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31st Mar 2005, 18:16
Well I was having quite a nice night out last night until I walk round the corner to pick my car up and drive home and there's two black guys on the passenger side having smashed the window and are helping themselves to the contents of the glove box.

I shout "Hey, that's my car" in shock and they run off leaving me to pick up the bits. The only thing thats taken is the fascia front to the radio (the bit that you need to disable/work it) which I had left in the glove box. All this in a well lit part of Nottingham city.

Spent the day getting it fixed - 40 for the window and 80 for a new radio since the fascia bit costs circa 55 would you believe and they have to order it so now I have a spare radio!

Now I fear to leave the car parked out - my last car was stolen twice, once from a supermarket car park and then outside my place of work. In the latter case it was written off whilst being used in another crime.

At least nobody was injured etc and cars/radios are replaceable but just how do we fight this sort of behaviour in the UK. What has gone wrong?

31st Mar 2005, 18:34
Possibly not safe for work, and site is quite slow to load


Onan the Clumsy
31st Mar 2005, 18:52
It's strange really because I find that I vascilate quite a lot in matters of law and order. Often I seem to be contrary to the usual hang-em-high feelings noted on prune. Sometimes though - like here, I just think they should be removed forever, thrown into a big pit with a rock rolled over it.

Maybe it's because there's really no need for something like this, maybe it's because the takings they would get would be a fraction of the value, maybe it's because they treat it like a job.

Yes, I think that's what bothers me the most, these aren't people who say "I just have to have something to eat" they're not people who say "look at that purse sitting in the open <swipe> Oh what have I done?"

No they apply themselves to it like a proffession, train at it, discover new techniques, perfect their trade. I know jobs can be boring and working is definately overrated, but why can't these people apply the same vigourous application of energy to the straight world? :* They'd be better off in the long run. We all would be.

31st Mar 2005, 18:56
Drive a cheap model......does'nt advertise wealth.

Low performance model not worth pinching for a "job". Depends whether you need performance.

Even better, drive a banger. Not worth a criminal bothering with.

Otherwise, more police presence and stiffer sentences/fines for convicted criminals.

One lives in hope. :rolleyes:

31st Mar 2005, 19:11
Low performance model not worth pinching for a "job". Depends whether you need performance. Even better, drive a banger. Not worth a criminal bothering with.

With all respect thats Bolleaux......

The only car Ive had nicked was a clapped out Fiesta at uni...

The only car Ive had broken into was its replacement, an old diesel Escort.......

Since I started working for a living and bought decent transport with alarms etc, no probs....

Just my experience though....

31st Mar 2005, 19:40

You should have just pulled out your .45 and shot 'em. I would support you 100%.


31st Mar 2005, 19:59
When daughter was at Uni in Leeds she had a fairly decent Fiesta, I had an upmarket alarm/imobiliser fitted, someone tried to pinch it three times by sticking a screwdriver in the lock. Alarm must have frightened them off but the lock was broken. After paying for two locks to be fixed I decline to pay for a third. The drivers door could then only be opened from the inside, but the car with it's visible busted lock was never messed with again!!

p.s. 2 years later daughter finished uni and went to Oz leaving the car with me, out of interest I tried the key in the broken lock and it unlocked the car. Daughter had just assumed it was broken and never tried the key in it, often wondered if i had bought two new locks earlier cos of daughters assumptions.....

31st Mar 2005, 20:13
One thinks BenThere may be on to something.

31st Mar 2005, 20:19
String the bastards up, I had my radio nicked from my knackered old neon, it was only a cheapy 75 thing as well!! Cost me 50 for the window and 99 for a new radio!!!! Mr L had his back bumper scratched by some little bleeders. Hang the bloody lot of 'em!

Seem to remeber seeing something about flame throwers for cars in south africa once, shame they don't sell 'em over here.

31st Mar 2005, 20:27
Howling Wind..

That brings back a memory. Saw a big camper van in Santa Monica once and a small notice in the back window said;
" The owner of this vehicle bears arms, is proficient in their use, and WILL use them to defend his property..."

