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Onan the Clumsy
31st Mar 2005, 19:36

Pilot: "#1 engine missing"

Mechanic: "Wait a minute...Oh here it is at the bottom of this grassy embankment"

with grateful acknowledgement to readywhenreaching

None of the above
31st Mar 2005, 19:50
Not entirely unrelated............

The great Spike Milligan announced, with appropriate gravity, 'The Queen's Rolls-Royce is missing. Prince Phillip says he thinks it's the plugs'.

31st Mar 2005, 20:05
Crew:"Torque set too high"
Tech:"Torque adjusted, engine's mount ordered"

31st Mar 2005, 20:47
"Torque set too high"

Speak quiter then :E

1st Apr 2005, 18:33
I don't like all this Torque!

Pilot entry: Anti-collision light operates intermittently.

Engineer's report: It's supposed to.

1st Apr 2005, 19:50
"Dead flies on windshield"

"Live flies on order":D

1st Apr 2005, 21:18
Something loose in cockpit.

Tightened something.

Onan the Clumsy
1st Apr 2005, 21:24
Something loose in cockpit.

Sphincter Tightened. :uhoh:

1st Apr 2005, 21:48
Something loose in cockpit.

The chief purser?

1st Apr 2005, 22:14
You're not meaning this (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=1821987#post1821987) purser, are you ? :uhoh:

16 blades
2nd Apr 2005, 00:47
Entry: "Unfamiliar noise from No 3 engine"

Reply: "Engine ground-run for 1 hr. Noise now familiar"


2nd Apr 2005, 04:21
Entry: No 1+2 engines missing.

Response: If you would stop bothering us we'd get the C Check finished.

B Fraser
2nd Apr 2005, 08:24
entry: Friction locks sticking

response : that's what they're for

2nd Apr 2005, 10:36
Bre, while it has been suggested I am slightly crazy, I ain't freaking suicidal.

2nd Apr 2005, 10:47
I guess the airline in the photo is now somewhat disilyushined. :hmm:

Hat. Coat. Exit.

Onan the Clumsy
2nd Apr 2005, 11:18
I'LL second that :ok:

4th Apr 2005, 23:37
The cockpit is like an arsenal.


Flik Roll
5th Apr 2005, 01:38
Pilot - Autopilot in altitude hold mode produces a 200 fpm descent.
Eng - Cannot reproduce problems on ground.

5th Apr 2005, 09:09
I would be greatly worried if the engineer could reproduce the problem on the ground.

5th Apr 2005, 09:11
I'm worried some engineers I know can reproduce.................. :E

Pinky the pilot
5th Apr 2005, 10:27
Allegedly entered by Qantas F/A;
'Mirror in (wherever) toilet is warped and make me look ugly'

Response; 'mirror checked; nil defects'

You only live twice. Once when
you're born. Once when
you've looked death in the face.

Colonial Aviator
5th Apr 2005, 19:44
Pilot: Radar hums
Tech: Radar reprogrammed with the words

6th Apr 2005, 12:56
Cabin Defects log -

C/C - Galley light seems a bit dim, or is it me?

Eng - Galley light ok.............


Erwin Schroedinger
6th Apr 2005, 18:18


cessna l plate
10th Apr 2005, 15:05
Failed Under Constant Kicking, Eventually Destroyed!!!