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30th Mar 2005, 20:17
How can a professional footballer get a yellow card because his boot fell off?

Absolutely ridiculous!

30th Mar 2005, 20:20

I think you will find he was incorrectly dressed!!! as a boot on the hand doesn't count!!!

Still I think the referee could have reacted a lot better and 'told' him to put the boot back on!!!

Still waiting for the avalanche of goals the Press promised!!!

30th Mar 2005, 20:21
Because he is David Beckam !!!!!!!!!!!

He walked off and back oto the pitch without approval ( Silly Bugger)


30th Mar 2005, 20:22
I think the card was given because he left the pitch then came back on without the refs say so, nothing to do with the boot itself.

30th Mar 2005, 20:26
Not wanting to cause a riot (well maybe!!!:D )

How do the players get the ball for a throw in with out leaving the pitch, do they have to ask first!!!

Could the yellow have something to do with the ref being a wa..... (courtesy of Lexxity in Trabby 4)

30th Mar 2005, 20:28
Paul O'Connell kneels on Sidoli's chest and punches him repeatedly in the face... told to calm down

Fashion icon loses footwear / leaves pitch for a few seconds... yellow card

It's getting less and less about sport and more and more about the media hype.

30th Mar 2005, 20:55
Yet another situation in football proving the inconsistency with referees, he was so hot to pick up on the fact that Beckham had stepped over a line (whilst nowhere near play) but missed so many other things.

Strike of the match ? Lamps V Upright at about Mach 3 !!

What say Syllo ? ;)

30th Mar 2005, 21:04
It was a fair crack.

I have to say though (mostly 'cos Miss World's about and she likes to pick on me) our chaps didn't shine above the rest of the team quite as brightly as in Sundays match.

Suppose it's good to sit back and give the underlings a go with the ball now and again mind. :E

31st Mar 2005, 07:38
I think the assistant ref had told Beckham he couldn't return to the field with his boot off, but Beckham ignored him. To give a yellow card and award a free kick is, however, stupidity compared to other offences that are allowed unpunished.

31st Mar 2005, 07:50
Instead of getting all defensive why not look objectively at what happened,

Beckham has boot problems. Now he can either put the boot straight back on and continue play, or leave the pitch and sort it out.
But what does he do? He sonters about on the field, boot-in-hand, puts it back on, hobbles about, takes it back off, kicks the approaching ball away, puts the boot back on, takes it back off, etc.

Meanwhile, according to the TV commentary, the linesman has warned him to stay off the pitch to sort himself out, which he did not do, and calls in the referee. Result: Yellow card.
Quiet right and probably in line with the rule book.

This is called 'lack of respect for the game' in IceHockey *)

edited to add:
I agree with eal, a free kick would maybe have done it if Beckham had accepted the first comments from the ref.

31st Mar 2005, 08:28
Could you imagine Pierre Luigi Collina doing that? No. I don't think so. The referee and linesmen were being pathetic. Without some latitude in repect of the rules, the game will be hijacked by a bunch of jobsworths. The referee was not very good in general. The game wasn't too agressive and the mark of a good ref in a match like that is his ability to let the game flow and not hinder play.

Good job it was Sven and not Jose in charge.

31st Mar 2005, 08:32
Without some latitude in repect of the rules, the game will be hijacked by a bunch of jobsworths.
The problem is where the "latitude" lies. Many refs will penalise for what Beckham did, yet when confronted with Rooney going "F**king hell, ref, you f**king f**k, what the f**k was that f**king for" etc. nothing happens. Swearing at the ref is a bookable offense, though you'd never believe it! Ditto when trying to move a wall ten yards back, the players shuffle their feet a bit without moving, then the ref just gives up! I've seen it so many times!

31st Mar 2005, 09:41
Well......at least Owen had a good game :yuk:

31st Mar 2005, 09:42
Not according to the Azeri Guvnor...http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/internationals/4387967.stm

31st Mar 2005, 10:24
Yeah let's blame the refs woohoo :hmm:

Referees just an escape goat for the teams own mistakes and abilities :* If it doesn't go their way the obvious reason is to blame the referee, nothing new here.

What was MO doing in the pitch anyway? Rooney should have stayed...

31st Mar 2005, 10:37
Poor little Michael, he looks like a small boy lost in a vast shopping mall.

Think it's time to call time on his England career (until his form picks up). For god's sake though Sven, do not recall Heskey!!

31st Mar 2005, 10:45
Yeah let's blame the refs woohoo
Er, are you reading the same thread as the rest of us? :confused:

31st Mar 2005, 10:53
Er, are you reading the same thread as the rest of us?

It was meant to be a general comment, not "just" relating to this game, my fault.

Orange Arm Waver
31st Mar 2005, 10:54
Its only a game - not as if life or death is it?:E :ouch:

31st Mar 2005, 11:20

Let Kanoute answer that question... :ooh: :ouch: