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28th Mar 2005, 10:05
Can anyone help?!

How can I change the paypal account that is connected to my ebay account?! (Sorry if its dead simple). I recently sold on ebay and the email that ebay automatically sent out to me and buyer had the wrong paypal address on (my old one which I no longer have access to). I cannot find how to change it and the buyer has now paid the wrong account although I sent them an email telling them to send it to the correct one!


Secret Squire
28th Mar 2005, 11:11
When you add something to be sold on e-bay, on stage 4 or thereabouts in the payment methods you accept thing (cheque, paypal, blah blah), you tick paypal, and then there is a box next to this where it asks you to type in the paypal account where money is to be paid into.......

28th Mar 2005, 11:42
Cheers Secret Squire, I went through selling process and can see that now. Annoyed I didnt spot it when I was listing but hey! Thanks again.

Secret Squire
28th Mar 2005, 11:57
No Worries

How come you dont' ahve access to it any more? surly if its a case of password etc they can give you access if you can prove your identity....must be worth trying if theres money in it!!!