1st Apr 2005, 01:14
Since any other response on your island will land the owner in jail, this will have to do:

Anti-Theft System (http://www.trunkmonkey.com/content/view/45/51/)

1st Apr 2005, 01:51
One good law we have now got here in West Australia is that a car cannot be sold without it being fitted with an approved immobiliser. So slowly but surely car theft is going down as cars change hands and get retrofitted. On the flip side though there has been a bit of an increase in home invasions as car thieves now need to get to the keys.

:uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh:

Pinky the pilot
1st Apr 2005, 05:04
Once heard a story which is probably an urban myth but one character here in Oz was sick of a couple of local tearaways stealing cars in his area so devised the following;
Got a beat up early model Holden and fitted a spark plug in the top of the fuel tank hooked up in a surruptious (spelling?) manner to the ignition system and left it parked in the street overnight with only fumes in the tank.
The story went that the abovementioned tearaways did indeed attempt to steal the car.....a loud explosion was heard..... local juvenile thieves problem solved!

You only live twice. Once when
you're born. Once when
you've looked death in the face.

1st Apr 2005, 05:31
There is a new problem emerging with immobilisers now being fitted to 'S' reg cars onwards. If they want your car, they come and take the keys and they come mob handed. The little angels are not very subtle either...... usually kick the door down, threaten your family with baseball bats until you give the keys. No keys usually means a good kicking for you or your family :(
We have had a massive drive against the gangs, caught loads, charged them and now....... they are waiting for court appearances. So we are catching them again, charging them again and..... they are waiting for court appearances. So we are catching them again, charging them again and..... they are waiting for court appearances. So we are catching them again, charging them again and..... they are waiting for court appearances.
You get the idea???

1st Apr 2005, 06:39
Good thing you just shouted, fireflybob. Any other action and the police would have been onto you like a shower of sh*t.

1st Apr 2005, 06:42

Sorry to hear about your break-in. The reason that radios have a demountable bezel is so that you can take it with you, not leave it in the car......

Replacement bezels are horrendously expensive so as to deter anyone from nicking the radio and then buying the bezel. Dealers are supposed to verify ownship of the car before selling a bezel, which is why they are rarely stocked.

1st Apr 2005, 09:21
Kolibear - thanks for the heads up on that - yes, I know I should have taken the bezel with me but its a question of the lesser of two evils - I don't want to be in a night club with excess paraphenalia on my person!

1st Apr 2005, 10:46
If the demoumtable bezel theory had worked as advertised, then the thieves would have moved on to another vehicle.

If its any consoltation, most drivers don't even realise that their radio has that as a security feature.

1st Apr 2005, 11:33
When my car was broken into in the 90's the Police knew who had done it but because they used a under 16yo to carry out the offence no action could be taken. And it was in a nice area of Nottingham!!!

Does anyone know if the wide wheeled heavy bass playing Novas that these imbeciles drive ever get broken into!!! Might teach them to stop!!!

tony draper
1st Apr 2005, 11:58
Mate of mine had his car nicked from his front door,he reports theft to old bill by phone, 24 hours later he is walking a few streets from his house and he finds his car parked up, the the ignition is damaged so he heads home to get some tools,on his way he meets two policemen and reports his stroke of luck,they and their local nick are ignorant of his car being nicked, they accompany him back to the car and indicate they wish to take vehicle in for forensics, mate tells em in no uncertain terms to **** off,as he found his car not them and he knows nothing would be done about it anyway and he is reluctant to pay the 60 quid charge for a low loader to return his car when they are finished, and he gets it started and waves them goodbye.
Couple of days later he gets a phone call from old bill asking him if he is pleased with the good prompt service he recieved.
He was not chuffed.
Sometimes they are their own worst enemy

1st Apr 2005, 11:58
Once had my car broken into (lock pushed out). Anyway, the thieves smashed the ignition cowling, broke the steering lock and left the car. Must have been scared off. There were fingerprints aplenty. I told the law and they said don't worry about wiping off the fingerprints as they don't bother with them anyway! :confused:

Pity they didn't steal the car because they would have been caught 3 times for speeding before they made it to the end of the street.

