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Miss World
30th Mar 2005, 15:19
Ive recently quit the gym partly because of cost and i just hated the atmosphere in the gym i used. I thought while its getting nicer weather i'll start jogging...

someone give me some motivation to get fit!!! i'm just lookin out the window at the rain and thinkin :mad: it!!

tall and tasty
30th Mar 2005, 15:24
Hi Miss world

Step aerobics. Do it every day and love it. As you can vary the work out you do and the music you listen to. Can do it by yourself at home which I do alot or go to a class I go once a week. Very good for endurance posture and everything else.

Swimming is another one especially if the pool has discos or has music playing as you are swimming up and down, as it can get boring.

Well I could mention a third which keeps one very fit apparently but I think you may know where I am heading. :p

Have fun and maybe do it with someone that always keeps the keeness there

TnT :ok:

Ps my biggest motivation is getting into my bikini for this summer

30th Mar 2005, 15:24
Need motivation?

Go down the gym or do plenty of jogging, and you too could look like this when you're 40!

Elle (http://www.cinema-stars.com/ElleMcpherson/)

Lon More
30th Mar 2005, 15:40
I'd be very worried if I looked like that:}

30th Mar 2005, 16:05
Miss W, have you thought about getting a mountain bike?

Much more fun when you've gotta a bit of music blasting through the walkman, but prob. not a good idea in traffic.

There are a few good trails in Manchester, including the trans-peninne way, running from Altrincham to Runcorn. Its pretty flat and pretty scenery. You can do a circular route via the canal towpath.

Alternatively, get the train to edale and try out a few mountain bridleways.

30th Mar 2005, 16:23
someone give me some motivation to get fit!!! Get out there on yer bike ye fat cow!

Is that good enough Miss World?:E:E


you know I don't mean that slight on yer curves Miss W.....;)

30th Mar 2005, 16:37
Yeh, a bit of Ozzy through the walkman's pretty good.

Miss World
30th Mar 2005, 16:40
Ha Ha.. see thats what i need... someone to tell me!! Fancy being a personal trainer Oz!?

30th Mar 2005, 16:47
Well I could mention a third which keeps one very fit apparently but I think you may know where I am heading.

I'm sure it improved my lungs and heart, but you should see what its done to my clam digger.

30th Mar 2005, 17:30
Motivation to stay in shape? Two words......


(Of course I'm sure you look just fine already)


Miss World
30th Mar 2005, 17:32
BINGO WINGS! Ive never heard that one before!

30th Mar 2005, 17:42
Well, that's probably a good sign!

30th Mar 2005, 17:46
I'd be happy to act as your personal trainer Miss World. Of course, first we'll need to do a full physical. You can step behind that curtain and disrobe....I'll be back after I warm me hands up :E


30th Mar 2005, 19:45
my biggest motivation is getting into my bikini I always have the urge to get into those too! :E

30th Mar 2005, 20:16
If you try Tnt's third way in a bikini it will be like endurance training!!!

30th Mar 2005, 20:55
The disco music was the biggest motivation I ever had - to stop going to the gym entirely. It was bad enough doing my knees in without my ears following them across the Styx.

Have to say that on the rare occasions something good came on, it certainly made me go quicker. But then I'd just collapse sooner.

tall and tasty
31st Mar 2005, 09:26

I am sure you would not look good in a bikini

opps just re read it again and see where you are coming from! :O

But Miss World to be honest you really don't need to pound loads of flesh to get fit, you can do simple exercises sitting at a desk called isometrics where you use your own body against itself to get the desired effect (or of course if you really want someone elses as this is JB) and you never notice that you have done them. Bit like the airline inflight fitness programmes.

Or just go and pinch an Italian gentleman's bottom and run you will get really fit with him chasing you!

TnT :p

PPRuNe Radar
31st Mar 2005, 09:38
Isometrics .. is that where the left hand makes a post in opposition to the right making the same one T&T ?? :p :}