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31st Mar 2005, 08:07
This is for all those folks who have to ride the tube in the morning, if you've got to listen at work I suggest you keep the volume turned down unless you're boss is a good egg.

Click Me!! Click Me!! Click Me!! (http://www.mirell.org/swf/london_underground.swf)

The Invisible Cat
31st Mar 2005, 08:32

Tu quoque !?!?!?
:rolleyes: :confused:

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Onan the Clumsy
31st Mar 2005, 15:34
What's an Oyster Card?

31st Mar 2005, 15:36
It's a pearl of an idea ;)

31st Mar 2005, 15:42
Using an Oyster card instead of an annual season ticket is a lot cheaper these days.

Onan the Clumsy
31st Mar 2005, 15:43
Come on...don't everybody clam up.

31st Mar 2005, 15:46
The mystery of the oyster card explained (http://www.oystercard.com/)

31st Mar 2005, 16:38
I bet you have to shell out for one.

Onan the Clumsy
31st Mar 2005, 16:58
Oyster is London's travel smartcard system. At its heart is the Oyster card, which can store your Travelcard or Bus Pass season ticket or Pre Pay (pay-as-you-go travel value) for use on the Tube, buses, Docklands Light Railway, trams and National Rail services within London. So why did they use this

instead of this

31st Mar 2005, 17:17
Instead of what????????

31st Mar 2005, 19:32
Err... He'll be shelling the answer out any minute now.....