View Full Version : cuban Il-18 severly damaged

29th Mar 2005, 11:06
Yesterday an Aerocaribbean IL-18 (CU-T1539, ex Cubana) was extesively damaged when it experienced engine failure (+fire) on takeoff run at Caracas-Maiquetia (SVMI)



seems to be a total loss


29th Mar 2005, 16:17
"captain, I think we've lost number one"

29th Mar 2005, 20:08
Si, El Heffe will not be pleased, he will dock my $5 paycheck for this week !

29th Mar 2005, 20:49
Very luck to not have a fire, also interesting that no slides deployed??

29th Mar 2005, 21:34
No slides deployed?? Hello? This is an IL-18, Slides? Hahahaha

Ranger 1
29th Mar 2005, 22:43
Just curious does anyone know what the pod on top the rudder is?
some kind if radar that was bolted on by Cubana the previous owner perhaps? As I have not seen this on a IL 18 before.

Ignition Override
30th Mar 2005, 04:58
Just curious, but did the airline always have enough (affordable?)spare parts available from whatever countries, or did they create some of their own, as was required for the Convair 580 at a US airline in the 80s?

Did Russia (or Poland, Czech Republik...) continue to manufacture spare parts long after the Soviet era was over? Old Aeroflot fragmented into dozens of separate airlines, which were suddenly based in many countries, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania etc.

Clarence Oveur
30th Mar 2005, 05:29
I hear that a recovery-team is on the way. Apparently it consists if a carpenter, a seamstress and a box of duct tape.

30th Mar 2005, 05:50
The pod on the rudder is a gravity feed coal replenishment unit. Btw, the Czechs still manufacture IL18 parts...they are cleverly disguised as Skodas:E

henry crun
30th Mar 2005, 08:06
Silberfuchs: You use the term Vertical Fin.

Genuine question, what other sort, other than vertical, is there ?

30th Mar 2005, 08:26
It is indeed a former Soviet Air Force IL-22M, CCCP-75916, built 1983. Sold off in 1998, it came to Cuba only 18 months ago. Aerocaribbean is the charter division (loosely speaking) of Cubana.

Anorak off !

30th Mar 2005, 08:29
Well if you want to be pedantic, the proper terminology would be the vertical stabilizer; as against the horizontal stabilizer.:ok:

30th Mar 2005, 12:39
Is that anything like the "One-year anniversary" phrase which media are so fond of using, here in the colonies?

gas path
30th Mar 2005, 12:41
...........seems to be a total loss...............
Crash? Accident? Aw I dunno! Paint Qantas on the side of it and it'll be back flying quicker than you can say 'golf course':rolleyes: :rolleyes: :E :E