View Full Version : Get it off your chest.... Indicators of plebeianism.

31st Mar 2005, 22:58
I'll begin.

Toilet rolls on the holder the wrong way. :*

31st Mar 2005, 23:08
Washing you feet in the bidet ;)

Fg Off Max Stout
31st Mar 2005, 23:23
Incorrect use of scran spanners, claiming poverty whilst paying for fags, booze, pointy cars, crack etc, verbal mannerisms (you know, know what I mean, like, etc), aggression when simple polite interaction will suffice, believing election pledges.

Hang the lot of them. Hurrah.

1st Apr 2005, 06:51
"Toilet rolls on the holder the wrong way"

Which is the wrong way?



1st Apr 2005, 07:04
Shell suits, bling.

1st Apr 2005, 07:13
Rover 216 cabriolets...:yuk:

Loose rivets
1st Apr 2005, 07:25
People with fat heads...well that is, any person that has a fat head...who then shaves it...leaving folds...that make one wonder if the hair in the folds has also been shaved to the correct length.:suspect:

1st Apr 2005, 08:11
Mrs Whirlygig

Which is the wrong way?

Anything with todays date on :E

There is also the matter of etiquette, style and whether you are left or right handed........

Solid Rust Twotter
1st Apr 2005, 08:17
Pineapple on pizza.:mad:

Those people have no soul.......:(

1st Apr 2005, 08:24
Following on from Fg Off Max Stout, dole-scroungers who actually earn more money than me and can afford more expensive home-cinema systems etc. as a result.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

1st Apr 2005, 08:55
People using a knife/fork in a chinese restuarant!


Send Clowns
1st Apr 2005, 09:18
Excusing all the above mentioned scrounging by claiming that they deserve it and have the right to it, and seemingly just that they want more children so we should pay.

1st Apr 2005, 09:51
In Pubs, drinking from the bottle.

Trainers. Why would one want to wear gym shoes when not in a gymnasium?

1st Apr 2005, 10:10
Women who absolutely, positively insist on leaving the toilet seat down. Grrrrr!

B Fraser
1st Apr 2005, 12:01
Brightly coloured luggage :)

she knows who she is !

PPRuNe Radar
1st Apr 2005, 12:04
Brightly coloured luggage she knows who she is !

Nothing wrong with Flaps40's luggage. It matches her hair :p

1st Apr 2005, 12:26
Which is the wrong way?

Whirly, it's is considered correct "etiquette" when hanging ones toilet roll, to ensure the paper sits over the top and hangs away from the wall. (Of course, one wouldn't be the one who actually replaces the toilet paper, that is what ones maid does for one)

Like so..........


tony draper
1st Apr 2005, 12:46
Whats toilet paper??

1st Apr 2005, 12:57
Glasgow Neds who wear their socks outside tracksuit bottoms, have gold rings that stretch across all 4 knuckles spelling out some football team name, a large chain hanging round their neck with their name on it ( in case they forget of course), with caps on their head at a 60 degree angle of attack, drinking Buckfast/white lightning cider on Street corners and shouting at each other (and passers by) in extremely high pitched squeaky voices! :eek:

1st Apr 2005, 13:04
Pineapple on pizza. Office lunch today with pizzas delivered. The one with pineapple on was the one which our Italian colleague made a beeline for.

1st Apr 2005, 13:20
Not holding or using cutlery correctly.

phoenix son
1st Apr 2005, 13:21

I assume Neds = Chavs?

See here... (http://www.chavscum.co.uk/) for further clarification...

In which case, string the little scrotes up to the nearest lampost before they get a driving licence (optional, admittedly) and spend their dole money on a "wicked" Citroen Saxo...:yuk:

Burnt Fishtrousers
1st Apr 2005, 13:25
Chavved up cars with drain pipes for exhausts and huge formula one racing wings on Vauxhall Novas.

