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30th Mar 2005, 15:26
"CHARLOTTE Church is squirming with embarrassment after a topless snap meant for her boyfriend was texted to hundreds of mobile phones.
The 19-year-old singer took the picture herself for her new love, rugby pin-up Gavin Henson. "

C'mon someone, send me a link :E I know it's out there!

30th Mar 2005, 15:39
Here (http://www.babycentre.co.uk/expert/556553.html) you go TC.

Miss World
30th Mar 2005, 15:45
Charlotte texted the picture to Gavin before his crucial game against Ireland, but he reportedly misplaced his phone in the post match celebrations and it was circulated among his friends' phones.

Poor Charlotte!!

Onan the Clumsy
30th Mar 2005, 15:59
Poor Gavin morelike :\

In any event, isn't she thirteen or something?

30th Mar 2005, 16:20
Charlotte Church isn't a place of worship in South Carolina??:8 :}


30th Mar 2005, 17:13
Most uninteresting celeb ever invented!

A total waste of space.:mad:

30th Mar 2005, 17:20
Agreed IB.
Being a superchav is bad enough, but being a Welsh one, that really takes the biscuit!:ugh:

Miss World
30th Mar 2005, 17:36
Personally, i don't mind Charlotte church.. i think she's done quite well for herself...

As for celebs that annoy, those that have done nothing and are only famous for their partners fame... ie, the footballers wives pictured shopping every day.

30th Mar 2005, 20:43
so no one seems to have the link or the picture???:}

30th Mar 2005, 20:49
Quick search of the internet says she has copyrighted the picture and will sue anyone publishing it.

How long before a link appears on this esteeemed forum?

30th Mar 2005, 20:51
OOOh very soon I hope!!! In fact I can't wait much longer:E

30th Mar 2005, 21:05
I did like her in that film of her's that was panned by pretty much everyone. Great soft Welsh voice and even better when she sang. Great rendition of Summertime.

Where's the link?:hmm:

30th Mar 2005, 21:07
I liked her singing Tonight from Westside Story.

It needed a bit of polishing but she needs to keep singing :D

Fg Off Max Stout
30th Mar 2005, 21:22
I can't stand her. Her totally uninformed and ignorant quasi-moralistic/political ramblings of a year or so ago proved to me that she is a vacuous , foolish little chavette with nothing going for her but a reasonable voice (for the moment), good PR people, and a great set of bangers.

30th Mar 2005, 21:35
people people.... lets stay focused at the issue at hand....we can discuss her voice in another thread :cool: lets continue finding the link to....

so far no luck... but the search continues...:}

30th Mar 2005, 21:36
Come along Stout...give the lady a break....she's tallented...attractive and making a huge amount of money... at 19 !... how would you have compared at that age ? Ifshe sounds vacuous discussing politics it's only because someone even more vacuous was stupid enough to ask her opinion in the first pace...

31st Mar 2005, 08:21
So at last we've found something that pprune can't help us with. Buggah... emails to my 'seedier' mates are in order now.

no, no, no
31st Mar 2005, 12:39
has anyone found them yet? I've been looking but only found the ones of her nearly topless sunbathing last year. maybe if you do find them you could pm them to me - probably safer than posting it and having it removed!!!!!

someone please cheer up my day!!!

31st Mar 2005, 16:43
So let me get this straight.

You're using these hallowed halls in an attempt to obtain a photo of Ms Church's breasts?

31st Mar 2005, 16:46
Aw, c'mon Jerricho, if she's 19 it ain't exactly child porn or anything.

Besides, one does not remember Ms. Church's name in this context before, not even when we spent a zillion pages discussing Jenny Agutter's tits et al. :ok:

31st Mar 2005, 17:14
Howling, you have me all wrong.

I was making sure I had the story straight ;) ;)

(Where's 747Focal..............I'm sure he's probably got a link for you :E )

7th Apr 2005, 00:38
Nobody Found Them Yet?

