Twotter
1st Apr 2005, 20:45
Mind yer own durned beeswax.........:O

tony draper
1st Apr 2005, 20:45
Nah, we are all to long in the tooth and grumpy to be fooled here.

1st Apr 2005, 21:30
A feller in the bar this evening (don't worry Derek I won't tell them it was you) was letting forth about what a disgrace it was that in certain circumstances, due to century old laws and European lineages, Tom Parker Bowles could become the next King !



Radio 2 to blame I believe

2nd Apr 2005, 07:38
It was Radio 4. The item just before Thought for the Day.

2nd Apr 2005, 15:44
Yeh, heard that on Radio 4 this morning, as they owned up - was driving 'up north' - I gather the 'half witted misery' giving the 'Thought for the Day' then gave away the fact that it was an 'April Fool' (miserable prat!)