A friend of mine caught 2 young hoodlums stealing his car and in all the confusion 20 fingers accidentally got trapped several times in the car door...don't think they pinched anything (or played piano) for a while. :ok:

Burnt Fishtrousers
1st Apr 2005, 12:03
Fire Fly bob

Sorry to hear about your predicament. Probably might have been better to follow them at asafe distance until they either got in to a car, or followed them home either way they are tracable. If you follow them home ...and theres a car in the drive...

You can then return at your leisure with a gallon of paint stripper..


1st Apr 2005, 12:18
I have a "England Rugby Supporters Club" sticker on my window.

Surprisingly there have been no problems since February only letters of condolence left.

Lon More
1st Apr 2005, 12:42
For once the arabs are ahead of the game - chop their hands off, it stops repeat offences and i they win an appeal it can be sewn back on.

In AMS many years ago, I stayed in Badhoevedorp and was woken one morning by shouts outside. The neighbour had just found a junk stealing the radio out of his Merc. We took the junk to the police station and were told that it was the second time that day he'd been done, this was at 10 a.m. !!! The cop said we could better have brokeb his arms, so I asked if we could take him with us:O Junk went very pale and was never seen again:cool:

I have an anti theft device in the truck. At first sight just an ordinary clamp on the steering wheel; however anybody touching itf gets several thousand volts through their body and a very loud siren goes off. I bought it in America several years ago, but have bever sen an other one. Probably banned as illegal weapon and againsthe Geneva Convention:E

1st Apr 2005, 13:12
What has gone wrong?

What indeed?

Why do we have such a high crime rate? Is it because young people are not brought up properly; because of the breakdown of the traditional family unit; or is it the bi-product of the capitalist go-getting culture espoused by Thatcher?

Where every man is out for himself, there are no rules.

Or is it the liberalisation of society that has gone on since the 1960s?

Or is it that today, as Thatcher said, "There is no such thing as society"?

Why are a large proportion of young offenders black? Could it be that they feel disillusioned by the racism, both overt and passive, that they suffer and that they have no guidance and role models, especially if they come from a broken home?

I'm white, middle class, well educated and from a stable family unit. And I've never been in trouble with the police.

If I was black, working class, poorly educated and from a broken home, I'd expect it highly likely that I would have been in trouble with the police by now.

Every generation says that there has been a collapse in moral standards.

I'm not saying I know the answer, I suspect it's a combination of all of the above.

1st Apr 2005, 13:30
Not quite a car but a 1500 competition mountain bike. A mate's lad had his bike stolen from outside the fancy bike shop where you can buy such things. The bike shop owner said it was the third one that week and someone must have started targeting the shop cos it had only just begun. Police were advised without any success. My mate being a copper in an earlier life did a bit of detective work and quickly found out that it was a houseful of druggies who were pinching the bikes, among other things. He made up a file gave it to the police and nothing happened. The last i heard he had written to the Chief Constable, but seeing as it is Humberside that is a laugh in itself...

1st Apr 2005, 13:34
It's funny. In the land where thousands of people are killed by guns, car theft really isn't that prevalent. More cars are stolen or broken into in the UK, in relation to cars vs people, than are stolen or broken into here in the USA!
I think it's because it's so easy, and a crazy low percentage are ever caught. Despite the 'big brother' cameras you guys have everywhere.
When my sister saw the US style mailboxes we have here in Florida, she couldn't belive how the mail isn't stolen all the time! Too busy killing each other I guess!
Anyone have a MkIII Cortina in great condition they want to sell me? I'll pay the shipping to Florida.

1st Apr 2005, 13:42
The bad news in the uk is when someone tries to stop a car thief and they end up getting killed by the Ba5ta*ds with their own car.
I beleive this happened at John Lennon airport recently, tie em to the rear and drive around tilll their skin is all gone..........and even that's too good for them.

