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30th Mar 2005, 21:29
I am thinking about booking a last minute cheapie holiday to Tunisia.

I don't know what it is like at this time of the year. Is it going to be awful or should I just go for it.

It seems incredibly cheap - probably to do with the fact that it departs from Gatwick and arrives in Manchester a week later!! I can manage the logistics of that so do you think it is ok? Is the weather warm in Tunisia now or will we sit there wishing we were freezing at home?

Sensible answers please!! :D

30th Mar 2005, 21:40
North Africa can get very cold at night during the winter and spring months, if the wind blows that just makes it worse!

30th Mar 2005, 21:40
You won't freeze.

However, I can honestly say that the week I spent in Hammamet was the worst holiday of my life.

The high spot was amoebic dysentery :yuk:

The locals don't quite pelt you with rotten fruit as you walk down the street but it ain't far off.

My (then) husband was offered 1,000 camels for me though :ok: At around 500 per camel, I said he should take it and I would escape later!!

We were pickpocketed, abandoned by the tour guide in a strange town, I was indecently assaulted by a "local" (who obviously couldn't afford a thousand camels) and my husband nearly arrested for defending me!

Other than that, the weather was fine. Alcohol is expensive although you can get a fig flavoured liqueur at the local supermarkets.

Wish I'd gone to Crete instead. The weather there would be OK too!!



30th Mar 2005, 22:32
Gosh it sounds so attractive!!:} :}

31st Mar 2005, 05:40
...... it departs from Gatwick and arrives in Manchester a week later!!
Sounds suspiciously like another Dickie Branson balloon attempt.

Then again, obviously not a Virgin, tart1. :E

phoenix son
31st Mar 2005, 06:05

Basically you get what you pay for, if you want a cheap and cheerful holiday in warmer weather than here, go for it.
It IS Africa, although watered down for the tourists, but that adds to the appeal for some, although constant hassle the minute you leave the hotel can get pretty tiresome...

Went to Hammamet many years ago, it was alright then, and also Port El Kantoui when it was still being built! Seemed OK, but I guess 15-odd years may have had an impact...

9th Apr 2005, 20:27
Thanx for the replies.

Decided in the end that journey would be too difficult and have opted to go to Luxor instead. Maybe just as bad as Tunisia but at least the temperature seems to be in the 80s and 90s every day.

(Have done a bulk-buy purchase of Immodium just in case!! :yuk: )

9th Apr 2005, 20:49
Don't forget dioralyte as well! It replaces the salts in your body lost through a dose of the squits :yuk:

Don't have ice in your drinks and be careful of washed salads.

Anyway, have a good time love. Take care



9th Apr 2005, 21:54
Thanks Whirly! :D

Got lots of Dioralyte too - no room for clothes in suitcase due to taking so much medication! Still it's good insurance I hope. ;)

10th Apr 2005, 02:51
Why would you go to Tunisia when the Greek Islands are just down the Med?

7006 fan
10th Apr 2005, 05:48
Nowt much wrong with Luxor. Athough most probably changed in the last 15 years. I found it fairly cosmapolitan lthough the streets left a lot to be desired!
Definitely 'do' the Son et Lumiere at Karnak temple it is brilliant -but take the tour in daylight first it doesn't work the other way around-. I wish I had bought the video of the show. The remains of the temples are awe inspiring and of course there is the Valley of Kings and Queens.
Weather-wise it should be hotting up now -I think the rainfall in Egypt is about 1 inch per annum:O
I went in August and temperatures topped 43-45 degrees evenings were in the low 30's. Not sure about April/May but would imagine it would be quite balmy. My Father was based in the Middle East in WW2 and he said a jumper was needed at night... but at this time of year maybe not, and he was in the mountains!.
Make sure you get a room with air-con.
If you want to splash-out go to Abu Simbel but I think the flight is quite expensive...be prepared for a shock, when I flew on Egyptair it was like being on a country bus, the locals even bought live chickens on the flight. (bit like flying lo-co here I suppose :O ). The view of the Cateracts as one flies in is superb


Morgan James
10th Apr 2005, 08:09
The Temple of Luxor is a must and so is the Temple of Karnak. If you can, visit the Valley of Queens, home to dozens of remarkable tombs including that of Nefertari, favourite consort of Rameses II.

Here is a link to a site giving some fascinating detail about the Valley of the Kings (http://homepage.powerup.com.au/~ancient/kv.htm). It includes a complete list of tombs.

10th Apr 2005, 11:53
I'm a little confused. I thought a last minute holiday was something one decided on the spur of the moment. Not one where one announces one's intention to depart and only 10 days later decide on the destination...?! :O

You might be able to surmise by the timing of this post that one is not enjoying a Sunday roast... ;)

10th Apr 2005, 13:50
It would seem that a last-minute holiday is one where you book within a couple of weeks of departure and pay the full amount all at once.

One has to trawl through what seems like millions of different websites and be told that there are no holidays available for your particular dates and requirements.

Then you get desperate and book something much more expensive than you meant to because you really want to go somewhere and don't want to miss out. (I thought last-minute deals were supposed to be cheaper!)

Well, it's a commitment now and it's time to go.

Bye :cool:

CarltonBrowne the FO
10th Apr 2005, 21:46
If you have room in your suitcase with all the medication, I would suggest a roll or two of soft toilet paper, and a packet of the moist toilet wipes. So much more comforting after an, err, squit related incident!

10th Apr 2005, 21:48
temps in the 80's & 90's, look forward to a nice report on the pros & cons of tan lines (or lack of) when you return

24th Apr 2005, 20:53
The temperature was in the 90s and sunny.

The so-called 5-star accommodation turned out to be the worst hotel room I've stayed in since I was a pauper many years ago.

I complained immediately and was shown (with a great flourish) another room which was exactly the same! I also emailed the holiday company but they did nothing.

I intended to come back and make a lot of noise and complain about the mis-description of this holiday.

Anyway ........ to cut a long story short .......... after 3 uncomfortable nights in said room, I woke up covered in bites which puzzled me because my room-mate (my son) had none and nobody else appeared to be suffering from bites of any kind, in fact there were no mosquitos at all in evidence.

When I pulled back the sheet on my bed on the fourth night, there were a few little black specks on the sheet and that was when I realised what they were. I went down to reception to complain and the reaction was amazing. Half an hour later, we were settled in the Ambassador Suite and it was of a very different standard to our original room - it was like being in a different hotel.

It really took the wind out of my sails when it came to complaining! The cost of our 4 nights in that suite was more than the cost of the whole holiday and it was very nice.

And yes, I've got white bits a) because I like them and b) it is not at all the done thing to go topless or whatever in Egypt. I got my bottom pinched walking down the street in a long skirt and covered up top - to call the men lecherous is a massive understatement. And don't begin to mention the pestering for money, etc. But we mostly enjoyed it and the Temples are fantastic! :cool: