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29th Mar 2005, 12:34
Afghan housewife admits serial killing of 27 men

A housewife in Afghanistan, where crime used to be almost unheard of, has become one of the world's most prolific women serial killers after admitting that she murdered at least 27 men.

Afghanistan's chief prosecutor is calling for the death penalty for Shirin Gul, 39, her lover Rahmatullah, 18-year-old son and four others after the bodies of 18 men were found buried in the backyard of her home in the eastern city of Jalalabad. A further six corpses were found in the yard of a property in Kabul. Another corpse, that of Gul's 60-year-old first husband, was subsequently discovered under the floor of her Jalalabad home while two other bodies were found elsewhere.

"She has admitted she killed them," said Gen Mohammed Zahir Nahem, senior investigator for Afghanistan's National Security Directorate. "These people were professional killers; their houses were places of terror."

Most of Gul's offences are believed to have been committed since the Taliban fled the 2001 American invasion. Crime was virtually non-existent during the fundamentalist militia's rule.

Police say most of the victims of Gul and her accomplices were taxi drivers. According to confessions, Rahmatullah or Samiullah, her son, took taxis to their home and then invited in the taxi drivers for cups of tea, a typical display of hospitality in Afghanistan. Gul then offered the men kebabs which were laced with sedatives. Once the victim was rendered helpless, they were strangled. Police found rope around the necks of all the bodies.

The victims' cars were then taken to the town of Miram Shah on the Pakistan border where they were sold.

Police believe that Gul's husband, Mohammed Azam, was initially part of the murder gang but was subsequently killed when Gul and Rahmatullah became lovers.

Police were finally alerted in June of last year when a wealthy businessman disappeared in Kabul.

In her prison cell in Pul-e-Chakri prison, Kabul's notoriously grim Soviet-built jail, Gul says she now retracts her confessions.

"I knew there were fresh bodies in the yard, but I did not see or do these things," she said yesterday. "I am a Pashtun woman and we cannot even speak to strangers who come to the house."

29th Mar 2005, 13:50
Quite right and proper too, didn't speak to them merely offered them tea and kebabs. That they then staggered outside into the back yeard fell into holes and covered themselves up with dirt was nothing to do with me m'lud. As for the taxiis outside they were causing a nuisance I was merely fulfilling my civic duty by removing them and covering my costs to do so.
She might not get stoned but I just have a gut feeling this may have yet another terminal ending coming.:ooh:

29th Mar 2005, 13:53
I fervently believe that women like Shirin Gul are prolific in many major cities worldwide. Which would explain the difficulties in getting cabs... :8

29th Mar 2005, 14:39
"I thought I'd had my last glass of Elderberry wine"

"Oh no . . . here it is !"

Classic !

29th Mar 2005, 14:47
Mohammed Azzam one then takes was not a tea and kebab man, one does wonder what got him from digging/into holes.

tony draper
29th Mar 2005, 14:49
We had a Mrs Willson near where I lived as a sprog, she offed three or four hubbies with arsenic for their insurance money twas my old Doctor who got suspicious and had a word with old bill, she was sentenced to be hung, but as I recal she died in nick before they could stretch her.
When a neigbour commented when she wedded her last victim that there was a lot of wedding cake left over, she replied thats ok twill do for his funeral.
True that is.
Deadlier than the male as they say.

29th Mar 2005, 15:12
Slightly off course I know however the clerk taking care of entries to the Obit column of the Daily Nation a popular rag in Kenya gets a call from a Mrs Jerogi who request him to have paper and pencil handy. On being told to go ahead she dictates " Jerogi Dead" stops then enquires how much? Clerk slightly taken aback explains 200/-, she is a tad put out her short message costs so much and is told it is the minumum charge for five words.
A pause. Did he have paper and pencil ready? He did.
" Jerogi dead. Toyota for sale."