Running around in sports gear and wearing trainers when your are either a chav or dont participate in any form of exersize...except when running away with a nicked DVD player of course....Cappa Slappas I think they call em up north

Saying "innit" all the time

Anyone who finds it necessary to strip to the waist and get drunk at the Airport when returing from Ibiza

Elizabeth Duke Jewellery

People who have big chunky chronographs that dont actually use any of the functions, especially if they are gold coloured ....In fact lots of jewellery in general

Women that wear miniskirts when they've legs like an oil rig

Sun/Star readers

1st Apr 2005, 13:28
Yep, a "glesga" ned is a chav. check out www.glasgowsurvival.co.uk as well.

Quite possibly one of the funniest webstites I've ever seen.

Add Burberry to my list of things as well.

Meant to say, check out the "toys" section in the above website!

B Fraser
1st Apr 2005, 14:53
Nothing wrong with Flaps40's luggage.

I wouldn't know about that :} I was thinking along the lines of a deeper shade of red :p

I threatened to spray it a nice tasteful shade of black but the withering look was enough to make me change my mind. :suspect: ............. :ouch:

1st Apr 2005, 16:02
Whirlygig,Which is the wrong way? If you need to ask..... :rolleyes: :E ;)

I have another one.
Any non standard component on a mobile phone, especially ones that flash. :ugh:

Oh yes and anything, and I mean anything hanging from the rear view mirror.
Need an airfreshner? Hang it on the wiper stalk.
Why advertise the fact that you smell bad enough to make your car stink? :*

1st Apr 2005, 16:04
Idiots that wear a baseball cap the wrong way round (and I include Late Ron Spewitt in this).

Gainsey I agree with you about drinking from the bottle but even in the most upmarket hotel bars in WA they don't give you a glass unless you ask for it and then you are likely to be bounced as being a bit effeminate!

1st Apr 2005, 16:18
Anyone who has a pickup truck and is not a farmer. Anyone who bolts a two-inch chromed steel bar to the front of the aforesaid at exactly the height of a six-year old child's head. Anyone with blue lights on his screenwasher jets (Why, FFS?). Anyone with an Ingerland flag on his motor. Anyone with a copy of The Sun wedged between the speedo and the screen on his Transit. Any man with an earring. Any tattoo that was not acquired in the Armed Forces. A huge telly in a small front room. A huge dog in a small council flat. Telly left on from wake-up to bedtime, sound turned down for special guests.

1st Apr 2005, 16:33
Hand in hand with the perma-telly, which is just the sort of thing I mean as it's in no way restricted to chavs, goes big DVD collections on display in book cases. :uhoh:

I think I may be plebeophobic. :O

1st Apr 2005, 17:06
Do Plebs have hierarchy as well.

Alpha Pleb, Beta Pleb??

1st Apr 2005, 17:26
Personalised number plates.

Women over 40 wearing crop tops (or the 90%+ of the female population who insist on wearing the same despite it looking awful).

Owning Alsatians/ Rottweilers with stupid names like "Sabre" (though most plebs would misspell that).

Calling offspring daft names like "Britney"

Visiting McDonalds, and being under the impression that it was a restaurant.

People who build cocktail bars in their drawing rooms.

Giving houses in modern estates bloody stupid/twee names.

1st Apr 2005, 17:31
Toilet rolls on the holder the wrong way

Calling lavatory paper toilet rolls.:p

1st Apr 2005, 18:00
Arrrrrgh! I just encountered another one!

Adults having 'tea'.
Children eat tea with a glass of orange squash.
Tea for adults is a drink or possibly a late afternoon snack.
Adults eat dinner, maybe supper, but never before 7 o'clock at the very very earliest and never without a glass of wine or similar.

Who raised these people? Morons! I'm right aren't I? Tell me I'm right.

'Tea'! Give me strength. :}

Maybe it's just me and I'm becoming a grumpy old man. Hmmmm. Nope, not possible, it's them not me. I'm too young. Bloody plebs.

Edit to add:
The paper is what one removes from the roll effortless.
The entire item is the roll from which the paper is then dispensed. Therefore one places the roll on the holder. Lavatory paper is available in its raw form but comes in packs which are not suitable for placement on a conventional toilet roll holder, in either the correct or incorrect orientation. :rolleyes:
The use of the word toilet and lavatory is I agree debatable.
However, I wished to afford any plebeians the opportunity to understand and thus possibly learn from my observation in the hope of making the world a slightly better place rather than simply worsening their their permanent state of bewilderment.
Lavatory indeed. You assume them to be in posession of a dictionary by means of which to ascertain the meaning of the word? :E

1st Apr 2005, 18:10
U_R I used to have an Ingerland flag on my car. But then I don't reside in the You-Kay, so it had a bit of a different connotation.

Does that make me a pleb?

As for adding to the list - those horrid Spanish doll things under which people hide their spare lavatory paper.

And I'm right with you, *********, on the correct holding of cutlery - tis the first thing one looks at when eating with someone. Holding one's knife in the manner in which one holds a pen, with the handle protruding between the base of the index finger and the base of the thumb was considered a cardinal sin when I was growing up. Very uncouth.

1st Apr 2005, 19:45
**** ****** neighbours who insist on the sub woofer/bass going DOOF DOOF DOOF all effing day and well into the bloody night. (attached house!) Inspite of being TOLD a few times.
Hate them.

1st Apr 2005, 19:46
Interesting post Syllogism. OK, for the record and at the risk of making you despise me for being a plebeian, I, like Jerricho, prefer to have my rolls of lavatory paper with the free end away from the wall.

However, "toilet" is such a middle-class word. The proper words (since toilet only derives from the days of the railways) are either lavatory, loo or WC. No debate.

Adults do not eat dinner. Ever. They can have breakfast, lunch, tea or supper. Tea is a prefectly acceptable word in society.

One man only has to open his mouth for another to despise him

Some people can have a lot of taste and all of it bad ;) :ok:


Whirlygig (Miss)

tony draper
1st Apr 2005, 20:38
We used to dream of having a toilet, even a outside one.
you lot don't know yer born.
:( :rolleyes:

1st Apr 2005, 20:42
People who inflect the pitch of their voice upwards at the end of each sentence as if they were asking a question. Dummkopfs!

1st Apr 2005, 21:48
However, "toilet" is such a middle-class word. The proper words (since toilet only derives from the days of the railways) are either lavatory, loo or WC. No debate.

What's wrong with calling it a dunny then?

1st Apr 2005, 21:51
Why can't we just call it a "bog?"

High Wing Drifter
1st Apr 2005, 22:44
People who think stretched limos and Humvees are "cool".

1st Apr 2005, 22:47
Bog just sounds so common :}

tony draper
1st Apr 2005, 23:08
People who use words like cool or dude, who yer kidding Drapes, tell the truth, bollix to it, ok then, anybody under the age of thirty five, kill em all I say.

:uhoh: :rolleyes:

1st Apr 2005, 23:52
People who talk while chewing food.

2nd Apr 2005, 00:50
Despise you? You mount your bog paper in the correct fashion. Praise be. :ok:

No debate? Ok. I'm willing to stand corrected. I am but a whipper snapper, one who was taught the hard way the difference of saying 'may I?' or 'can I?'.
Toilet, lavatory, WC. I tend not to talk ablutions. I'm happy to let it go.

What, may I ask, do I take a young lady to then?
Breakfast, lunch, tea or supper?
Breakfast being preferable of course, but also coarse in the sense I suggest.
I assumed it to be dinner. As I said elsewhere though, I'm pleased to learn.

I suspect, but presently may be at a loss to appreciate that your last quote and subsequent comment was not aimed at me. Thus I choose to ignore same. Too many keys just now. :\

2nd Apr 2005, 06:25
Reproduction 'antique' furniture
Custom jewellery, extra large & tacky
Wall to wall carpeting ( yickesssss )
Cheap shoes
etc, etc...

2nd Apr 2005, 07:05
How about people who accuse others of being plebs, chaps? That's us.

2nd Apr 2005, 07:58

Wha'? Eh? Righ'.

I think it's called a glottal stop. The inability to pronounce the letter "T" in most cases.

Or is it "Glo''al"?

High Wing Drifter
2nd Apr 2005, 08:10
Wall to wall carpeting ( yickesssss )
:confused: :D

2nd Apr 2005, 09:00
Afternoon Tea - between 1500-1600 - consists of cup of tea, slice of toast and possible a scone - edibles accompanied by cream, jam, marmite/vegemite etc

Tea - between 1600-1700 - consists of a light meal; beans on toast, poached egg on toast etc

High Tea - between 1630 - 1800 - a more substantial meal consisting of possibly 3 courses.

Dinner - between 1900 - 2030 - a main meal consisting of 3 or more courses with wine and after dinner coffee and drinks

Supper - after 2030 - possible slightly lighter meal than dinner if eating late. Alternatively a light evening snack (usually taken if one has indulged in High Tea).

So there! I consider it my role in life to educate the natives of this part of the world who insist on the main evening meal being called tea ( they are correct in that they tend to eat earlier here - probably as a result of them not having electrickery for quite a while and having to go to bed when it got dark - but more properly should refer to it as High Tea)

Next question - sweet, dessert or pudding???

2nd Apr 2005, 09:01
People who talk while chewing food.

Yep, and people who chew gum repeatedly with their mouth open.

B Fraser
2nd Apr 2005, 09:18
Personalised number plates.

That's a strange one when so many aircraft carry registrations along the same lines e.g. G-MONA, G-BOAC, G-EMBR :rolleyes:

sorry....... managed to introduce an aviation theme on JB

My pet hate is hearing our transatlantic cousins say "gotten"......................... :*

2nd Apr 2005, 09:27
A certain indicator of celtic plebianism is using the word 'yous' instead of 'you'. For example, after a jolly nice meal (not sure if it was dinner, tea or supper, sorry) at a reasonable restaurant in Glasgow the other night, Mrs Balix and myself were asked by the waitress: "Did yous enjoy that?".

Aaaaaaaaaarrrrghhhh!!!! :yuk:

2nd Apr 2005, 09:30
My pet hate is hearing our transatlantic cousins say 'gotten'....
To quote from Mother Tongue ' every person in America uses a great many expressions and pronunciations familiar to Shakespeare but which have since died out in England - gotten.....'

2nd Apr 2005, 09:33
SC - to answer your question, I'd be more than happy if you were to invite me to supper.

B9 - you beat me to it! Scrabbling for copy just now!



tony draper
2nd Apr 2005, 09:56
Indeed, Good Queen Bess probably used words like gotten and yous, the idea that Elizabethans spoke like lawrence Olivier (in other words spoke as they had a large turnip stuck up their arse) is a common misconthingy.

2nd Apr 2005, 10:00
People who say "myself" as the subject of a sentence.

No offence intended.

Americans who use British spelling.

2nd Apr 2005, 10:03
My Scotch friend Max tells me that in his native land visitors are greeted either with "You'll have had your tea?" which is really a statement, or "Would you like a cup of tea in your hand?" which means there's no hope of a cake or a biscuit.

tony draper
2nd Apr 2005, 10:07
Tiz interesting to speculate had we not had religion to put each other to the sword over, we might have had the Pronunciation Wars.

Lance Murdoch
2nd Apr 2005, 11:51
Non Americans who say ass instead of arse.
People speaking like they are on the cast of 'Friends'. That is like so not impressive.
People who type in mobile phone text speak.

