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29th Mar 2005, 05:54
Stuck as I am in sunny Florida and having read the Dr Who thread, I'm keen to know what else is good on the box back home right now. Is there anything good? What's truly pish?

If anyone's interested in the next top imports from the States, to my mind they are;

Boston Legal - Extremely cutting comedy/drama featuring William Shatner.

Blind Justice - Interesting idea about a blind cop.

Gray's Anatomy - ER type surgical drama, featuring the stunning girl from Old School.

Jake In Progress - 'Playboy settles down' type comedy.

For all I know, they're already showing them now.

tony draper
29th Mar 2005, 08:35
Is the next series of the Sopranos done yet?, only thing on telly one looks forward to now.
Telly in the UK is wall to wall sh*te now so yer missing nowt.

Standard Noise
29th Mar 2005, 08:52
We're getting 'The Practice' here, but they haven't started 'Boston Legal' yet, at least not to my knowledge. Sounds good though, well, according to ABC's website.

'The Apprentice' is quite good (our version with Sir Alan Sugar).
But that's about it at the moment. Take last night for example, Easter Monday on the supposedly one of the best public broadcast channels in the world, BBC1.....................

17:25 - Eastenders A-Z (a 2 hour trawl through 20 years of the most dreary, depressing cack ever made, presented by Jonathon Woss. Give me strength!:yuk: )
19:25 - BBC News
20:00 - Eastenders (up to date dreary, depressing cack)
:{ :{

Don't forget to pay your licence fee folks!:rolleyes:

29th Mar 2005, 14:49
You missed Colditz, top ITV original drama:ok: Twas excellent, one recommends you buy it on DVD, otherwise that was about it for the bank holiday weekend apart from the footie and that was only good in the second half (which I missed)

29th Mar 2005, 17:11
They have recently started show "The Bill" here on Showcase cable. It's from about 2 years ago when that Chandler guy shhots himself. Mrs J is so happy.

Oh, and they're showing a freakin' EastEnders omnibus as well. Bastards.

Onan the Clumsy
29th Mar 2005, 17:18
You are joking right?

Boston Legal - Extremely crap pointless drivel with Captain Kirk saying things that would get a normal person fired.

Blind Justice - Uninteresting idea about a blind cop who wouldn't be allowed to do this job in real life.

Gray's Anatomy - ER type show with lots of young people having sex, or not as the case may be, but leading irrelevent lives that in no way reflect reality.

Jake In Progress - 'Playboy settles down' type comedy that might seem funny if you'd spent the day in a Nazi labour camp. (actually I haven't seen this one).

And The Practice? oh please, we're criminal attornies and we've JUST realised that we set murderers free, oh still my beating concience :yuk:

(did Eugene and David Carruso go to the same minimalist acting school)

For top tele, I watched the American Experience last night, a documentary about building the Boulder, then Hoover, then Boulder, then Hoover again dam. Excellent stuff and if you want comedic value, try coulnting the historical infringements of current day OSHA regulations.

29th Mar 2005, 17:22
ER type show with lots of young people having sex

*Jerricho fails to see the problem*

tony draper
29th Mar 2005, 17:26
Some of us prooner hate young people and think we should be allowed to shoot em on sight.

29th Mar 2005, 17:32
Onan, remind me to invite you to my next party, I'm sure you'd be the life and soul. ;)

Onan the Clumsy
29th Mar 2005, 17:35
:p Yes sorry about that. Sometimes it's hard to comment on a previous post without seeming to be less than gracious to the host :cool:

29th Mar 2005, 17:43
Not at all Old Boy. Have to agree with the David Caruso observation now you mention it.

29th Mar 2005, 17:53
Oh great.

Onan's off on one again about David bloody Caruso (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=152475)

29th Mar 2005, 18:52
Greetings from Florida.

Watchable on US TV right now:

'House' starring Stephen Laurie. Really! He plays a crippled American doctor. Really good too!

'Kojak' Just saw the pilot. It's a two hour remaske starring Ving Rhames (black American) who plays the character like Telly Savalas but a lot cooler!

We get UK football on the new Fox Soccer Channel on digital cable. 'Bout time!

Was the Colditz a repeat of the old 70's series or a new one?

Curious Pax
17th Jun 2005, 09:26
Pedant mode on/
It's Hugh Laurie (who used to work with Stephen Fry, which may be where the onfusion comes in).
Pedant mode off/

House has appeared over here on Channel 5 recently, and based on about 4 episodes it is rather good. It may be that I like it because I wish I could be both good at my job and get away with being that curmudgeonly, though I'm a very pale imitation at either. Here may be the place to start a rumour that the character is based on our esteemed Mr Draper!

As a Brit I'm not well placed to judge an American accent, but I read that the producers didn't realise he wasn't American when they hired him, having only seen his audition tape in which he used the accent he uses in the show.

From last nights show (16 year old patient has gone missing somewhere around the hospital):
"We should call his parents"
"Why? Do you think they are hiding him?"

17th Jun 2005, 09:32
I saw House for the first time last night. It will become a regular feature - thought it was brilliant.

17th Jun 2005, 09:35
Boston Legal is in the UK - it's on "Living TV" - if anyone knows what that is!

17th Jun 2005, 09:36
What a shame that all US drama has to have the sickly sweet endings.:yuk: :yuk:

17th Jun 2005, 12:30
The thing wrong with youth is it is wasted on the young!

17th Jun 2005, 17:10
Thanks dad............can I borrow the car tonight?

tony draper
17th Jun 2005, 21:22
Not with another young man in the back seat with you anyway.

Loose rivets
18th Jun 2005, 08:25
Johnny Staccato, what's he up to these days? Ooooh, and Ben Casey. Now there's a brain surgeon for you.:rolleyes: