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27th Mar 2005, 22:10
Evening (morning) all.
Wish him well, scran is feeling poorly from too much Easter chocolate. ;)

Some quesions have been submitted by a regular player who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you, Mr. A. :ok:


1...Questions posted on Monday scran time. Answers whenever I feel like it.

2...2 points for each lyrics question, one for the song title and one for the artist. Theme/song of the week and trivia questions are worth one point each, except that some questions may ask for additional information worth extra points.

3...There is no rule 3.

4...The judge's decision can sometimes be appealed

5...During the first 24 hours only one post per player, containing as many answers as you like, is permitted. Additional posts will be ignored and edited posts will be disqualified.

6...After 24 hours, there are no restrictions on posts (free for all).

NOTE: The line in some lyrics questions may not necessarily be the first line of the song.


1...Bangkok, oriental setting
One Night In Bangkok/Murray Head - Ms flygirl

2...There is freedom within, there is freedom without
Don't Dream It's Over/Crowded House - Ms flygirl

3...I've gotta stand tall, you know a man can't crawl
Caty's Clown/Everly Brothers - Richo

4...These mist-covered mountains
Brithers In Arms/Dire Straits - Ms flygirl

5...In God's country, or Argentina
Angelina/Bob Dylan

6...You can travel on 10,000 miles and still stay where you are
(I Am The DJ At) WOLD - johnfairr
Harry Chapin - Richo

7...Cold and frosty morning, there's not a lot to say
Don't Go Away/Oasis - Ms flygirl

8...And I am free at last, what a blast
I Go To Rio/Peter Allen - Ascend Charlie
(Would have accepted Pablo Cruise)

9...People are talking, talking 'bout people
(Let's Give Them) Something To Talk About/Bonnie Raitt - Ms flygirl

10..Let me tell you how it will be
Taxman/The Beatles - Reynolds

11..Weather wise
Come Fly With Me/Robbie Williams - Richo
(Would have accepted Frank Sinatra)

12..You can see it in a clear blue sky
God Gave Me Everything/Mick Jagger

13..I was so young when I was born
Crackerbox Palace/George Harrison

14..September '77
Biko/Peter Gabriel - Keygrip

15..They sent us home to watch the show comin' on the little screen
I Saw It On TV/John Fogarty - Richo

16..I got the call today, I didn't wanna hear
Heart Of The Matter/Don Henley - Ms flygirl

17..What a dream I had
For Emily
Simon & Garfunkel - Ascend Charlie

18..Bushy bushy blond hairdo
Surfin' USA/Beach Boys - Ms flygirl

19..I'm a man without conviction
Kharma Chamelion/Thing George (Culture Club) - Ms flygirl

20..Can you read my mind?
Can You Read My Mind/Maureen McGovern - Richo

21..Does she love me with all her heart
A Lover's Question/ShaNaNa - Cooda
(Would have accepted Clyde McPhatter)

22..How gentle is the rain
A Lovers Concerto - Ascend Charlie
The Toys - Cooda
(Would have accepted The Supremes)

23..Will I look for the same things in a woman that I dig in a girl
When I Grow Up To Be A Man/Beach Boys - Reynolds

24..It went zip when it moved and pop when it stopped
The Marvellous Toy/Tom Paxton - Jerry

25..Don't wish it away
I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues/Elton John - Ms flygirl

26..Life springs eternal
Leaving Las Vegas/Sheryl Crow - Reynolds

27..It's quiet now and what it brings is everything
Leaving New York/REM - Reynolds

28..Hey hey-ey baby, I wanna know-o-o
Hey Baby/Bruce Chanel - Ms flygirl
Del Shannon - desk jockey ('cause I have the song by him also)

29..Gypsy gal, the hands of Harlem
Spanish Harlem Incident - Reynolds
Bob Dylan - Richo

30..When I look up to the sky
Pictures Of Matchstick Men/Status Quo

31..Don't let lonely Monday come again
Will You Be Staying After Monday/Peppermint Rainbow

32..My pappy said son you're gonna drive me to drinkin'
Hot Rod Lincoln - Ascend Charlie
Commander Cody and the Lost Planet Airmen - Reynolds
(Would have accepted Charlie Ryan and the Timberline Riders or Johnny Bond) :D

33..Last night I had a crazy dream
One More Day/Diamond Rio - Ms flygirl
Point for BombayDuck for Break My Stride which goes: Last night I had the strangest dream, and gives me an idea for next week. :D
Was looking for Chick-A-Boom by Daddy Dewdrop which has the same first line as One More Day.

34..If a man ever needed dying, he did
Indiana Wants Me/R. Dean Taylor - Reynolds

35..A goddess on a mountain top
Venus/Shocking Blue - Ms flygirl

36..73 men sailed up from the San Francisco Bay
Ride captain Ride/Blues Image - Ms flygirl


1...Name the drummer in the group Dr. Teeth And The Electric Mayhem.

2...Which two UK Prime Ministers are mentioned in the song in question L10?
Harold Wilson and Ted Heath - VnV2178B

3...What number do you get if you add the highway number on Bob Dylan's debut album to the one he revisited in 1965?
112 (Highway 51 and Highway 61 Revisited) - Jerry

4...Where does the first of these highways go?
Down to no-man's-land - Jerry

5...Who were/are the Glimmer Twins?
Mick Jagger and Keith Richards - Richo

6...In question L2, what is the singer doing with his car?
Towing it.
Bonus point, what's wrong with the car's roof?
There's a hole in the roof.

7...Point each, name the missing player and group:
Paul Hester, Nick Seymour, Tim Finn, Mark Hart...
Neil Finn/Crowded House - Cringe

8...Name two members of the group in T7 who were members of the group Split Enz.
Neil Finn - Cringe
Paul Hester :sad:

9...Which band came between the Guess Who and Bachman Turner Overdrive?
Brave Belt

10..Point each, which female artist got their first break in
a...Chicken shack....Cristie McVie - johnfairr
b...Vinegar Joe....Elkie Brooks - Reynolds
c...Yazoo............Alison Moyet - Cringe

11..Which US and UK chart topper was the brother of the singer in "B" above?
Billy J. Kramer - Reynolds

12..Which other Vinegar Joe alumnus became a rock megastar?
Robert Palmer - VnV2178B

13..In what city did Bobby Bare go to sleep and dream about them cotton fields back home?
Detroit City (From the song of the same name).

14..Who went along with Johnny McEldoo on his spree, one day?
McGee and me and a couple or two or three - desk jockey

15..Which Doors song says we're thrown into the world like a dog without a bone?
Riders On The Storm - Richo

16..The songs in questions L12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 are solo efforts by artists who are/were part of a group. Point each, name the group.
L12..The Stones
L13..The Beatles
L14..Genesis - desk jockey
L15..Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cooda
L16..The Eagles - Ms flygirl

17..Which Peter Gabriel song is about a set of experiments in electrical shocks, set up by Yale professor Stanley Milgram?
Milgram's 37 (We Do What We,re Told)

18..Who replaced Brian Jones in the Rolling Stones line-up?
Mick Taylor - Reynolds

19..Which US guitar virtuoso was supposedly in the frame to replace him, in the above question?
Nils Lofgren

20..Which Beatles song has John and Paul repeating the word "tit" as part of the chorus?
Girl - Richo

21..Far has he travelled and much has he seen, but he wants to go back here.
Mull Of Kintyre - B222

22..Which song by Led Zeppelin is also an album title, but the song actually appears on another Zep album "Physical Graffiti?"
Houses Of The Holy

23..Which song by Judas Priest was the subject of a lawsuit by the mother of an attempted suicide victim, claiming the song contained subliminal messages?
Better By You, Better Than Me - Richo

24..In the above question, what was the supposed subliminal message?
"Do it." - Richo

25..Tom Paxton lost his heart on a 747. Where was it overflying at the time?
Des Moines

26..The artist in question L20 sang the Best Oscar song from the 1973 disaster movie The Posiedon Adventure. From which 1974 disaster movie did she also sing the Best Oscar song?
The Towering Inferno - Richo
Point each, name the songs.
The Morning After/We May Never Love Like This Again - Richo

27..Which band played their first gig together on July 12, 1962?
Bonus point, name the venue.
The Rolling Stones/The Marquee Club - Reynolds
(I assume you meant 27 and not 29) ;)

28..The artist in question T26 above had a cameo appearance as Sister Angelina in the movie parody Airplane! Which Aretha Frankiln hit did she sing?
Bonus point, what did her black audience do?
They threw up.

29..What colour bikini was the chick in question L33 wearing?
This question is meaningless now that the question L33 has been answered by a different lyric. Correct answer was black bikini. Everybody gets a point 'cause black bikini just conjured up an image of Ms flygirl) :E

30..Which song in the lyrics section begins with the sound of police sirens?
Indiana Wants Me

31..A 22-year old Marvin Gaye played drums on which 1962 Marvelettes hit?
Please Mr. Postman

32..Name the colours of the subject in the song in question L19.
Red, gold and green

33..On which Beatles song did they not play any of the musical instruments?
Eleanor Rigby

Special Theme Of The Week.

The following 10 questions, worth a point each except where indicated, are about the loss of the laker Edmund Fitzgerald. The questions are more about the ship itself and the circumstances of the sinking than the song "The Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" so Googling is not only permitted, it is recommended. :D

1..."of the big lake they call Gitche Gumee." In what Longfellow epic poem is Lake Superior referred to as Gitche Gumee?
Hiawatha - Jerry

2..."when she left fully loaded for Cleveland." Two hours after leaving the port at Superior WI the Fitzgerald joined company with another down-bound laker. Name the other ship.
Arthur M. Anderson (Destination Gary IN) - Cringe
Bonus point, what was the Fitzgerald's real destintion.
Zug Island, Detroit - Cringe

3...Before the sinking, the other ship was using it's radar to guide the Fitzgerald. Why?
The Fitzgerald's radar mast had been swept away - Cringe

4..."The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound, and a wave broke over the railing." The Fitzgerald's maximum load line had been raised by a total of 3' 3" thus lowering her freeboard. Ship's load lines are named after a British Parliamentarian, Samuel who?
Samuel Plimsoll - Cringe

5...One for Drapes. The lowest load line - i.e. the line that allows a ship the greatest freeboard - is labelled W.N.A. What does WNA mean?
Winter North Atlantic - Cringe

6..."The Captain wired in he had water comin' in..." Name the Fitzgerald's Captain?
Ernest McSorley - Cringe

7..."and the good ship and crew was in peril." Not quite. What was the last radio transmission ever recieved from the Edmund Fitzgerald?
"We're holding our own." - Cringe
Bonus point, in a previous radio conversation with an upbound Swedish freighter, the Avafors, the captain can be heard in an aside saying what?
"Don't allow nobody on deck." - Cringe

8...'The searchers all say they'd have made Whitefish Bay..." What two navigational aids at Whitefish Point were unserviceable due to the storm having blown down the power lines?
Marine beacon - Cringe
Whitefish Point lighthouse

9...Which famous undersea explorer dove on the wreck in 1980?
Jacques Cousteau - Cringe

10.."the ships bell chimed till it rang 29 times.." The original ship's bell from the Edmund Fitzgerald was recovered from the wreck and a replica was substituted in it's place. On November 10, 1995 on the 20th anniversary of the sinking, the bell was rung 29 times, once for each of the lost crew members. It was then rung one final time in remembrance of all the sailors that have ever been lost on the Great Lakes. Who rang the bell the 30th time?
Gordon Lightfoot - Cringe

28th Mar 2005, 00:20
Hey Studmuffin and all, Happy Easter!