1st Apr 2005, 17:58
Cars stolen in US heads to chopshops and exotics are shipped to Mexico.

I've got couple if anyone wants to steal them,I'll get almost their full value from my insurance company.

Onan the Clumsy
1st Apr 2005, 18:06

Even the government uses stolen vehicles in Belize.

2nd Apr 2005, 09:07
What do we do about car crime?
Get a cab:}

2nd Apr 2005, 10:43
Zero tolerance. Start making the punishment much harsher than the crime and we'll start getting somewhere. If you want to make the lives of law-abiding members of the public a misery, then you need to be "informed" that it's not on - preferably through a regular visit to intensive care. You'll get the message eventually. Or die. I don't care which.

Solid Rust Twotter
2nd Apr 2005, 10:58

Can't see it happening. Where I'm from the perpetrator is protected at the expense of the victim. If a burglar/hijacker/lowlife were to injure a law abiding citizen and be injured by the LAC at the same time, the LAC would have to provide proof of insurance and numerous other bits of documentary evidence to prove he wouldn't be a burden on the system before being admitted to hospital. The perpetrator would be rushed to an exclusive, upmarket, private hospital at taxpayers' (the LAC, once again) expense.

Additionally, the LAC would be charged with assault by the police, for defending himself and injuring the perpetrator.

Politicians have screwed up the entire system and should be held accountable but, unfortunately, they'll only be replaced by something worse and with even less regard for those who pay their overinflated salaries.

If politicians were to do the job as a voluntary unpaid service with no other benefits, perhaps their sincerity would then be above reproach. Alternatively, any speeches or public statements they make should be with their trousers down and wearing underwear with little pink hearts on it so we don't take them too seriously....:mad: :yuk:

2nd Apr 2005, 11:45
There are many reasons I left the UK. Political, social. Twotter's is one of the major social reasons.
Here if I shoot a someone who has decided to break into my house, so long as he's actualy in the house, I probably won't even go to the police station.
It's because around 50% of Americans (not sure about the numbers, could be more) have firearms in the house that home invasions aren't as widespread as they are in, say a country like the UK. I'm not saying it doesn't happen, it does. But I can leave my garage door open all day. I can leave my front door unlocked. When I'm on a 2 or 3 day trip I know my family will be safe.
Anyway, off my soapbox. mayabe we'll discuss the political reasons I left the UK next!

2nd Apr 2005, 14:24
Maybe we should ask our South African friends, I remember a few years back with carjackings being rampant in their neck of the woods, a few enterprising fellows came up with a blowtorch attached to the bottom of the car that shot flame at the attackers legs...or my favorite.. a sling blade that would hack off your feet..

2nd Apr 2005, 14:39
Bond had the best idea. Try to break the car's window and the car blows up. You won't do that again and that's worth it.

Solid Rust Twotter
2nd Apr 2005, 14:40

Not allowed to do that. Those devices were all outlawed as being harmful to the poor dears who are trying to kill you and steal your car.

2nd Apr 2005, 16:24
a few enterprising fellows came up with a blowtorch attached to the bottom of the car that shot flame at the attackers legs

This BMW (http://edition.cnn.com/WORLD/africa/9812/11/flame.thrower.car/240x180.html) has it fitted, as the demonstration movie shows. :E

2nd Apr 2005, 16:33
I think it was Sean Bean who recently had a new, top of the line Range Rover stolen. They used a fishing rod through his letter box to hook the keys and simply drove off in it.

Earlier this week I read an account on the BBC news site - I think it may have been in Malaysia - of some poor man having a very sophisticated Mercedes stolen. It was operated by fingerprint. He lost his finger.

2nd Apr 2005, 18:12
He lost his finger.
What a wierd world it's becoming.....now the victims are found red handed! :ooh:

BTW, the police are stumped by the case, are reluctant to point a finger at anyone, but aim to knuckle down, search a few joints and nail the culprits.