2nd Apr 2005, 11:58
Something I do find irritating is the situation where kids are running riot (perhaps a cafe, waiting room or wherever) and all the parents do is say, "Don't do that, darling." They never seem to actually DO anything about the problem, just repeat the instruction at regular intervals ... and are just as regularly ignored.

Oh ... and people who are as inarticulate as like, whatever ... :rolleyes:

2nd Apr 2005, 13:32
Whirly, you ever heard a cultured Aussie lady use the expression "Goin' for a few Chardies with the girls" *shudder*

The epitomy of Pleb.

(The girls involved are usually called Shazza, Megsie, Eileen etc.......) :E

2nd Apr 2005, 15:24
Self quote:

People who accuse others of being plebs

Alright, I give in. It's fun.

People who have their toddlers' ears pierced and put sunglasses and baseball caps on the poor little sods.

2 sheds
2nd Apr 2005, 18:06
Further to the earlier, lavatorial, sub-thread...

Plebs - whoever it is in a hotel who thinks it twee to fold the end of the bogroll into a point - which fails to disguise the fact that it is partly used and therefore the previous guest has has his/her insanitary hands around it !

Terminology - I seem to recall that the term "bog" derives from the Old English "boggard", meaning a privy - so, quite polite, if evasive of the true function. I am not usually a fan of American English but cannot help prefer their term "bathroom".

Mr Burns: "Did you find the bathroom?"

Homer; (evasively - leaving it to the viewers' imagination) "Ye - e - es"

2nd Apr 2005, 18:33
Surprised that no-one has yet picked on the fact that plebs start every sentence with ... "Yer know what I mean......":ugh:

2nd Apr 2005, 18:48
Actually it's all one word: "Nahtmeen".

cessna l plate
2nd Apr 2005, 19:18
Chavs from the Manchester area attempting to talk like Liam Gallagher. "Ere yar aar kid" Wouldn't mind, but his knuckles are only thousnads of an inch from the floor anyway.

The silly thing (sorry for mentioning aviation on JB) that when watching a programme on Discovery about aircraft (any channel, not just Wings) they refer to the altitude in meters. When were altimters re calibrated???

And also the silly way that we have to mix up the two types of measurement ourselves. EG 5km visibilty, but 6000 feet altitude!!. One or the other please.

Rich kids driving around in smart sports cars at 17, the sort that I couldn't afford to insure at 34. The bass from the boot of these cars normally arrives 2 minutes before the car does!!!

2nd Apr 2005, 20:26
Staff in coffee shops asking if I wanted a "regular" Capuccino, as if we were somewhere in North America (God forbid), instead of in a market town in the home counties.

Faux Irish pubs.

Halfords bicycles.

Car parts from Halfords, guaranteed to make a Vaxhall Astra look even more plebeian.

The Vauxhall Astra/Corsa, especially when thus modified, driven by some oik in a reversed baseball cap.

Solid Rust Twotter
2nd Apr 2005, 20:34
Slack jawed mouth breathers gnawing their cud with that vacant thousand yard stare from beneath a reversed baseball cap.

In fact, anyone except a baseball player or someone in blazing sunlight wearing a baseball cap.

2nd Apr 2005, 20:37
Has anyone mentioned tracksuits/shellsuits and trainers yet? Especially when worn by the grossly overweight with fags hanging from their mouths. Plebby or what?!

PS. Good name for basball caps: IQ reducers.

Wearing one reduces apparent IQ by 40 points; wearing one sideways or reversed reduces it by 100.

2nd Apr 2005, 20:47
Reversed baseball caps

Such caps have long carried a logo or written material on the front.

I was impressed by the adaption of the makers to "style" by also placing the written material on the back.

Thus the advert is above the face no matter the IQ.

2nd Apr 2005, 20:54
Thus the advert is above the face no matter the IQ

I have always thought that anyone who willingly walks around wearing clothes which bear advertisements is a bit soft in the head. Plebby, in fact.

tony draper
2nd Apr 2005, 21:02
Agreed, especially those designer labels.
Anybody who follows any kind of fashion is a sheep, and should be transported to Wales and shagged to death.

2nd Apr 2005, 21:08
.....or dragged down to Hades, pinioned by satyrs and [email protected]%red by a minotaur.

2nd Apr 2005, 21:09

Novelty socks

Novelty ties

T shirts with silly bloody slogans on them (especially those with sexual connotations)

Coffee mugs with slogans/images on (except if they are pictures of aeroplanes...said he, suddenly remembering his Newark Air Museum Vulcan coffee mug). Phew, that was close!

2nd Apr 2005, 23:31
Wingswinger said:
I have always thought that anyone who willingly walks around wearing clothes which bear advertisements is a bit soft in the head. Plebby, in fact.

I was once carrying on that I would never wear anything carrying a manufacturer's logo. Someone kindly pointed out that my shirt at that moment had such a logo. Oops!!!

It was the only clothing I owned with such.

3rd Apr 2005, 00:46
Fancy-dance glossy magazines with difficult to see or non-existent page numbering. :suspect:

Work associates who say "I don't mean to tell you how to do your business" when it really means "Let me tell you how to do this, you useless piece of :mad: " :*

Work associates who say "I don't mean to criticise, but..." when they really mean to say "You useless piece of :mad: :mad: "


3rd Apr 2005, 03:13
People who have their toddlers' ears pierced and put sunglasses and baseball caps on the poor little sods.
Disagree about the sunglasses, Wingswinger ... the littlies' eyes should be protected especially in any country that has lots of sunshine. They need to be good quality glasses though or they just end up doing more damage than the sun would.

Another grump ... people who use the word "quality" by itself instead of saying that something is high quality, poor quality, average quality, top quality etc. and people who refer to the western or eastern hemispheres.

3rd Apr 2005, 04:26
Blue Diamond Give 'em a break. Most of the posts are from Brits and they see the sun on 16 Jun between 0800 and 1700 - most years.

That's why we all come over here to live:ok:

3rd Apr 2005, 06:36
Indicators of plebeianism

Middle class oinks looking down on others.


3rd Apr 2005, 07:25
allan :ok:

Middle class oinks looking down on others.
Oooh ... does this mean I've moved up a grade?? :D

Malissa Fawthort
3rd Apr 2005, 08:41
My Scotch friend Max
People who call Scottish people “scotch”. I’m sure Max would give you a Glaswegian kiss if he heard that, after he had been drinking some scotch that is.

3rd Apr 2005, 09:09
He supports Motherwell, the puir wee basstud.

The Real Slim Shady
3rd Apr 2005, 11:36
Little wonder you are Unwell - geddit - Raptor????

'Com oan ra Well' the cry from terraces at Fir Park when the Ancell Babes trod the hallowed sward.

And I thought that I had been born and raised in a town actually named Motherwell Nil !!!!

3rd Apr 2005, 14:21
May one suggest that all the non-plebians throughly attend to the rules laid down in this esteemed tome:

Oh and by the way it's tea oop ere, it's only dinner to yer softy southeners:}

tony draper
3rd Apr 2005, 14:26
Any kind of ring tone on a phone that is not just a plain brrrr brrrr.
One knows that the end of civilisation cannot be far off when there exists a top ten ringtones.

Solid Rust Twotter
3rd Apr 2005, 14:29

It's the obsession with mindless trivia like ringtones that will do for us in the end.

We're all doomed, I tell you! (Claws at air...)

3rd Apr 2005, 17:59
Doing the weekly shopping on a Sunday.