7th Apr 2005, 00:46
It's on http://www.volkzone.co.uk/Vzi/forumdisplay.php?f=18 in the adult section ;)

Must be a member


12th Apr 2005, 13:36
Not THE picture, but still quite nice:-

Go Smoke
12th Apr 2005, 13:38
Great ploy to flush out the dirty old men here on PPruNe!

Count me in with the password please veeps!


12th Apr 2005, 14:45
All as requested have PM's

You dirty old men.....in a Harold Steptoe voice!!


Hint for password try........................................ yummie

no, no, no
12th Apr 2005, 14:52
bless ya........

got this one the other day on my phone so wanted to see if it matched up, so 2 pics the same out of 2 can't be bad - and who cares if it's real........ I would!!!


phoenix son
13th Apr 2005, 11:57
"Researched" this website avec password last night at home, 2 things sprung to mind;

1/ Nice t1ts, even though it's a photoshop job, good effort nonetheless

2/ What on earth is that bike with the "modified" seatpost all about?:eek:

Echo Zulu Yankee
13th Apr 2005, 12:28
As others have said that linked to image is a fake, someone (obviously more perverted than myself) has sent me the two original images that were blended,

Its a beautiful job but, alas, it is fake

The hunt to find the real pic is still on!

13th Apr 2005, 14:37
Don't know if this term is in the universal lexicon, but 'Dugs' came to mind straightaway.

13th Apr 2005, 16:02
If you want one of the best CC sites on the web, give this one a go

Charlotte Church (http://www.progressivechurch.org/Charlotte.htm)

13th Apr 2005, 16:23
419, you should be b1tch-slapped for that one. VFF. :ouch:

13th Apr 2005, 16:48
Have to admit I did find a few odities on my searches, one which grabbed my attention was 'Kidnappers take refuge in Charlotte Church'. Which conjured up all kinds of images in my filth riddled brain.

13th Apr 2005, 22:28
Saw the pic today on a mates mobile, Gavin's a lucky boy :ooh: :ooh: wonderful boobs :ok: :ok: :ok:

no, no, no
14th Apr 2005, 09:33
Jal - then please feel free to share!!!!

14th Apr 2005, 18:49
Try here:

Charlotte Church (http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/music/images/wallpaper/charlotte_church-640.jpg)

Mac the Knife
14th Apr 2005, 19:21
Hmmm.... Udderly ridiculous.

Not very nice really - she'll be playing soccer with 'em in a year or two.

Looks like she requires my services :E


14th Apr 2005, 20:40
That image was previously found and called a fake pasteup.

The hunt continues.

14th Apr 2005, 22:02
Yes, I know - look at the date.

But the fantasy's nice.

Hang on. Somebody's altered the hyperlink!

How can that happen?

4th Aug 2005, 14:55
Council workers suspended (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/4745555.stm)

Slow news day, perhaps, in Wales...

4th Aug 2005, 15:06
That's disgusting. They should be praised for spreading news of her beauty far & wide.

Now to get hold of a copy of their hard disks...... :E

4th Aug 2005, 15:27
I'll gladly meet half their legal fees if they forward me a copy.

Got any Kath Jenkins pics as well?:E

Jordan D
4th Aug 2005, 23:20
My hasn't the welsh one grown ... one could say all that singing has caused a certain 'lung capacity' expansion ....

I'll get my coat.


Flip Flop Flyer
5th Aug 2005, 03:32
Sooo, a semi-fat bint with orange skin legs is now considered a totty? Only in Blighty :rolleyes:

5th Aug 2005, 03:57
Hush hush, sweet Charlotte
Charlotte, don't you cry
Hush hush, sweet Charlotte
He'll love you till he dies

Movie, 1964.

5th Aug 2005, 11:49
I have got some nude photos of my Chief Pilots wife...anyone interested?

5th Aug 2005, 12:09
"Chief Pilots wife...anyone interested?"

If it's the same Chief Pilot as I'm thinking of, no ta.. most of us already have a selection of her. :ok:

new website for those interested (http://www.justcharlotte.co.uk)

5th Aug 2005, 12:27
Brace yourselves guys here it is

Lon More
5th Aug 2005, 13:16
So tomorrow the Mirror will have a Shock, Horror headline with a link to the original photo?