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31st Mar 2005, 07:54
Almost 90,000 members.

Anyone ever won anything decent on the Lotto?

And I don't mean 10 pounds.

Won 140 pounds once - I don't really call that winning either.

tall and tasty
31st Mar 2005, 08:18

Unfortunately I have not, but I worked in a company where one of the chaps won a cool 2 million. He fell of his chair on shift at work when he realised what had happened and apparently gave sums to his best friends.


31st Mar 2005, 08:22
Sadly no, only the odd tenner. Still hoping........

31st Mar 2005, 08:34
Couple of tenners with the Lotto, but hundreds in Premium Bonds :ok:

31st Mar 2005, 08:38
Interesting about the premium bonds. Oldham is currently the luckiest place to buy them. Was born there. Don't have any premium bonds though.

31st Mar 2005, 09:44
In 1981 my dear old widowed Aunt won the Lottery. She collected $A60,000. It meant she could live comfortably in retirement. She bought a new car, shouted herself a trip to Europe and helped her 2 boys buy a house.
(She lived in a small country town in NSW). :D

31st Mar 2005, 10:30
I had a mate who worked in a nightclub, owned by a bloke who won the jackpot twice .

I'm sorry, but if my numbers came up there's no way I'd spend even a millionth of my new-found riches on continuing to play every week. That's just greedy.

31st Mar 2005, 11:26
So how much didja get then TnT?! ;)

I won 4,000 French Francs back in 1992. Not a lot. But it was just before Xmas and I was broke...

BTW, don't ask Rollingthunder or Taken the 5th for any numbers...the ones they gave me have never come up and it must be nearly a year now! :O

tony draper
31st Mar 2005, 12:57
Had a few tens and had four numbers three times, amount one won has steadily decreased, 90,60 35. unlike most posters one is not greedy,4 million would do at my time of live.
Must be awful to win say 200 thou in your twenties, that would just give one a taste for money,that would.
I can remember when 200 thou was a lot of money.

31st Mar 2005, 12:58
Yes I won 500 Irish pounds once, got five numbers. :ok:

Onan the Clumsy
31st Mar 2005, 13:07
In 1981 my dear old widowed Aunt :eek: she wasn't called Mary was she?

I win the lottery every week - because I don't play it. Sure it's only a dollar a time tht I win, but it all mounts up :ok:

We have scratch off games in Texas, you buy a card, scratch off the squares and immediately see if you've won a prize. Poor people buy them a lot. A couple of times when we've had people over, I bought one each and put them in a cup. During desert, everyone gets to pick one and it's kind of fun to see if there's a winner. You have to set some rules though. If a prize is over a certain amount, it has to be shared, but below that, you get to keep it. (and justy to be extra :8, remember to set the limiting condition correctly, vis a vis >= as opposed to merely > :8 )

Maude Charlee
31st Mar 2005, 14:33
Naff all luck on the Lotto - just like pretty much everything else - but I do work with a chap who won 180K ish. :*

31st Mar 2005, 14:49
Every time I return to The Island I buy a ticket for two weeks . Have won L10 several times and L20 last month . Highest amount won was L65 . I wouldn't want millions , just L250,000 to set me up in Business Class in retirement ! (Three years and eight months to go).

31st Mar 2005, 14:53
Know a fella whose wife is in a syndicate, about three months ago she won 192,000.00.
Lovely couple - coudn't happen to nicer folk.

Onan the Clumsy
31st Mar 2005, 15:29
...was a lovely couple

...was a couple

all bets are off now and everything has changed - well maybe not for a hundred and ninety two grand, but what would you do if you won millions? Do you think you'd keep the same friends? make new ones? stay connected to your family?

It's not that getting the dough would necessarilly be a bad thing (though studies in Texas show that the majority of lottery winners soon went bankrupt), it's just that it's change everything. "That's the point" you say? you might want to carefully analise that statement and figure out how much of your current life you actually treasure.

31st Mar 2005, 15:38
I don't play lotto, but I won $1000 playing Keno. It was cool.

31st Mar 2005, 15:40
Onans right

While some people & their relationships might not be adversely affected by winning money, indeed their lives & happiness are vastly improved, often while one set of problems can be caused by winning money, money can create its own set of problems & responsibilities. You may see relations & 'friends' who never bothered with you when you needed something come out of the woodwork. It'll be hard to differentiate the hangers on from the real friends. Acrimony & envy are two words I can think of as relationships may be destroyed forever.

How a person copes with coming into money depends firstly on their personality & secondly on the nature of the people that surround them or they let surround them.

31st Mar 2005, 20:06
Nice thing about the lottery is your odds are the same whether you play or not.

My next door neighbor in California bought her house with her winnings from a pot over $1 million. It was one of the worst weeks she could have hit in the history of the California Lotto.

31st Mar 2005, 20:12
won a few tenners in my time, but nothing serious, reckon 200,000 would about do it, pay off the mortgage, throw up an extension and conservatory, pay off the credit cards, etc, couple of nice cars and holidays and that'd do nicely. My mum won 4000 on a syndicate though.

31st Mar 2005, 20:22
Been in a small syndicate since it started, the syndicate lays out a tenner each draw and average a tenner in winnings each month.
Funny thing about the lotto, the chances of winning are less than doing the football pools but most people think they have a better chance of winning the lottery.

Onan the Clumsy
31st Mar 2005, 21:03
Guy at work tried a syndicate once. He got lots of takers too, then came to me.

"Wanna buy into it?" he asked

"How do I know what numbers we all 'own'?" I asked

He really hadn't thought the thing out very well. None of them had.

Everyone chipped in their money, but had no idea which numbers were being played, how many tickets etc, any of that. Didn't they realise these were bearer instruments worth potentially millions of dollars.

In the end, I pursuaded him he needed to buy the tix beforehand, make copies, distribute the numbers etc etc, but there still was no written agreement specifying how any winnings would be distributed.

Stupid really considering the money involved and what people will do to each other for a few bucks.

1st Apr 2005, 10:33
Without a proper syndicate agreement, should the organiser have the misfortune to die shortly after one of the syndicate tickets in his care has won squillions, and prior to distribution to the syndicate members, HM Treasury will take the view that the winnings are part of his estate and tax the lot accordingly.

Now wouldn't that p!ss one off something wicked?

1st Apr 2005, 16:58
Now wouldn't that p!ss one off something wicked?

Oh, I don't know. What about the rapist released today, who won 7m GBP from a ticket he bought on weekend release last year?

BTW, he _had been jailed for 'life'.

<edited> if a deity could influence events there are far worse things he could have prevented.


tony draper
1st Apr 2005, 17:32
Well they prolly only let him out a fortnight early, par for the course that is ,the Beak intones "you will go to prison for life" they wait a couple of years for the publicity and public interest to died down then they let em out , also gives em time to arrange to buy a nice safe house for them and to rustle up the half dozen social workers they will have looking after them.


1st Apr 2005, 18:21
A neighbour of mine won 10m. Really nice bloke - and worked as a nurse beforehand.

2nd Apr 2005, 20:58
The beak said: "For every moment you are at liberty some woman is at risk".

His victims cannot sue him because six years have passed since he assaulted them.

So that's alright then.