3rd Apr 2005, 20:03
A sure indicator of plebeianism would be to read vapid "celebrity magazines" such as Heat / Hello! / Ok! etc. :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk:

3rd Apr 2005, 23:11
Any shopping on a Sunday
People chewing with open mouth
Mobiles in enclosed places (trains, restaurants, etc)
New age travellers
Folk claiming sick benefit and working on the side
Folk who think society owes them a living
Neds walking down a busy street and not twisting slightly as they pass you so you are forced to turn more to avoid slamming into them, shoulder to shoulder
Passengers who think it's cool to be the last to board, preferably after a couple of last calls
Passengers with cabin baggage that is too heavy for them to lift into the lockers

3rd Apr 2005, 23:16
Ok, last one from me. It's becoming an obsession. :O

The morons who sit in restaurants, even good ones, with their phones on the table like some kind of additional condiment, then hold a conversation at high volume on them when they ring. :*

Close behind them must come the people in their company who apparently consider such behaviour acceptable and sit meekly pushing their food around their plate while they wait for the call to end and don't tell them in no uncertain terms that they're being ill mannered in the extreme, or better still take the phone out of thier hand and end the call and ensure no further intrusions by dropping it in the ice bucket.
I was tempted to do so, even from the next table. :mad:

4th Apr 2005, 01:40
Forgot one.
Folk in said restaurant or bar who, when their phone does ring, they hold it out to see who is ringing, can't see so fumble for, then put on glasses, then look, then "ah, ok" and answer.
In the meantime the blo*dy thing is ringing away at full throttle.
When did you last see one of these plonkers refuse the call after this farce? Just turn it to silent and let it vibrate away or even better, off.

4th Apr 2005, 02:24
New furniture.

Fish knives.

Wearing outdoor footwear inside the house.

Wearing store bought clothing, other than underwear.

Same for footwear, except carpet slippers.

Referring to a motor car as anything else - car, motor, merc, beemer etc.

Eating anything other than scones, fruit cake or small sandwiches between one thirty and seven thirty.

Drinking anything other than tea during the same hours. Preferably Darjeeling. Never, ever 'Earl Grey' - Grey (dreadful man) was a politician for goodness sake!

4th Apr 2005, 13:44
Chavs thinking I want to race them just because I got (an old) Golf GTI

People parking cars on narrow pavements. My daughter uses a wheelchair and oh dear cars get their mirrors bent back and are liable to be scratched.

In restaurants people starting to eat their food before everyone in the party has their food in front of them.

4th Apr 2005, 22:52
Hmmmph! well that's the small fry dealt with.

How about:

1, Cutting one's bread roll in half with your knife.

2. Spreading one's pat of butter on both halves of said bread roll.

3. Spreading pate (eh, bloody keyboard) on same.

4. Eating said sandwich in the manner of a butty.


Sorry to get overwrought, but it's tantamount to keeping the butter dish to one self when taking breakfast in a chalet.

tony draper
4th Apr 2005, 22:57
Good grief ,one shudders to think what you peeps will say about someone who detonates a small nuclear device in Westminster.

5th Apr 2005, 01:37
Its perfectly acceptable as long as you say "Excuse me, please" first, tony.

It would be rude to leave anyone out so, as a matter of good taste, the detonation should take place during Prime Minister's Question Time.

Solid Rust Twotter
5th Apr 2005, 11:21
Herr Drapes, yer OBE's in the post.....:ok:

5th Apr 2005, 18:42
You must remember that it is to be expected for plebeians to be confused by such etiquette.
We follow it out of consideration that they may retain some degree of dignity when they gain benefit of the remnants from our plate.
Should our unspoiled table scraps eventually become their own bitten and buttered scraps, the mice won't object. :E

The Real Slim Shady
5th Apr 2005, 18:48
It really is the height of bad manners to wipe one's kn..... oops sorry !;)

5th Apr 2005, 19:17
Yes. It is bad manners to wipe one's nose on one's napkin.
However, neither begins with a K. ;)

5th Apr 2005, 19:41
Any shopping on a Sunday

No fair. Shiftworkers don't have Sundays.

Erwin Schroedinger
5th Apr 2005, 20:15
= Plebs. :rolleyes:

*retires to a safe distance*