View Full Version : TV/Radio Ratings. How do they know how many watched what?

29th Mar 2005, 09:34
Hi all. Can anyone tell me how the beeb, itv, sky etc get their ratings for shows?

How do they know 7.5 million people watched something the other night?

How does it all work :confused:

If your average telly user watches something for a bit then turns over how would the tv companies know?

I am not a great lover of telly, only watch the football/cricket/bike racing on it but I know people who are always 'flipping' from channel to channel all the time!

So, how do they know how many are watching........ :8

29th Mar 2005, 09:42
This (http://www.nielsenmedia.com/) is as good a place as any to start reading up on stuff like that BRL. :)

29th Mar 2005, 10:31
What baffles me BRL is - given that the BBC gets paid their licence fee anyway - what difference does it make to them how many people watch it ?

I can understand the commercial channels wanting to know so they can sell advertising slots, but the BBC's a captive audience, so why do they care ? I once asked a BBC producer why, and he didn't know.

29th Mar 2005, 10:42
At a wild guess I'd imagine the reason that the BBC care is so that when people kick up about the licence fee they can quote their ratings and claim that they have higher viewing figures due to superior programming funded by and thus justifying said fee. :hmm:

29th Mar 2005, 12:50
15/16 years ago was in Round Table with a guy who was employed in that "industry".

He explained that they provided a given number of homes with a black box type machine, attached to a phone line and their TV, which monitored viewing habits. Then you do a multiplyer of your sample and "bob's your auntie!".......figures for the nation.:suspect:

29th Mar 2005, 17:42

I always thought they had people walking around looking in people windows to see what they were watching. Mate of mine used to do it all the time. Haven't seen him for a while though.............