1) One night in Bangkok
Murray Head
2) Dont dream it's over
Crowded house
4) Brothers in arms
Dire Straits
7) Don't go away
9) Let's give them sonething to talk about
Bonnie Raitt
16) Heart of the matter
Dona Henley
18) Surfin USA
Beach Boys
19) Karma Chameleon
Culture Club
25) I guess thats why they call it the blues
Elton John
28) Hey Baby
Bruce Channel
33) One more day
Diamond Rio
35) Venus
Shocking Blue
36) Ride Captain Ride
Blues Image


16) The Eagles
L16 Don Henley
17) Shock the Monkey
18) Ron Wood

28th Mar 2005, 01:02

7. Neil Finn, Crowded House

8. Neil and Tim Finn

10 c) Alison Moyet

Special Theme answers:

1. The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

2. Arthur M. Anderson, Detroit MI

3. Fitzgerald lost both radars

4. Plimsoll

5. Winter, North Atlantic

6. Ernest McSorley

7. "We are holding our own."
“Don’t allow nobody on deck”

8. radio beacon at Whitefish Point

9. Jacques Cousteau

10. Gordon Lightfoot

28th Mar 2005, 01:34
Mornin, Happy Easter...


3. Cathys Clown - Everly Brothers
5. Gods Country - U2?
6. Its Harry Chapin - cant remember the song
11. Come fly with me, ill take Robbie Williams version
15. I saw it on TV - John Fogerty
20. Can you read my mind - Maureen Mcgovern
29. Spanish Harlem - Dylan


Blind Bambi - ie No-EYE-deer (boom, tish!).


5. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards
7. Neil Finn - Split Enz
15. Riders on the storm
16. L15 - Creedence Clearwater Revivial
26. We may never love like this again from The Towering Inferno, and Morning After from Poseidon Adv.
33. Across the Universe?



28th Mar 2005, 03:33
Hi Piggy!

Greetings from the not-quite-frozen South...

L24 - Tom Paxton - The Marvellous Toy

L33 - Sounds like something by Pete Seeger - can't place the song

T3 - 112

T4 - It doesn't go anywhere - it stays where it is (it's a road for Pete's sake...) ;)

T4 - Alternate answer - Wisconsin or Louisiana, depending which way you're pointing ;) ;)

T4 - Real answer - No Man's Land


Hmmmmm. 'cringe' eh? Ought to have cringed after what I said when I saw he/she/it had cleaned up the category. :E



28th Mar 2005, 06:12
28..Hey hey-ey baby, I wanna know-o-o

A: Would you be my girl.... argh i dont know more. OST - Dirty Dancing?

33..Last night I had a crazy dream
A: Aint Nothin' gonna break my stride (dunno who by)

*sigh* I suck.

28th Mar 2005, 09:09
T14 - McGee, me, a couple or two or three

L28 - my version of Hey Baby was by Del Shannon

Ascend Charlie
28th Mar 2005, 09:59
8 I go to Rio - Peter Allen
17 Either kathy's song or else For Emily, by Simon and Garfunkel
22 Lovers Concerto - various
32 Hot rod Lincoln - dunno

28th Mar 2005, 10:10
10. Taxman - The Beatles??
17. Biko - Peter Gabriel
23. When I Grow Up To Be A Man - Beach Boys
26. Leaving Las Vegas? - Sheryl Crow
27. Leaving New York - REM
29. Spanish Harlem Incident - Bob Dylan
32. Hot Rod Lincoln - Commander Cody & the Lost Planet Airmen (among others....)
33. Last Night - Toto :yuk:
34. Indiana Wants Me - R. Dean taylor

1. ANIMAL!! (I thinl.....:uhoh: )
10a Christine Perfect :ok: (sold out to John McVie et al)
10b Elkie Brooks (good band VJ)
10c Alison Moyet
11. Billy J. Kramer
18. Mick Taylor :ok
19. Ry Cooder? the master
29. Rolling Stones, Marquee Club :

29th Mar 2005, 01:38
Initial scores;

Ms flygirl 28
Richo 16
Cringe 16
Ascend Charlie 6
Jerry 5
desk jockey 3
BombayDuck 2

Still lots of stuff left people.

