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31st Mar 2005, 19:19
OK Guys & Gals.

What is the best april fool you have done?

Looking for ideas :ok:

tony draper
31st Mar 2005, 19:26
Paint red blotches all over yourself go to the local A and E, tell em you just flew in from Luanda and you don't feel well at all.
:uhoh: :rolleyes:

31st Mar 2005, 20:27
Not one I played but as time goes on suspect it was the best ever played on me.

Started my current job April 1st 1996 and they have been laughing at me ever since!

31st Mar 2005, 20:48
I always had a plan to tie and gag a colleague (it's OK, they volunteered) and put them in the boot of my car, than turn up at the security post and try to get into work (They check all the cars coming in, but he'd have had his pass clearly visible)

Unfortunately he's moved on, and I haven't been able to find another mug.

1st Apr 2005, 00:05

Where do you get these crazy gags from ? You ought to slow down a bit.

Or perhaps just ask youself before hitting the submit reply button, is it worth it ?

1st Apr 2005, 01:26
I knew a guy once who (when the 1st fell on a sunday) got his kids up for school explaining that like we have leap years we occasionally have a leap week and it was now actually monday. He had them dressed fed and at the school gates before he told them it was april fools day.

Buster Hyman
1st Apr 2005, 01:52
Best story (made up) that I've heard was by Dame Edna. Norm (Her husband)woke up in the hospital one day & they told him he was cured after a long illness. The Doctors & Nurses all made a fuss over him because it was his last day and, as they wheeled him to the Ambulance, the staff all lined the corridors to wish him well. As he got outside & just before stepping into the Ambulance, they slammed the door shut & it sped off, to which everyone shouted "April Fool!"

1st Apr 2005, 02:23
A couple of oldies but goodies would have to be the BBC's Spaghetti Harvest and Dick Smith's iceberg ... the one he towed into Sydney harbour.

Friend of mine who is a nurse enlisted the help of a friend to carry out a pretty good April Fool's day joke. The friend sat in the day clinic holding a yellow-topped specimen jar containing the appropriate golden liquid. Along comes my friend, clipboard in hand, calling for "Mrs. Smith."

"Mrs. Smith" presents herself and Nurse asks for her specimen which "Mrs. Smith" hands over. Unscrewing the lid, Nurse takes a sniff and declares that there does not appear to be too much wrong with that. To the horror of the patients in the clinic, Nurse then dips a finger into the "urine" and then takes a taste test, announces that it is fine and immediately drinks the rest.

Much gagging, retching and choking is heard from the assembled patients while the two partners in crime laugh their heads off. To reassure the patients, Nurse tells them it's April Fools Day and the "specimen" was only apple juice.

Then "Mrs. Smith" speaks up with a completely confused look on her face, "I was supposed to put apple juice in it?"

1st Apr 2005, 03:20
BBC Panorama way back in 1958 had some intriguing video of girls dancing around picking spagetti from spagetti trees growing in Switzerland. Had me asking around to determine where spagetti came from.

Then today ABC in Canberra Oz was talking about a need to drain the big lake in Canberra's centre to have any chance of being able to eliminate a nasty breed of mutant turtles.

Don't know yet whether it is serious or I have been fooled !!!!

1st Apr 2005, 04:57
As I said on the other thread, I don't do April Fool. :*

1st Apr 2005, 06:08
Couple of years ago an English Radio station in Montreal included in a news broadcast, that the Provincial Government's Office de La Langue Francaise, was going to require that all tombstones would have to have all inscriptions in both French and English, with French prominent. It sucked a lot of people in with considerable uproar resulting.

Loose rivets
1st Apr 2005, 06:31
The long quest for a bit of Einstein's brain. The prog went on and on...till I turned to my pal and said ‘what day is it?' Had me going.

1st Apr 2005, 06:42
Thai Govt attacks drunk driving on the Internet

BANGKOK: -- PM Dr Thaksin announced today a plan to make it illegal to use the Internet while affected by liquor or a drug, or to discuss sexually explicit matters on the Internet. The proposed bill will enable the Royal Thai Police to monitor internet traffic of those who use or abuse alcohol or drugs, Dr Thaksin said. The PM was confident that bill would be passed by the parliament and said “There is too much immoral activity between teenagers that begins in an internet chat room." Adding that studies from the health ministry showed the rise in teenage pregnancies mirrored the average rise in internet use among teens in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Chonburi.

This bill follows several lately, passed by parliament to keep Thai society free from dark influences which threaten to change the culture. In recent weeks a clampdown has been ordered on high pressure water pistols as well as on advertising and promoting sexual enhancement products.
The Thai prime minister was quoted saying "I myself have forbidden my daughter last week to use the internet after she drank a glass of wine" but refused to elaborate further on the nature of her internet activities.

The internet cafe Community in Thailand fears a lack of income from beverage sales due to this measure. It's still not clear which products will be outlawed.
Carlsberg and TCC Group of Thailand, producers of the Chang brand have calculated this could lead to an overall downturn of sales if the new bill is implemented. The Company already received opposition from Buddhist monks last week, when they proposed to list their stocks on the SET exchange. This latest measure might put another damper on their move to the stock exchange and has forced the major brewer to consider an alcohol free version of its popular beer to maintain profits.

Internet usage has already been restricted by the Thai Internet Police to prevent youths from looking at sexual content. In this latest measure they will be aided by a software company from Nonthaburi Software Park, who has developed an "Internet logger" which logs all requests within Thailand. This system is unique in the world and has been developed in cooperation with Shincorp their main shareholder.
Ngo's have complained already by the flagrant disregard for human rights, that this "Thai Big Brother" system represents.

The PM dismissed opposition taunts that the cost would be excessive, saying he plans to use money raised from a special “lottery” to fund the project and would also direct funds away from the controversial “Elite card” system to help implement this within the next 3 months.

Civil liberties groups say they will challenge the law in constitutional court. "The prime minister is trying to use this issue to distract people from his poor handling of the economy this year." said Somchai Chaiwannakhup, of the Thai Law Foundation.

--Agencies 2005-04-01

tony draper
1st Apr 2005, 07:22
Alan Shearer has come up with a good one.

1st Apr 2005, 07:34
Mr Drapes

And for those of us who haven't the faintest who that is????????

1st Apr 2005, 07:35
Paint red blotches all over yourself go to the local A and E, tell em you just flew in from Luanda and you don't feel well at all.

Sounds like something a Mackem would do ;)

tony draper
1st Apr 2005, 07:48
Yers, and they would save on paint, most of them already have the red blotches.
Alan Shearer is a footballer at Newcastle United, big new conference held this morning,main news has taken it up, Mr Shearer has decided not to retire at the end of the season, to the delight of all Geordies, one thinks there will be another news conference manyana where he will shout April Fool!!!.
Hense the relevance to this thread.


1st Apr 2005, 07:55
Alan Shearer?

Personality: Nothing special

Right Foot: Something else altogether.

Send Clowns
1st Apr 2005, 08:05
The Royal Air Force? 1st April 1918 and some people still haven't seen the joke :p

1st Apr 2005, 08:38
There's a thread running in a Sheffield forum about silver UFOs above the city.........just replied

"Sorry to disappoint folks. The airforce at RAF Scampwell, Lincs is testing new weather drone. This is being tested over numerous cities and towns to test for cumulonimbus (CB's) clouds at lower levels. These types of clouds can be very dangerous to aviation, ie thunderstorms / windsheer and have started developing at lower levels due to global warming.

There are about 50 of these unmanned drones operating nationwide and are all NOTAMed (official warning to airmen bulletin) so there are no UFO's today apparently."


1st Apr 2005, 12:06
Somebody did a good one this morning re: The Pope

Had me going for hours

1st Apr 2005, 14:32
Anyone else spot Google's (http://www.google.co.uk/googlegulp/) little effort?

1st Apr 2005, 15:25
timmcat that is a brilliant link.

1st Apr 2005, 15:35
There's a nice attempt from BMW in today's Daily Mail.

They have an advert for a steering wheel less car, guided by sensors that monitor where the driver is looking. I loved the bit about the minor flaw where the prototypes did sudden U-turns when the driver turned round to shout at the kids!

2nd Apr 2005, 00:50
Rental Air Farce?
Oh yes.
Might save one up for the future - "RAF to disband on its centenary".
Time to diginagain.

2nd Apr 2005, 05:23
Took me a few paras to catch on:E

Bush twins to join Air Force tech unit in Iraq (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/04/01/bush_twins_volunteer/)