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1st Apr 2005, 11:25
Congestion charge increases to 8 (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/4399059.stm)

The charge, introduced in February 2003, has been credited with reducing congestion in central London by 30% with 70,000 fewer vehicles entering the zone a day.
. . . having to increase the charge to fund the cost of running the system. "The revenue levels of the current charge have been so disappointing . . ."

Well, make your bl00dy minds up !

1st Apr 2005, 11:44
Isn't it obvious?

"We've had some success, but we are not quite butt-f**king the public to a high enough level at this time. Therefore the charge requires an incremental uplift."

1st Apr 2005, 11:53
They could add a surcharge for drivers with colds! :8

1st Apr 2005, 13:10

S'not very nice !:}

One word, Tax. OK Two words, New Labour !

1st Apr 2005, 13:16
Hang on a second. The justification for raising the charge is to pay for the cost of running the system? Then scrap the stupid fecking system and save everyone the money. This is bureaucracy at its worst.


Burnt Fishtrousers
1st Apr 2005, 13:33
When It comes to taxing us all there is never any logic or fairness to any arguement presented.

Apparently, as my property value has increased over the last 10 years, this means , even though the level of occupancy hasnt changed that i must be placing a higher demand on services required and therefore need to pay more.

Can I have a rebate on my road tax as my car depreciates please?....