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28th Mar 2005, 07:01
I am off to London this weekend with my 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter.

Can anybody recommend some child friendly things to do or places to go?:confused:



28th Mar 2005, 07:14

London Eye

Hamleys on Regent St.

River ride on the Thames

The Zoo

28th Mar 2005, 07:31
I think your first priority should be finding help with the kids. Two little children would be very difficult to handle on your own especially if they become fretful, tired or unwell and bearing in mind that they will be in an unfamiliar environment.

Something like the zoo, as RT suggests is good as the constantly-changing things to look at will cater for the littlies' short attention span.

28th Mar 2005, 07:37
Taking our little one to the London Aquarium today. I am told its a great place for kids. We will see

28th Mar 2005, 07:45
Regents Park Zoo.

Covent Garden, if it's nice: there is lots of street theatre going on, jugglers and clowns and what have you.


Tate Modern: big spaces, easy to move push chairs and so on around, lots of space and they don't sem to mind people making lots of noise. I think there are some quite colourful designs on some of the walls, incidentally!

RAF Museum at Hendon.

Personally, I would avoid London like the plague this weekend, especially with two very young children!

Good luck.

28th Mar 2005, 08:17
I would recommend going to the Rainforest Cafe (http://www.therainforestcafe.co.uk/ ) , 20-24 Shaftesbury Ave.

Not only 'London's largest non-smoking restaurant', but set in an atmospheric theme with plenty going on.

While you're there, your son will be occupied by what is going on around him, which will leave you free to tend for the demands of your daughter.

(I suggest you book ahead)

Good Luck!

28th Mar 2005, 08:47

The Natural History Museum is ace for the littleuns! you will find it in Kensington situated near the Science Museum.

Covent Garden is really nice as there are often public performers etc. The London Transport Museum is there too, which is packed with interesting hands on stuff for kids.

The RAF museum in Hendon has had some money spent and there is a funky gallery where the kids can learn about flight etc.
This is staffed by volunteers, so it might be worth calling to see what is on next weekend.

020 8205 2266


The journey out from the centre of town is 20-30mins by tube, followed by a ten minute walk from Colindale tube, which you might find a handfull with the kids. However, if you have car, this is not a problem.

If you come to Hendon, you might also like to see Church Farmhouse, which is full of Ye Olde artefacts and is really rather mindblowing when you're a kid.


It is easy to get to by car from the RAFM (no public transport goes there :( ) and will soak up about an hour and a half of your weekend.

Church farmhouse and the RAFM are free. :ok:

I shouldn't bother with the Tower Bridge exhibition - it's a bit naff. However, nearby is HMS Belfast. Which is deeply cool.*

Don't forget the London Eye.

Good Luck. :D

*(Although as you can imagine She's a warship and has a great number of steeply inclined ladders etc.)

28th Mar 2005, 10:50
Thanks for your ideas, sounds like there are some quite good ones us to try.

BlueDiamond, thankfully I will have some help with the little'uns as my wife will be there too.

Noisy, I had thought about the Natural History Museum, but somebody had mentioned that it is always very busy as there is no admission charges. Is this true!



28th Mar 2005, 11:09
Your kids are a bit young, but my standard recommendation is, starting from the Tower of London, take the Docklands Light Railway to Island Gardens (you have to make a simple change along the way). It's like a roller-coaster ride without the loops and if you're lucky you can bag seats right at the front (there's no driver). For the grown-ups the architecture is to boggle at.

From Island Gardens you can take the foot tunnel under the river to Greenwich, where you can do the Cutty Sark, then get a riverbus back to Tower Pier. If you think the tunnel might scare your son, you can stay on the train one more stop to Greenwich.

Lon More
28th Mar 2005, 11:53
There is (was?) a Museum of Childhood, near Paddington. I don't know if it's still there but was a great place for kids - and parents. Loads of old Dinkys, Hornby, etc.. In a shed outside was the old Comet sim. from Hamble.
Haven't heard anything about it for several years so it may be gone now.

28th Mar 2005, 12:16

The Natural History Museum is free. It is also a 'must do', especially if you don't come down very often. Even if only for the Plesiosaur (?) in the foyer. It is an excellent museum and has been continuously updated - very child friendly.



28th Mar 2005, 12:22
Depending upon what's on at the time, the London Science Museum (http://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/) can be a great place to run around.

29th Mar 2005, 11:33
It can be hot and busy in the Natural History, the Science is great fun. They are probably a bit young for the museum of London but its very good.
Transport museum is good (near covernt garden).

29th Mar 2005, 11:55
...a 1 and 3 year old....

...So either you will be looking after your daughter constantly or she will be sleeping.....

...So only the 3 year old to entertain then.... Well SD Junior is currently really into any machine that flies or drives, the bigger the better. So science/transport museum, Hendon/RAF museum and HMS Belfast if it was me.

Have fun,


29th Mar 2005, 11:56
Don't go near the London Dungeon, have seen adults leave white-faced, let alone kids.:uhoh: