View Full Version : If you were a Time Lord.....

28th Mar 2005, 18:23
....like Dr.Who or Bill S Preston, esq

Who/where/when would you go?

I would love to have met Preston Tucker (personal hero of mine). Maybe seeing dinosaurs would be quite interesting...

tony draper
28th Mar 2005, 18:41
I wuddn't be going anywhere, I would be in the Tardis givin me companion a good seeing too.
Especially that Tegan.

28th Mar 2005, 18:47
I'd go back to 5 minutes before a mate made a major mistake and have a quiet word.

28th Mar 2005, 19:31
There are times when I think I'd go anywhere else but this festering little planet!

28th Mar 2005, 19:53
I recon forward about 50 years just to see how much more we have screwed up the planet.

(Sorry for being so negative........just coming down off my Chocky Easter egg high)

Capn Notarious
28th Mar 2005, 21:38
I would go back and tell myself to be polite to my parents.
For I now know it's hard work.

29th Mar 2005, 02:22
I should like to go to Paris from 1895 through 1913. Aviation and art at it's finest.

29th Mar 2005, 02:33
I would be really smart and take my hand-held GPS reciever along on Christopher Columbus's voyage.

Hang on a moment...

29th Mar 2005, 03:04
I'd like to see Canada as it was 1000 years in the past. It would be cool to hang with the First Nations people and smoke some of the peace pipe.

29th Mar 2005, 03:59

29th Mar 2005, 04:08
I'd go back to Block 8 on No.3A Wing, RAF Halton at 0845 hrs on the 18th September 1963, shake my head, put the pen back in my pocket, and leave the room... ;)

29th Mar 2005, 07:15
Me? I'd just pop forward a few days to get the winning numbers for the next Lotto roll-over jackpot, pop back and buy the ticket, then pop forward and find out which nag is going to win the National, the Derby, the Cheltenham Gold Cup etc, next year's Six-Nations winners, soccer World Cup winners.....oh, the possibilities!

Echo Zulu Yankee
29th Mar 2005, 08:42
Go back to all the post war periods with all funds accumulated in the manner described by wingswinger; then buy all the surplus aircraft I could find: Spits, Lysanders, Mossies etc and put them in a massive hangar employing lots of ex engineers to keep them in flying status.

Buy the last Valkyrie before it got put in a museum along with a small oil field to keep it going....ok perhaps a large one. Perhaps a couple of post Vietnam Phantoms and Thuds...and the rest

The Concordeski would be interesting.

Perhaps some 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 while they were new could be fun.

And then I'd go buy a nice broom with a good strong handle and do some runway sweeping on the 25th of July 2000.

I'm so materialistic :(


29th Mar 2005, 10:04
next year's Six-Nations winners

....just think red ;)

29th Mar 2005, 11:42
.......I'd go out and buy a super sized bottle of Gaviscon - 'coz with TWO tickers that heartburn would be a killer!!

29th Mar 2005, 12:28

Just think red

Quite happy to as I'm an honorary Welshman but only until the boys in dark blue sort themselves out!

tall and tasty
29th Mar 2005, 12:37
This is so diffcult

I would love to go back and save thousands from a disaster but wy changing time like that unfortunately we would not learn as it seems the human race is good at only shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.

But I think I would like to stop the events that lead up to the loss of those on board the Titanic but by doing that ships would sail without enough lifeboats to this day! :(

Maybe go back and discover something earlier that would advance things like medicine/technology sooner!

TnT :ok:

29th Mar 2005, 13:10
I'd go back to the time when...

Hands over your buzzers please, ready for the next question?

OK, Adam & Eve. Pay attention! The next question will affect the whole future of mankind:

Given the choice between incest and bestiality, what would you choose...?! ;) :uhoh:

tony draper
29th Mar 2005, 13:30
"Err,can't we have both Lord?"


29th Mar 2005, 13:44
Now then Mr D your first submission I was in complete accordance with, the second leads only to perdition... mind you not that the said female did any better with her origional choice.
As with yourself and the first choice the Tardis would have moved only imperceptibly though the occupants one hopes would have reached the stars.:\

29th Mar 2005, 16:16
Having though about it, I would go back like what they did in that Blackadder episode, and give William Shakespeare a good bloody good kicking.

29th Mar 2005, 16:46
give William Shakespeare a good bloody good kicking
you couldn't...cause he never really existed

29th Mar 2005, 16:50
How about you be a nice man and play the game Handspring. ;)

(Some fecker wrote them bloody plays I was forced to read at school. I'll go and give them a good kicking)

29th Mar 2005, 16:52
t'was some other fecker wrote them I tell thee...they prolly changed the name to avoid the damn good kicking they deserved ;)