Reynolds check yer PM's ASAP. :ooh:

29th Mar 2005, 02:22
STOTW - 1 - Hiawatha (Guess cringe didn't clean up! :) )


29th Mar 2005, 03:19
Lyrics 14. Peter Gabriel. Biko.

Trivia 17. Shock the monkey.

29th Mar 2005, 04:34
Took yesterday off to celebrate having a day off, so all the easy one's should have gone.......:}


L21 - Lovers Question by dunno but ShaNaNa did a later version
L22 - The Toys did it

T16 (L15) CCR

29th Mar 2005, 05:57

Hate to say it, but you have given me credit for an answer that is not mine. Lyrics 23 - Beach Boys, wasnt one of mine. Also, whilst i was close with Lyrics 29 - Bob Dylan - Spanish Harlem, i believe Reynoldsno1 answered correctly with Spanish Harlem Incident.

Having said that, i think i might have squirrelled away a couple more.

Trivia 20. The Beatles - Girl
Trvia 23. Judas Priests - Better by You better Than Me
Triv 24. the message was "Do it".



29th Mar 2005, 08:29
Bit late this week, Pigboat, sorry. Anyway, a couple of unanswered ones spring to mind.

L6, Harry Chapin, "I am the morning DJ on WOLD"
T10 a.) Christine Mc Vee (nee Perfect)

All the best,


29th Mar 2005, 13:47

1. Animal

21. Mull of Kintyre

33. All you need is love

29th Mar 2005, 21:49
10. Taxman - The Beatles??
23. When I Grow Up To Be A Man - Beach Boys
26. Leaving Las Vegas? - Sheryl Crow
27. Leaving New York - REM
29. Spanish Harlem Incident - Bob Dylan
32. Hot Rod Lincoln - Commander Cody & the Lost Planet Airmen (among others....)
33. Last Night - Toto
34. Indiana Wants Me - R. Dean taylor

10b Elkie Brooks (good band VJ)
10c Alison Moyet
11. Billy J. Kramer
18. Mick Taylor :ok
19. Ry Cooder? the master
29. Rolling Stones, Marquee Club :

Resubmitted with humility, due tardy editing 1st time round


29th Mar 2005, 22:42
Revised scores, now that Reynolds' gyros are vertical again. ;)

Ms flygirl 28
Richo 19
Reynolds 18
Cringe 16
Ascend Charlie 6
Jerry 6
Cooda 5
desk jockey 4
johnfairr 3
B222 3
Keygrip 3
VnV2178B 3
BombayDuck 2

Rich, sorry I'd omitted the credit for T26. :O
Everybody gets a point for T29. See the questions for explanation.

30th Mar 2005, 08:21
OK it's there for the taking so I'll take it...

3rd Q in T16 - Genesis (Peter Gabriel)

30th Mar 2005, 08:32
Bit later this week I only know one:

Triv 2: Wilson and Heath

but guess Triv 12 is Robert Palmer


1st Apr 2005, 01:15
That's all she wrote folks.

Final scores

Ms flygirl 28
Richo 19
reynolds 18
cringe 16
Ascend Charlie 6
Jerry 6
Cooda 5
desk jockey 3
johnfairr 3
B222 3
Keygrip 3
VnV2178B 3
BombayDuck 2

Scran is taking some time off, so I'll be back on Sunday, or Monday as the case may be. Special treat for the folkies next week, so grab a bottle of grape squeezins, sit in a circle on the floor and fire up a controlled substance. Kumbaya, y'all. :D

1st Apr 2005, 03:43
Special treat for the folkies next week

Oh! That'll be Ralph McTells's Streets of London.....:rolleyes:

waddya mean there's more than one folk song????????!!!!!:confused: :E

1st Apr 2005, 04:20
Ok smartass :D

Supply the next line:
Blessed are the one-way ticket....:E

1st Apr 2005, 04:38
...holders on a one-way street?

Excellent song Piggy and even better artiste...

Sorry, couldnt help maself.